Hi, my name’s Gail and I’m from the UK, Worcestershire to be exact, and this is a little ‘About Me’ and what I try to get across to people who want more out of life and also for those who think they have nothing but bad luck and misery ahead.

I’ve made this website because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be in debt, to have nothing go right for me, to fail at almost everything I’ve tried and to be in a constant loop of negativity. It stinks.

One day, when I’d just about had enough of trying to better myself, and failing again, I reached out and searched for a reason as to why good things never happened to me. There had to be an answer as to why I was always feeling down, always looking on the negative side and never expecting things to work out for me. I then came across a mental attitude that answered all my anger and resentment as to why I was not getting what I deserved out of life.

This GailPaul.com website is all about how I got away from all that crap and now enjoy life. Please browse the site and get some inspiration and please believe all that you read. It works.

Let me just give you a quick run-down of why I was always failing and why I nearly gave up on life.

Between the ages of 16 and 48 I had lost several jobs, been £100k in debt, almost lost my husband to Ulcerative Colitis, started my own business which saw us lose my 10k redundancy money in 3 months (it failed), not being able to maintain our house (which fell into disrepair), not able to afford decent furniture, lost parents through the worst kind of illnesses, left out of a BIG will, suffered bad health, no money, no future and many, many more stories of failure with these few examples given being just the tip of the iceberg.

Notice, all of those things were really not my fault and many people will say ‘well, you should have tried harder’…believe me, you won’t find harder working people than me and my husband and it’s a little offensive that people should have even thought that. We have never been disruptive, loud, vindictive, selfish, offensive or rude. We have never stolen, have never taken advantage, scammed or ripped off anyone. We have never been in trouble with the law, never missed a payment for anything and always treated people how we would like to be treated ourselves.

And that’s why, when I hit 48 years of age, I needed to find out why some people seem to drift through life without a care and STILL get the life they want, and why we, who work hard and worry, always seem to fail at everything and struggle for the tiniest bit of goodness in our lives.

We were nearly at the end of our tether, and I for one, seriously thought about leaving this earth, but would never have done so because it would destroy my husband and son…and they didn’t deserve that. I knew my husband felt the same.

So how did I emerge from this dark place?

I started looking around for the reason why this stuff was happening to us. I almost felt there was a curse on us, or was it just bad luck? I needed to find out. Anything would be better than how we lived then.

I then came across a 100 year old book called ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D Wattles written in 1904. I read it through and felt an upsurge in belief. I’m not kidding here, I’ve read books about being positive, giving yourself affirmations everyday, motivational themes and they just didn’t work for me…this old book though rang a bell and I re-read it and re-read it.

I then got myself deep into this ‘new age’ thought process, this universal thing, this piece of common sense…and things started to change. I read Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, watched and re-watched ‘The Secret’ movie and things made sense. At last, things made sense,

Throughout the last 5 years of believing what I want to be, I have seen our life turn around completely. Money started to appear from sources not known to me, items became available for us, holidays happened, smiles come easy, the house we always dreamed of became ours, debt disappeared, money came easily, health improved, happiness was on tap.

Now, if you think it’s all baloney that’s fine, but I can only reveal what has happened to me and my family since we started believing the things we want from life are already ours, we just have to believe in it and it will come.

Yes, I was sceptical at these claims, but that was before I really did start believing. It wasn’t forced, it wasn’t wished, it wasn’t hoped, it wasn’t prayed for…it was believed.

That’s why I have the time now to put up this website. To try to put across, not force, people to get into this state of mind. There are courses on this site that will help you understand what has to be done to get you away from the misery you’re enduring right now.

If you can believe that day will follow night, then that’s all the level of belief you will need. It’s going to happen…nothing in the world will change that.

If you want that house you’ve always dreamed of, it’s yours; all you have to do is believe it. Don’t force the issue, don’t hope it will happen or wish it would happen because that thought process will do no good at all. Believe it’s already there waiting for you, you just have to move in.

Move around the house in your minds eye when you have nothing else to think about, or when dropping off to sleep. Walk around the living room, look at the windows, the kitchen, the stairs, the bedrooms, the bathroom, the garage, the garden and then live in it, noting every detail inside such as the furniture, the TV, the phone. Don’t force this process, just believe it’s already yours and your going to get inside soon.

The way to get to this belief can be told so much better than me, so look out for the people who’ve helped change my life. There are plenty of guides, courses and programs on my blog. They all say the same thing, just pick one and go for it.

Well, that’s a little bit about me, I will be writing posts and updates as time goes by, and as this is a new website, it will be pretty sparse to begin with but will grow over the years. One thing I will say is that I travel..a lot! I aim to go across Europe throughout 2015 and then at the start of 2016, America here we come!

You may think I’m a crank, slightly mad, an idiot…that’s fine. As long as you believe it, you must be right…right?

I hope you can see that if your life stinks at the moment, there is a way to get away and get what you really want. Just Believe.

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