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4D Manifestor Review with Pics

4D Manifestor If you’ve been on my blog at any time, you will know I take the Law of Attraction seriously and when it comes to manifesting the things I want out of life, I take an almost obsessive stand on what works and what doesn’t.

Some say I’m brutal in my appraisal of Manifesting techniques…and it’s not to everyone’s cup’o’tea, but hey, it’s worked for me and still continues to do so.

But I also understand that some people, many people, are unable get their minds in the right place to even start manifesting their desires. It’s a lot tougher to do than what most people will lead you to believe. This is where meditation can come in and lends a helping hand, but I have to get a few things off my chest to begin with.

Not just any old meditation, but subliminal meditation. My review of 4D Manifestor is coming up.

I’m a great believer in this type of meditation, especially for those who are struggling with the Law of Attraction and Manifesting. The first thing that needs to be cut out of our minds is the noise…oh boy, is there noise!

How can your subconscious mind work properly with all the clutter and surface chattering that goes on in that mind of yours? It’s like when you’re trying to read an important document, that must be understood, but all you can hear is that dog barking next door, or the phone rings every two minutes. It becomes impossible to take in what you’re trying to grasp.

4D Manifestor Review

Your subconscious is the quiet voice inside that records everything you really think. It’s the voice that is always right and therefore needs to be listened to. The conscious mind is the loud, annoying voice that is often filling your mind with lies, distraction, and negativity. The voice that doesn’t think before speaking.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if that opinionated loudmouth of doubt was shut out…if only for a few minutes or so?

Then you would be able to communicate with your subconscious mind and clearly visualize what you really want out of life. Your thoughts will then be stored and understood and will be free to communicate with the universal law of attraction. This will be the start of real manifestation. Doing this every day will enforce the action of manifesting your chosen desires.

Sound crazy? Well, that’s up to you, but you can take it from me that having your subconscious filled with all the fine things you want out of life will benefit you into learning how to make the Law of attraction AND manifestation work.

I have said it many times – There is a universal law that manifests whatever your thoughts are producing.

Think about that for a minute.

If your thoughts are substantially more negative throughout your day to day thinking then you will attract nothing but negativity. If you think the law of attraction won’t work…it won’t. It’s really simple.

Now, if you think, and act, in a positive and proactive way, it is common sense that things in your life will improve. They must improve. They will improve.

You may say, ‘yes Gail, but I’ve tried…I’ve really tried and nothing has come from this way of thinking’. I’ve had emails from people telling me all this Manifesting and Law of Attraction stuff is BS. It doesn’t work…it can’t work…it’s impossible, it’s crazy! I’ve heard them all!

But I also get emails from people who tell me their lives have been turned around, it’s magical and even, from Jo in Edinburgh, scary! So it’s plain to see it’s not for everyone. It all depends on how your mind and thought processes are working.

So, if you’re struggling to make this whole ‘crazy’ thing work for you, you need to get rid of the noise and negativity that’s going on in your mind right now.

This is where subliminal meditation can be the catalyst to a better life and living with the law of attraction.

4D Manifestor Review

OK, it’s a long introduction (and I do get side tracked) but I’ve been testing a new system of meditation called the 4D Manifestor…it’s only just become available on the market. Let’s get the cost out of the way first because I’m not particularly forcing this on you, it’s just a program that I think could be the answer to those of you who are struggling with the concept of manifesting your desires.

The whole program costs around $47 ($27 if you click away from the page) and I’ll go into detail of what you can expect to receive from this meditation package.

Firstly, it’s a lot cheaper than many I’ve trialed AND there’s more inside than a lot of meditation and manifestation programs costing double and treble the Dave Dunn with 4D Manifestorprice.

The program is developed by music producer David Dunn, who decided to move away from the music industry because his stress levels were at an all-time high. Instead, he has developed a brain wave audio and meditation technique that started with a hunch.

The main selling point for producing the 4D Manifestor is that it’s aimed at people who are struggling to manifest anything good in their lives.

Of course, if a person tries manifesting and they get nothing out of it, it will only compound the negativity towards the whole Law of Attraction theory. Then things start getting really bent out of shape.

This is what happening to a friend of Dave’s. So, as an experiment, he made a recording of his own alpha wave music and mixed it with an old hypnotist audio session that was gathering dust on his hard drive. He then sent the finished copy over to her to see if it could help.

She’d tried everything else, so one more audio session wasn’t going to do any harm. Well…it hit the spot…she had never encountered this ‘feeling‘ before and it made her feel, in her own words, Ace!

This I had to try. I do meditate and can reach a level of inner peace without too much trouble. That level of calm and clarity is sublime. I haven’t got above that level yet, but to me, it’s good enough. To get to that level in the first place took time and patience.

(I’d better get on with the review!)

So what’s inside the 4D Manifestor?

After logging in you are met with a dashboard of downloads and steps to follow as explained below.

Step 1 – Download 4D PDF Guides

Read through these first. There are 3 main PDF’s which get you into the mood and mind-set to take on the 4D Manifestor. These are the ‘Universal Bank of Consciousness‘, ‘Seven Steps to Creating Gravity‘ and ‘Trynaural Manifesting System‘. The last one resonates with me more than the others. The Trypnaural method is very much based on David Dunn’s experience with manifesting…you can tell by the way it’s written!

There are bonuses here too which are also in PDF form and can be used at any time, One is ‘Tapping into Abundance‘ and the other is ‘Tapping Scripts and Samples‘. If you’ve ever tried tapping, you will know what it’s all about. I won’t go into detail here of what it is but also largely because I’ve not tried the whole concept myself.

Step 2 – Download Hypno-Fractal Videos

There are two videos here to download, they’re pretty big in size but you do get the option of downloading the HD (VERY large files) or standard files which are a lot smaller and quicker to download.

The first is the Hypno-Fractal Sri Yantra Video which is aimed at healing the body and mind using the 5000 year old Sri Yantra symbol of interlocking triangles and is a representation of the primordial sound, Aum. It’s around 30 minutes long and tunes into your very own vibrations within your body and mind (remember, we are just gazillions of vibrating molecules)

The second video is called the Hypno-Fractal Flower of Life in which subliminal voices can be heard ensuring your subconscious mind of the wealth, health and happiness you already have (you just need to accept it’s already yours…go get it!). Again, around 30 minutes long and well worth taking half an hour out of your day to ‘get into‘.

There’s another bonus in this section in the form of a HD video entitled Third Eye Sonic Activator Tuned to 432HZ A. I can’t comment on this video simply because I don’t really want my 3rd eye opening just yet. I’m still fairly new to extreme meditation, but it’s something I may look at in the future.

4D Manifestor Video Sri Yantra
A Still from the Sri Yantra Video included in 4D Manifestor

Step 3 – Download 4D Manifestor

This is the core meditation of the 4D financial and abundance system. It’s only 12 minutes long, so it’s advised you listen to this every morning and evening for 7 days. At only 12 minutes, everyone can find time to listen. It’s quite a distracting piece of audio, but it’s supposed to be that way. The voices are loud so the subconscious can take over. Do this twice a day for a week and see if you’re feeling the positive side of life happening. Use the videos in Step 2 to reinforce your focus.

The bonus in this section is a 30 minute version of the above, but without the vocal loudness. This version is for when you want to totally chill out and have the time to spare. The voices are still there but deeply buried in the alpha wave music.

Step 4 – Download 4d Manifestor Enhanced

This audio is the enhanced version of step 2 and is used to reinforce the 4D Manifestor audios. The voices are still there but much quieter and less frequent. This is best listened to for another 7 days…you should be almost familiar with the trend of alpha waves by now.

The bonus in Step 4 is ‘Dreams Drifting with Time‘ audio which is 30 minutes of low harmonic tones and what sounds like rainfall in the background. It’s ‘Relax and drift off’ audio that can be listened to when wanting peace.

4D Manifestor Flower of Life
Still from the Flower of Life video

Step 5 – Download Alpha Wave Music

The final step, and the instructions, of how to use the 4D Manifestor system. Here we see the directions you will be required to undertake to get the best out of this audio and video package. The 2 downloads here are for use at any time and includes a 15 minute and 30 minute version.

As you may know, Alpha waves are neural oscillations in the frequency range of 7.5-12.5Hz and are more beneficial when the eyes are closed. These Alpha waves can really get deep into your mind. Just relax, close your eyes and think visually.

The Step 5 bonus is an audio recording of a Spring Forest in England. If you can’t get out and about in the calming woods in early spring, listen to this hour long recording and drift away.

So that’s the main course of the 4D Manifestor package, but there’s more in the way of bonuses as listed below.

– Relaxation and Breathing System by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati (audio and instructions)

– Trypnaural Subliminal Healing (5 downloads)

– Sonic Harmonics (Audio)

– Deep Sleep System (8 Downloads)

– Chakra Harmonics Series (7 Downloads)

– Naturascapes Nature Recordings (6 Downloads including Rain, Ocean and Woodland)

Wow! Even without going through the course I could see the 4d Manifestor certainly over delivers, you get a lot of bang for your buck!

What do I think of 4D Manifestor?

I already meditate as stated earlier but I just had to give this a go. I like to see how new programs come across when dealing with Manifestation. I look into many programs a year, a new one seems to come out every week these days, but this one peaked my interest. It doesn’t show you how to manifest your desires but it does offer a way to make inroads into it if you’re struggling with manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

I’ve always said you must have a clear mind and an undoubted belief to be able manifest the things you want out of life. So many people get caught up in the noise and self-doubt that it just doesn’t seem to work for them.

Inside 4D Manifestor
The image is not clickable, it’s just an example of what’s inside the 4D Manifestor program

What 4D Manifestor can do is awaken your subconscious and shut out the clatter of noise that stops your thought process from being productive. The videos and audio can clear the noise and let you concentrate on thinking your desires into manifestations.

An unblocked and determined mindset can work wonders. If you’re serious about your manifestation techniques working then you need to clear the negativity and self-doubt from your own mind.

It sounds simple, but it’s not. The mind is extremely powerful and we’ve been taught from a young age how to act and react in certain situations. If your life isn’t going the way you had hoped, then you need to change your attitude, mind-set and outlook.

If you find it difficult then you might want to try the 4D Manifestor to kick things off. Listening to subliminal messages will improve your chances of ever manifesting your desires. It’s not for everyone (as I mentioned earlier) and you have to keep your mind wide open. But if you’re willing to accept that the 4D Manifestor is here to help you, it will.

The video below is a very quick walk through inside the members area. You can see there is a lot of material to focus your mind into the relaxed state it needs to be. The Alpha Wave music is taken from a sample of a 30 minute mp3 audio that focuses on targeting your mind and thoughts to relax.

For $47 ($27 if you click away) you get a lot of material to go at. I, myself, now listen to the 12 minute 4D Manifestor every day since getting it. I’ve put it on my phone too, so when I feel a power nap coming on (yes, I’m a martyr to them!), I slip on the headphones and simply relax and listen.

To check out the 4D Manifestor, click this link to be taken to the official website. Even if your manifestations are coming to fruition, it’s still not a bad idea to reinforce your thought process with subliminal meditation.

4D Manifestor Get Started Today

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