15 Minute Manifestation Review (No Voice-over!)

Note: This is the second review I’ve written for the 15 Minute Manifestation program. The first review was for the version that included a voice-over on the tracks, (I kinda ripped it apart a little!) But, since then, an updated version of 15 Minute Manifestation has been released that does NOT include the voice over…the reason given later.



I’ve been asked if I could review 15 Minute Manifestation by a number of my lovely subscribers. It seems they can’t find an honest, unbiased review of this product anywhere online. This is where I come in, and thanks to those who put their trust in me, I will endeavour to give my opinion!

Firstly, I can see their concern. I Googled ‘15 Minute Manifestation Reviews’ and what I found was a plethora of reviews, mostly all singing its praises. After reading some of those reviews, I could tell that 95% of them were just after a quick affiliate sale…and there are HUNDREDS of reviews!

What’s The Program All About?

By listening to a 3 stage program of binaural beats, the product claims to clear the negative past from your brains history and replace them with thoughts of creating abundance.

This won’t be a long review, just long enough to reach a conclusion.

If you want to see the sales page, let me warn you that the video, right here, is 45 minutes long! (Why are these videos so long?) If you don’t want to sit through the whole video, you can read the text version here.

The 15 Minute Manifestation Sales Pitch

15-minute-manifestation-ebook-specialThe 15 Minute Manifestation product is by Eddie Sergey (which I must admit, having been in the loop of manifesting for over 7 years now, I’ve never heard of…perhaps it’s a pen name?) and in the video, he tells his life story from having brain cancer as a child and how he got over it by listening to a cassette tape.

Now if you’re thinking it’s beginning to sound a bit, well, over dramatic, then you’ll have to keep an open mind.

Long story short, the video goes on to tell us how he ‘stumbled’ upon manifestation and brain science. For instance, Hemispheric Synchronization is mentioned. I’m not sure he’s just saying that to impress us, but it is, actually, a real thing.

I remembered the term when I took up listening to binaural beats for meditation some years ago. It’s to do with sounds entering your brain to synchronize together to produce a 3rd sound (binaural beats).

This spiked my interest because I am a fan of this technique. There have been many times when I’ve used Binaural Beats to totally chill out and help confirm my very existence! Listening to this ‘sound’ tends to release the creative side of my mind…a sort of clarity for when things start to get jumbled up.

Anyway, back to the 15 Minute Manifestation review (and another 30 minutes to go in the sales video!)

3 Tracks To Change Your Life?

Further in, the narrator explains that the program is broken down into 3 steps which I will detail a little later. He dismisses the Law of Attraction by saying his program is not about that.

Apparently, with the three 15 minute manifestation tracks your brain will be trained to go into ‘Editor’ mode which will enable you to delete all the old unwanted clutter in your brain and allow you to only receive what you want.

Hmmm? Go on….

Then the video goes back into sales mode by mentioning bonuses and a how to order them. Another 8 minutes later the video ends. I must say, I don’t much care for these long videos, I’d much rather cut to the chase.

Buying the 15 Minute Manifestation

I love Binaural Beats and have a library of tracks that I’ve used over the last few years and find them to be thoroughly addictive to listen to. So, I went ahead and bought it. (I’m a sucker for those beats)

On a side note, I have a routine every day where I meditate with the help of binaural beats. It took me over a year to fully understand how to get to Theta level (yes, I’m a slow learner!), but once I’d conquered that little hurdle, I can get there within 5 minutes now.

As it’s a routine, I may find the 15 minute manifestation tracks I’m about to review a little distracting, but I’m going to give them a go.

Now that I’m inside the members area, I can download the 3 tracks and the Jumpstart guide. Let’s see what this is all about and see if the binaural tracks meet with my approval

Looking Through The Members Area

First, I read the Jumpstart guide which tells me how and when to use the tracks. I must listen to them in order for 7 days each, making 21 days in all. So that’s Track 1 for 7 days, then track 2 for 7 days and finally track 3 for 7 days.

Here you will also find the bonus Manifestation Wizardry eBook, which you can download for free here in exchange for your email address.


15 minute manifestation members area gail-gail

I take note of what is expected from the tracks once I adorn the ‘phones.

Track One

Your Natural State

This will start to open my mind up to the natural state of abundance. Apparently, it will set my brain into editor mode. In other words, it starts to help abundance appear without much effort on my behalf. It will also dissolve limiting beliefs and reset the brain back to the condition it was when I was born, claiming to clean out all the negativity that has occurred over my lifetime. I should listen to this for 15 minutes a day for 7 days.

Track Two

Your New Story

This track will allow me to realize that scarcity doesn’t exist. All the worrying over the years has got me nowhere. It’s time for a new passage in my life, or, Your New Story. All negativity falls away and will be replaced by the things I really want. Sounds like this could be very interesting!

Track Three

Moving Towards Abundance

The manifesting I’ve always done (it says) has produced more of what I already have…probably bills and misery, right? (Well, maybe a while ago, for me anyway) By the time I get to this track, apparently, I will be manifesting all the positive things I’ve always yearned for. The ‘Editor’ will have figured out what I really want and will move me forever towards abundance.

Interesting, I can’t wait to try it out. It sounds like a plan!

I download the 3 main tracks, including the bonus ‘Deep Sleep Now’ track from the member’s area as well as the ‘Manifestation Wizardry’ eBook included as a bonus. I like to keep all my downloads together in a folder on my desktop…otherwise, it can get messy!

Looking around the member’s area, I see a link to ‘Additional Resources’ and find out there is another 3 programs I can try if I am so inclined. They are:

  • The 15 minute Money Magic $67.00
  • 15 minute Health Reboot $47.00
  • 15 minute Relationship Magic $47.00

(Images above taken from the members area…not ‘clickable here!)

I click the first one and realize it’s another 40+ minute video, so I leave it alone for now!

Time To Try It Out

So, I’m ready to indulge in my new Binaural Beats which will set my mind back to when everything was clutter free and negativity was an unfamiliar word..

Here goes!

Track One, headphones on, relaxed in my big comfy chair, eyes closed and then…

My first review back in March had a voice-over which is the reason why I gave the 15 Minute Manifestation a thumbs down. Eddie Sergey listened to the feedback from his customers and replaced the audible voice-over with silent subliminal messages. How this is done, I have no idea!

Needless to say (in my opinion), the difference in the original track and this one is worlds apart. The binaural sound now is perfect for meditation and in this first session it’s as if I’m sat in a tent on a Tibetan mountainside! My imagination has set the scene, all I have to do now is let the binaural beats get to work.

From reading the jumpstart guide, I understand that this first week “will dissolve the limiting beliefs and stories that are currently pushing away what you really want”. In other words, it will reboot my mind and let me start again with a new and clear mindset..

The track is smooth with a hint of breeze with what sounds like Tibetan singing bowls. The binaural beat can be heard deep down and is unnoticeable after a couple of minutes.

Transparency From Me

Now, to be transparent here, I didn’t complete the 21 days of the 15 minute manifestation as you’re supposed to. I have my own meditation routine which works for me very well. I could tell you that I did complete it and got amazing results, or, that nothing happened at all. That would be unfair on you and the creator.

Everyone is different and some meditation routines work for some and not for others. The important thing here is you must believe in yourself and you must believe in the program you’re using. There will be differing results for everyone.

I’m reviewing this because I use meditation and binaural beats already and believe in myself and the power of meditation. To me, this works already, but for someone who has never used this method of manifestation I wanted to see if the tracks ‘sound’ if they’re the real deal. And so far, so good.

(My choice of headphones, BTW, are Bose QuietComfort and they are the bees-knees when it comes to binaural beats!)

Track Two

Here, and after listening to track one for the last 7 days, your mind should be in much better shape to see clearly what you don’t want from life. You will delete previous negative ‘stories’ from your memory. You will replace them with your story, the story you want to live. This should also be subliminally entering your mind from the beats.

This track I immediately found myself sat at the side of a Lake with water gently lapping away on a warm summer day. I find that getting my mind in a comfort zone at the start really helps relax my mind and the sound of water on this track helped set the scene.

This section takes another 7 days, or if you want it to be more powerful, then listen to it twice a day…or more if you can, it’s only 15 minutes long

Track Three

The final track takes me into a forest and I’m sat in a clearing in bright sunshine. I hear the birds and the deep binaural beats playing out in my mind.

The final 7 days are the most anticipated. This is where it all comes together and you can focus on that thing you most desire. You simply think about nothing else in this 15 minutes, you must zone in to your desire and live it in your mind.

This is how manifesting works. You will be living the life you desire and seeing it clearly with your mind. Here also, you will feel gratitude and give thanks for your abundance

My Conclusion of 15 Minute Manifestation

The 15-minute manifestation has changed for the better! My last review was rather scathing, but I’m so glad the concerns of the voice-over were heeded and finally made inaudible.

What I can appreciate here is the sheer simplicity of the 15 Minute Manifestation. There are no manuals to wade through and the instructions are a simple as it gets.

There is nothing difficult in manifesting. As long as you believe in yourself and believe what might happen WILL happen, you’re good to go. It just needs practice and commitment.

With the 15 Minute Manifestation system, you listen to track one for 7 days, track two for the next 7 days and then track 3 for the final 7 days. It’s that simple.

You read through the Jumpstart Guide (all 12 pages of it!), find a comfy place to relax, close your eyes and listen (through headphones, preferably).

Can the 15 Minute Manifestation Work?

Like all programs of this kind, it’s all down to you. If you believe in it, it will work for you. Any doubt and you will struggle.

I will say the tracks are relaxing and you will find Theta level quite easily, if practiced, by using them. I cannot say whether you will miraculously get what you want after 7 days, after all, this isn’t magic. This is clearing your mind of negativity and replacing it with belief that what you want is already there. That’s Manifesting in a nutshell.

The 15 Minute Manifestation program will allow you to experience meditation and will go some way to introduce you to binaural beats. The rest is up to you.

You have the ‘script’ from the Jumpstart guide, you have the relaxing binaural beats on the audio tracks (with subliminal messages) and you have your own mind to practice manifesting.

Be Persistent

I’ve been using binaural beats for years now and I can confirm the tracks here are the real deal. Binaural beats are not everyone’s cup of tea, and many people just can’t take to them. I persisted some time ago and I’m so happy I kept faith with them.

Let me leave you with this: If you think the program won’t work, it won’t. If you think it might work, it won’t. If you think this program will 100% definitely work, it will. It’s as simple as that.

Get your mind to absolutely believe in the ‘YES’ instead of the maybe. Do not question the power of what you can achieve.

The 15 Minute Manifestation program aims to get you there by the simplest means of ACTION and belief.

The full video is here with the text version here. Take a look and see what you think?

Perhaps you have a view and would like to share your experience with the 15-minute manifestation program. Please comment below and let me know what you think.


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38 thoughts on “15 Minute Manifestation Review (No Voice-over!)

  1. Hi Gail,

    Just a quick question for you today. For someone, who goes through the program, for 21 days, what happens after that? Do they start the program from the very beginning and start all over again for 21 days? Just something I thought of with this program since I am looking at purchasing it real soon. Thanks Gail! Sylvain, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

    • Hi Sylvain,

      Yes, after the 21 days, go again from the beginning. When you think of all the clutter, noise and negative thoughts and experiences we’ve harbored over the years, it will take time to rid them completely from our minds. However, with each passing week, you will start to notice how much more positive and eager you become to take on new actions, and those actions are the key to successful manifesting.

      When you start seeing results, you will find that going over the 15-minute manifestation system has become a (healthy) habit. When you think about it, finding 15 minutes a day to go through this exercise can easily be achieved. The more your subconscious mind absorbs both the subliminal messages AND your own manifesting thoughts, good things begin to happen.

      Remember, you are aiming to re-program your mind to one that is receptive, positive and proactive…and one which will open many doors.

      All the best


  2. Thanks so much Gail for taking the time to respond to my question.
    It is much appreciated.

    Just so that I have no misunderstanding:

    How does the 15 Minute Manifestation program affect memories?
    Would it be true to say that one’s memories are in no way affected, but thoughts about memories, or approach towards memories will
    change, after using this program?

    Eg. An interview that may not have gone the way one would have liked and left you feeling deflated, would you now see this as an opportunity provided for growth rather than a negative blow?

    Thanks again,

    • Yes. When listening to track one, you should think of those bad memories and experiences and put a spin on them. Think of them as all part of the learning curve we sometimes have to face in periods of our life. Instead of them leaving negative dents, or scars, in our mind, make them lessons to be learned from. Also, imagine them encased in a balloon that you let drift away until it’s out of sight.

      If the balloon appears again, simply look at it, realise it’s not part a of your life anymore, shrug your shoulders and blow it away. If it keeps coming back…burst the balloon!

      It no longer has any business in your life, and anyway, you’ve learned a lesson from it and can now let it go. Feel positive about the whole experience.

      The subliminal messages will solidify your own thoughts…the two work very well together.

      All the best


  3. I am curious about the subliminal messages.
    I can appreciate that the voiceover could be distracting.
    I do not intend to be negative but would like to know what the subliminal messages are. I would be more comfortable knowing what was being said to my subconscious.
    Can you shed any light on this?

    • Hi Cathy,

      Yes, a little light will be shed!

      My reply is a long one…I do tend to get carried away!

      Although what I’ve written below is not the exact subliminal messages on the tracks, it’s what I, myself, gleaned from each track. I thought about transcribing the audio, but I haven’t the correct software. If I find a suitable tool, I may transcribe all three tracks and update the post later on.

      In the meantime, this is what they ultimately say.

      The 3 tracks are as follows; each one starts by telling you to find a comfortable position, close your eyes lightly, breathe slowly and deeply and relax. That’s all your need to do. Let the sounds be your background focus as you start to relax and absorb the subliminal messages.

      Track One (Your Natural State) will clear negative blocks from your subconscious mind and will start to reprogram your inner editor. The commentary is telling you that your thought frequency is tuning into the correct frequency of abundance and your ability to manifest your desires is increasing.

      Think of a radio station that’s not quite tuned in and how annoying that can be. This track aims to align that frequency so it becomes clear and clean. Your mind will automatically start blocking the negative thoughts from surfacing and will only focus on positive signals that will create abundance in whatever it is you desire.

      This is why you should listen to the tracks often. Those negative thoughts won’t go away overnight, but with persistence and belief when listening to the tracks, you will start to feel the abundance flow into your life and with the positivity of the subliminal messages, you will feel the energy arriving.

      The affirmations tell your subconscious mind that what you want is already there. This track starts to clear away past negative thoughts and experiences enabling a clean pathway for positive thoughts to enter and also release them into the universe. Thereby, opening up to receive the desires you want in your life.

      Here, whilst drifting off to the binaural sounds, calmly think of the negative things from your past and present that seem to be sticking around in your mind. Release them one by one like a balloon into the air and see them drifting away…further and further until they’re gone. You know they were once with you, but now you have released them. Don’t worry about them, they’re not with you anymore.

      So, track one is about letting go of past, and present, fear and negativity.

      Track Two (Your New Story) follows on from track one where all of your bad luck stories and negative experiences are being left behind. Because after a while, your old life, and thoughts, will be swept away and now it’s time to begin your new life.

      Whenever those old thoughts begin drifting back into your mind, cut them off immediately, they no longer belong in your new life. Shun them away, imagine a gust of wind taking those old balloons of negativity away. Eventually, you will be able to ‘pop’ them so they can longer appear in your thoughts. Literally imagine bursting those balloons.

      Your old life was like an overgrown and unkempt garden and now your getting rid of the weeds to reveal clean and rich soil where you can plant seeds of positive thoughts that will grow into your new garden of life.

      You now can look forward to constructing your new life with a new story. Now you begin imagining what your life will become now the weeds of negativity have gone. You now have a new mindset and are in the process of reprogramming your life story.

      You will now realise how great your life can become. See yourself being positive in everything you do. This will be easier than you realise because you’ve released your negative self.

      Imagine you are making a movie about your future life. You are producer, director and the main star…you can be whatever you want. Realise how good you feel having total command of your life, being able to do what you like. The editor in your mind will understand your thoughts and will energise you from within to accomplish what you really want. Imagine the movie is very real…in fact, it is real, it’s your new life.

      This second track is the starting line to the new you and abundance.

      Track Three (Moving Towards Abundance) subliminally tells you to imagine that thing you want, usually abundance, is all around you. If you can see it, you can collect it. You see, it’s already there. Everything in life, cars, airplanes, houses, computers, were all first thought of (imagined), then planned, then appeared. It’s the same process you go through to accept abundance into your life. If you can imagine something, then it’s already here. If your belief is strong enough and your thoughts are centered to abundance, it will come.

      When awake during the day, daydream for a couple of minutes about what you want to manifest. Really dream away into what it would feel like to actually be in possession of your manifestation. Do this 4 or 5 times a day. Live it until it becomes real.

      Really go into detail with your thoughts, covering every inch of your abundance.

      Remember, your life story is now new, you have left your old life and negativity behind…it’s gone. You now think, and act, in a totally positive way thanks to those subliminal messages that your subconscious has been listening to.

      You will now begin being grateful for what you have right now and thankful each day that you can, and will, change your life for the better. Being thankful is important. You will automatically start thanking the Law of Attraction for setting you on this path and thankful that you can align yourself with the universal vibrations that is turning your life around.

      You will start seeing positive manifestations happening all around you and it’s all FOR you. You will notice the manifestation you want is becoming closer and clearer, all you have to do is accept that is yours…it’s entered your life and you’ve accepted it.

      So, track three is imagining your fabulous new future that you are creating. You are manifesting. It’s already there, remember…you only have to accept it.

      By taking the negativity out of your thoughts (track one) then instilling positive images and actions (track two) you will be ready to see your manifestation taking place (track three).

      If you can think along the lines of these thoughts while listening to the binaural audio, it will further help with your manifesting.

      There is a quick start guide to the tracks in the 15-minute manifestation program that will help you along, but I’ve done my best to say what each track, subliminally, says to your subconscious. All you have to do is relax and listen to the binaural audio and think of:

      Track One – Releasing negative thoughts and actions
      Track Two – Instilling confidence and positivity
      Track Three – Imagining your own manifestation is already here and you’re all ready to accept it.

      By the time you go through each track 7 times over 21 days, you will feel different, no doubt about that. You will find yourself more proactive, brighter and eager. You will also find yourself taking real positive action, almost without you knowing it.

      It’s not limited to just those 21 days of course, you can listen to them as much as you want. I still do a year on.

      Of course, if you don’t believe any of it, you won’t feel any different than you do now…perhaps more skeptical. You really have to give it a fair chance to plant itself in your subconscious mind. As with all LOA courses, if the teachings are met with negative blocks higher than the Empire State, then it will be difficult for anyone to succeed with manifestation. You really have to ‘give in’ to it and believe.

      I hope this helps a little, Cathy and wish you success in whatever you desire.

      All the best


  4. Hi Gail, I would be grateful if you could review Manifesting masterkey by Glenn Bolton as it is getting lots of good reviws. Regards Frank.

    • Hi Frank,

      That’s amazing! Your email came through as I uploaded a preview of Manifesting Masterkey! It’s not a Review as such as I’m still going through it, but just an outline until I can form an opinion.

      So far, it looks interesting but will need to dig deeper. I should be all done in a few days.


      Here’s the Finished Review

      Thanks for the request Frank…it keeps me busy!

      All the best


      • Thanks Susan for your feedback on The Trajectory Manifestation, I’ll take a look at it sometime soon. You’ve piqued my interest! What do you think it was that didn’t work or sit well with you?


  5. Hi Gail,
    I got the program and am serious about making good things happen/manifest in my life. I really want to start a NEW LIFE for myself. The thing that bothers me my with this ‘new’ and improved ‘no voice-over’ version of the program is that it does NOT have ANY instruction or guidance on how you should ‘think’ when you’re sitting on your sofa with your headphones on, listening to these theta tracks. It is missing to explain how to guide your mind to get that thing you want to come into this 3D-reality (which is the fundamental reason you get the program in the first place!!) Are you suppose to listen to each track and let your mind meander all over the place or do you make yourself visualize driving that red corvette you’ve always wanted to own? It talks nothing about that! Just, here, listen to these tracks…….

    • Hi Jay,
      Did you receive a jump-start guide with the 15 minute manifestation program? It gives you some idea about what happens with each of the 7-day sessions.

      Basically, the program is broken down into three 7-day meditations each lasting 15 minutes.

      The aim of the first session, track one, is to subliminally turn back your mindset before all the negativity cluttered it up. You don’t have to think of anything during the first 7 days of meditation, in fact, just let the binaural beats sink into your mind and wash over you. There are affirmations embedded into the tracks that only your subconscious can hear (they’re at a very quiet, almost silent, audio level). So just sit back, close your eyes and let the sounds envelope you…nothing else needs to be done apart from not thinking about anything but the sounds.
      (Edit: After using this program for a year now, I personally feel the first track could also be used to think of all the negative things that are messing with your mind at that very moment. Bundle each negative thought up and imagine placing them into a balloon. Then release them and allow them to be blown away, far from sight. Each time you do this, that negative thought or problem will get weaker every time, until it’s just not worth thinking about. You don’t HAVE to do this, but I find it’s a good exercise in getting rid of needless worries.)

      The second session, track two, on the 8th day aims to take away the worry and implant a positive attitude, again, done through subliminal audio messages. Here, you start to think about what you want from life and begin to imagine some of the things that would make your life easier and more comfortable. By doing this, you start to release the bad memories (subliminally) from the past so they don’t enter you thought process in the future.

      The final session, track three, is the one where you really concentrate on what you want from life. The last two sessions will have conditioned your mind to be ready to accept your desires. You start to laser focus on that ‘thing’ and imagine yourself already living that way. If the first two sessions were followed correctly, the images of your desires will be crystal clear. Just zone in on those and keep the faith.

      I hope that helps a little, Jay. Meditation should be a calm, relaxing experience that mustn’t be rushed. The aim of it is to empty your mind so that thoughts come to you from deep inside your subconscious. With the subliminal messages embedded on the tracks, gradually, they will start to take over you conscience mind and change how you think.

      It’s deep, but it really works if you give it time and have patience with the methods. It really is all about changing your attitude to situations without even being aware that the decisions you make will encourage manifestation.

      You will be more proactive and have a brighter outlook which in itself will reap countless rewards.

      Keep repeating the sessions for as long as it takes for the manifesting to start working. It might take 3 weeks for some or 3 months for others, but keep at it no matter what.

      All the best


  6. Hello Gail,

    would just like to say a massive thank you for your honest review!! 🙂 I am about to buy the download and am very excited indeed. I was just wondering about the headphones, I have a pair that pop in your ears (im guessing thats ok) .

    Once again many thanks and so excited to start living the life i was born to live.

    • Hi Catalina,

      Your headphones will be just fine. I use Bose over-ear headphones, but that’s because they’re noise cancelling and they’re great for using on flights. Using in-ear headphones will be just fine for the 15 minute manifestation tracks.

      Can I just say, your enthusiasm is wonderful! I can see that you’re in the right mindset to begin living the life you deserve. Listen to the tracks and use the jumpstart guide to understand how to use the course. Take your time and listen to the tracks in order over the specified days. Really sink yourself into the tracks and after 21-days, go through them again…and again. Eventually, you will see a big difference in your circumstances. These will be the results for staying the course, keeping positive, eliminating negativity and believing in yourself and the power of manifestation.

      Now, go get that life you were born to live!

      All the best


  7. Hi Gail
    Do you know where I could listen to a copy of the recordings with the voice over?
    I’m listening to the new version and enjoying them, but I’m keen to know what is being said.
    Thx Tracey

    • Hi Tracey,

      Their customer support should be able to help you. There is an email address inside of your members area of the 15 minute manifestation program where they aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours. I would put the address up here, but it then opens the gate for spam…and I don’t think they would thank me for doing that!

      They should have copies of the original, and, as you’re a customer, they might be able to send a voiced copy over to you.

      All they best


  8. Hello. How does this work? What’s the catch? Call me cynical, but if this stuff works, then why isn’t everybody doing it? Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to be all negative, because I really would like to believe it can happen, but again, why don’t everyone do it if it works?

    • Hi Diane,

      You’ve just asked the $64 million dollar question…”Why don’t everyone do it if it works?”

      It’s all about belief. People go into this ‘manifestation’ thing with pre-loaded doubt and if they don’t see results after a month, debunk it as hokum. It’s human nature to believe in something that sounds fantastic, but it’s also human nature to cast doubt on it at the same time.

      To manifest anything we want in life takes work. To begin with, your mind has to be reset to one of positiveness, pro-activity and self belief. The 15 minute manifestation program aims to reset your mindset back to the beginning, then will take negativity away allowing you to think with clarity and focus.

      Your thoughts are powerful so if you align them in the correct way and use action as your tool, you will undoubtedly start to see real results. The universal energy that surrounds us takes our thoughts, with our action, whether they be proactive or inactive, and manifests the results.

      Yes, it’s hard to accept it will happen, but with persistence, belief and commitment, your thoughts really do produce positive results.

      The 15 Minute Manifestation is a series of binaural tracks that you listen to, in order, over a period of time. It basically rids your mind of negativity and pre-programmed thoughts that have, so far, resulted in your present situation.

      You will begin to think in a different way. The subconscious placement of the subliminal messages that are mixed in with the binaural beats, and following the instructions in the jumpstart guide, you will start to ‘feel’ your thoughts making a difference to your circumstances. You will take action on those thoughts because you WILL suddenly want to. Your mindset is changing.

      Now, that all sounds very simple but, be aware, nothing will come of it unless you really put commitment into this. Don’t expect to listen to the tracks and then magically get everything you want…it doesn’t work that way. Manifesting is having a vision so clear you can almost touch it. You must know every detail of your desire and live as if it was already yours and ready to accept.

      You really need to sink yourself into this and not just treat it with skepticism. Over time, you will begin to see changes and when they happen, your belief strengthens. Patience, perseverance and belief are huge parts to successful manifesting, but the journey makes it all worth while.

      All the best


    • Hi, I believe there is no difference in the programs. The 15 Minute Manifestation discounted product is one and the same, unless the bonuses are not included in the full price option? That, I’m not too sure about. But the main program is the same as the discounted one.

    • Hi Ferdinand,

      I believe if you go to the sales page and click away or click the back button, a pop up comes in with a discount of either $10 or $17 off the original price.

  9. so how much do you make by selling this? I can’t find an objective review anywhere.
    and please correct the spelling of “persistent.”

    • My first review of the 15 Minute Manifestation product was objective and was available to read for months. It wasn’t until those objections were changed by the author that I revised my review. Maybe you can’t find an objectionable review because, maybe, just maybe, the product might be pretty good?

      I receive many products from authors in the LOA genre and they ask me to review their programs, but some, I do pay for. I could make every product I receive sound fantastic just to earn a commission, but I don’t. So far this year I have received over 20 programs for review, most of them not worthy of web space and, believe it or not, I don’t like to cast negativity about the authors with a poor review of their product. Some have worked hard on their program and spreading a negative review is counteractive to my beliefs. Instead, I email or speak to them offering suggestions.

      I was asked to review the 15 Minute Manifestation program by my subscribers, so I obliged. It’s not my intention to make a quick buck.

      I did, at first, voice my concerns about the voice-over on the tracks, but as I said, the author listened to feedback and changed it.

      I do earn a commission if someone buys a product that I review. I do this as a hobby and if I can earn a few bucks for the time I put in then I don’t see a problem. Why do you ask? If you think it makes me biased towards the program, then why don’t I review products that cost the customer thousands? I would earn huge amounts if I did.

      As an example, I recommend Bob Proctors programs, but I don’t review them because I think they’re way too expensive. Instead, I point people to his YouTube channel, and that costs nothing.

      Buying programs, hosting fees, domain renewal, WP themes, image costs, plugins etc. not to mention the time I take to fully review a product, then write a long, in-depth analysis, all cost time and money. When you find a review that is not fully detailed, you can THEN question if the reviewer is being honest.

      Can I ask why you were looking for reviews of The 15 Minute Manifestation program? If you were thinking of investing, I don’t think it would be for you. You have to be prepared to go in with a positive attitude and be open minded to the benefits of meditation, affirmations and manifestation.

      If you don’t commit and believe and be persistent, nothing good will ever manifest for you.

      I will change the spelling of ‘persistent’ as it wasn’t my intention to annoy you.

      All the best


    • Hi Rajat,

      Yes, that’s correct. The new (and much better, IMHO) 15 Minute Manifestation tracks do not have a voice-over. Instead, the affirmations are done subliminally. I have no idea how this is implemented into the tracks, but I imagine they’re set at a very low audio output.

      All the best


  10. Not really a review that can be used for anything. If you haven’t used the program as it is inteted, why write a review at all? And writing that i should disregard what you write about the voice, because it has been changed, makes no sense, when all you write is colored by your annoyance about the voice.
    Has anyone tried the program as intended, an has an experience to share?

    • The review was for the original 15 minute manifestation program, and I’m in the process of reviewing the non-voiceover version for myself. Sorry the old review wasn’t of any use to you.

      Once I’ve experienced the NEW 15 Minute Manifestation program, I shall let readers know if I found it useful and the review will be updated accordingly.

  11. Just got news that all new versions of the 15 minute manifestaion program are without the voice over – whoo-hoo! I wonder if my review had anything to do with that decision?

  12. Strange. I recently bought the set myself and there’s no voice. Maybe so many people complained about it being distracting that it was edited out?

    • That would make sense Susan. My feelings were that, without the voiceover, the 15-minute manifestation program would be a much better product. Have you found the tracks to be what you expected? I may get my son (who’s a wizard with audio) take out the voice and give it another go.

      Thanks for the heads up, Susan, it’s much appreciated.

  13. There is no woman speaking in the tracks… not in the $47 version… pay a little more and maybe the take off her voice

    • Hmm? That’s strange Pedro. I definitely have a voiceover on all 3 tracks as well as the Sleep bonus track. In fact, Sergey says, “I would like to thank my friend and partner, certified hypnotherapist, Ms Victoria Gallagher, for lending her beautiful voice to record this audio program.”

      As I said in my review, some people may prefer the voiceover, but it’s not for me.

    • Hi!
      Thanks for the review.
      So you think when we pay for the $47 version instead of the discounted one we get a better quality audio?

      • Hi Donnel, it’s my understanding that ALL versions have now dispensed with the voiceover, so a discounted version should be the same as a full price version.

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