Law of Attraction Not Working?

law of attraction not working
Is the Law of Attraction NOT working for you? Have you tried EVERYTHING to make it work, yet are still in the same position you were a few months ago…or even worse?

Do you feel disheartened that the Law of Attraction promised so much but gave so little…if anything?

Hey, I know how you feel.

This post is meant for people who are in a desperate state in their lives and not for those who are simply curious to how the Law of Attraction works.

What I’m about to tell you won’t be pretty and some may even feel a little insulted by my conclusions. Let me tell you now…I tell it like it is. I feel it’s the only way to get my thoughts across without the fluff and faddle that can leave you even more confused about the Law of Attraction.

You see, I know the Law of Attraction works because I’ve been in that awful state of nearly losing my mind, nearly giving up on life and feeling the dark heavy cloud of depression enveloping me and making my life a misery. I’ve written about the state my life was in before, so I won’t dwell on that here.

Needless to say, I was sick to death of things going wrong for me, sick and tired of feeling useless and frustrated with the fact that everyone around me seemed to be in control of their lives…why was I suffering with misfortune at every waking hour?

Create A Life Switch

I had to do something pretty quick before I did something really stupid. I gave myself no choice but to get my head around my situation and started studying the Law of Attraction back in 2009. I made myself accept the law with such belief that I probably upset a few people around me…but I didn’t care, this was all about ME.

It was time to get selfish; so selfish that I changed my whole persona. I was always the one who would help others out, always the one with a kind word and always the one smiling. No one knew the burning hatred of my own life; I simply didn’t let it show.

You may think “hang on, you became a monster? That goes against everything the Law of Attraction teacheslaw of attraction not working for me

And you would be right in that assumption, but let me get one thing straight. To really live the Law of Attraction you have to be in control of your own life first.

You have no chance of manifesting your own destiny if you have no control over your own mind. I had to change because, quite simply, I was weak in mind and weak in life.

I needed to be a strong, confident human being who is able to send out my vibes with confidence, if that meant being totally selfish, so be it.

If the Law of Attraction is not working well for you, ask yourself, ‘have I really changed?

I became really, really selfish, and that meant losing one or two of my ‘friends’. I say friends, but they were just negative influences on my life. The energy I got from them was useless; in fact, they tended to drain the positive out of me. I stopped seeing them.

Don’t feel guilty about letting people down. It’s all part of the learning. If you go around making other people feel good, but then you, yourself, are feeling bad, then what’s the point? You are only further damaging yourself. Selfish, yup!

But don’t worry about it. There will become a time when you will be a better person than you ever were and then, and only then, will you be able to help people so much more…because you will now be in control of your life. People will appreciate you a whole lot more. A win-win situation.

I’m not saying you have to be nasty or vindictive, those are negative traits, but you will have to change your outlook and personality to suit the situation. It takes time.

law of attraction worksI then went around my house and threw anything I didn’t like out, not sell, but throw out completely.

This included a dresser I’ve always hated. Clothes that didn’t look right on me went to charity, items from my past, crammed in boxes in the garage and loft, was either given away or thrown away, anything that held a negative energy went.

Don’t get me wrong, this didn’t happen overnight in an explosion of ‘madness’! No, this was a process that went on calmly for about a year until everything that either held a negative memory, or just didn’t ‘feel’ right in my house, went.

I stopped reading the news, or watching it on TV. It’s full of negativity with just the odd glimpse of goodness now and again. If there is more minus points in your life than positive, get rid of them.

I gave up work because I hated it. It drained 8-10 hours of my daily life. Selfish? Damn right!

But now I had a direction to go in. I was heading for the Law of Attraction. My mindset refused to let any unnecessary negative thoughts into my head, you know, the piddly little things like ‘oh no. it’s going to rain again‘ or ‘I expect that bill will arrive tomorrow‘ and ‘Ugh, dentist next Tuesday‘. These little negative thoughts add up to one big negative energy field that surrounds you.

Now I don’t look upon these little ‘problems’ as minus points anymore. It takes a while to get as positive as this, but you will need to make real changes in your life.

Of course, those are tiny examples. The really big changes from negativity to positiveness takes a leap of faith and an undoubted belief in yourself. It takes time.

Change Is Not Easy – Belief Is

Sometimes, as I was going though all this, I felt all the bad emotions connected with what I was trying to achieve. Guilt, Envy, Hate, Disbelief, Apathy, Anger, Frustration.

This is normal. There will be times when you feel guilty about telling someone you’re not happy with a certain situation. You will feel envy when you see other people living happily…you may even hate them. You will say to yourself ” The Law of Attraction NOT WORKING” and then won’t be bothered to carry on even trying. You will feel angry that the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to be working for you and you will get frustrated because you think you’ve done everything you can to make this work.does the law of attraction really work

The biggest problem I had were the negative voices in my head. I would wake each morning and try to get into a positive mindset straight away, but the little voice would say ‘why bother…it isn’t working?‘…and that voice was louder than my positive voice. Big problem. This is the Law of Attraction working in the opposite way we want it too.

I also had a problem with smiling. Waking up and smiling each day will make you feel better, but it was as if I was lying to myself every time I forced a smile. But, you know what, it actually does work. Cut everything from your mind and smile. It simply makes you feel better, if only for a second at the beginning, but it’s a start.

If you feel down at this very moment, try a smile. If it feels awkward and wrong it’s normal, but did you feel that tiny spark of lightness?

Gradually, and over time and with undoubted belief, life began to change…for the better.

Simple little changes, forced to begin with, become life savers. Don’t let anyone say the Law of Attraction is easy to implement, it isn’t and that’s why so many people fail.

You have to really want it. You have to dig, so deep, inside yourself and believe in it. You have to be prepared to make a life shift; the one you’re living right now is not working…change it

The Madness of The Law of Attraction

I must admit here and now that I thought, at times, I was bordering on madness! There, I’ve said it! I actually had arguments, in my own head, with myself.

This is why I asked you if you really have tried the Law of Attraction to the fullest that you can. This is why you need a level of commitment that borders on madness. This is why you have to ask yourself do I really want it that much? It’s not madness, of course, it’s the battle you face to get rid of the negativity in your life.

Yothe law of attraction is realu see, a lot of people have struggles in their life, really bad struggles, horrid struggles and think that by simply trying the Law of Attraction for 30 days, or 60 days, it will get them out of their nightmare of a life. It may well do in some cases, but in the vast majority, and that includes me, it takes a whole life shift.

But if you really do want life to be sweet, to be happy and to be uncomplicated, you sometimes have to hit rock bottom first. After that, the only way is up.

This was quite a long post, so I’ll cut it short now, but I will be giving out more truthful experiences in future posts. If the Law of Attraction is not working for you, ask yourself this; Are you truly and fully immersed in changing your life for the better, no matter how uncomfortable you feel doing it?

Be truthful with yourself, 100%. Go deep inside yourself, so deep it’s almost scary. If there are any doubts at all that you’re not doing all you can to better your life, and those close to you, you need to go over and over again the teachings of the Law of Attraction until you don’t second think it.

This is the most basic I can go in telling you about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting your wants and desires.

I will be going over techniques you HAVE to do in order to change your life for the better. As said before, some of it isn’t pretty!

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