Origins by Katherine Hurst Review

Origins by Katherine HurstMy review of Origins by Katherine Hurst.

Over the last two or three years, I’ve been sent all sorts of books, courses and videos from people ‘selling’ the Law of Attraction lifestyle. The creators of these programs send them in for my appraisal and critical review. How brave are they??

I believe they do this because I’m living proof that the Law of Attraction can work and that it’s not all hogwash! It may be also because I give truthful, in-depth reviews about LOA products that may be able to help someone wanting to see a change in their lives.

Not all the products get recommended by me, in fact, I’ve only recommended 3 from at least 25 programs I’ve been sent. Why is this?

The Law of Attraction obviously appeals to everyone. I mean, think of something you would like to have in your life and, hey presto! It’s there, right?

If only that were true!

The Right Mindset For LOA

Law of Attraction QuizPotential ‘manifesters’ must understand that to be successful with the Law of Attraction a person must be prepared to change their mindset to accept and believe, without question or doubt, that their desires are already there. This HAS to be explained thoroughly and with empathy.

Not all publications sent to me can achieve this. It’s simply to difficult to put down on paper.

Try this Quiz to see if Manifesting is for you.

Having just returned from a long trip around the Greek islands, my inbox contained 11 requests from people wishing me to promote their own Law of Attraction guides.

Some took 30 minutes to go through, others took a few days but after reading, listening and watching all of them, only one is worthy of a recommendation from myself.

Origins By Katherine Hurst

Katherine Hurst OriginsTo cut a long story short, the product comes from the biggest Law of Attraction community and LOA website in the world. The

I’ve been a follower of this community for some time and, along with its 3.5 million users, know this is an institution I can trust. The website offers wall to wall inspiration for anyone wising to get to grips with the Law of Attraction.

Anyway, I was approached by Katherine Hurst, the head honcho of that very website, to cast my critical eye over a publication that she has dedicated her life to. Origins.

I agreed, but was a little apprehensive to how Origins would sit with me. I’d briefly come across it a few months ago but didn’t pay too much heed to it. Life gets in the way sometimes.

So when Origins arrived I hoped it would capture the quality of the Law of Attraction website and the openness of Katherine Hurst.

I needn’t have worried.

If you want to learn how to apply the Law of Attraction to your life, you need someone to talk to you as if they’re in the room sitting beside you. This is where many creators of LOA products fail. They don’t speak your language.

Now, Origins has that easy reading approach that makes the Law of Attraction make so much sense. There is no confusion here. It’s why I can easily recommend Origins.

Why Do I Recommend Origins?

origins katherine hurstFirstly, it comes from Katherine Hurst. If you’ve ever come across this remarkable lady you will understand she’s a person you should listen to. When someone I follow, and admire, produces a publication about the Law of Attraction, I take notice.

This isn’t someone who’s dreamed up a story of the Law of Attraction and sold it…no, Katherine has been there at the bottom where so many of us have been before. She has managed to turn her life around by using the Law of Attraction.

She knows what it takes to do this and she knows how to teach people to do the same.

I can resonate with Katherine and her life story, but I don’t yet have the skills to teach the methods of manifestation. I may have a little old blog and can, perhaps, help with a bit advice, but I’m not ready to publish a book just yet.

Katherine has managed this with her own publication of Origins. Not only a written book, but an audio version too, along with some valuable bonuses thrown in.

What’s Inside Origins?

I won’t go all ‘salesy’ on you here, I will just outline the structure of the book and its intentions. If you’re interested in the bonuses, audio book and other things, you can click here. I’d like to concentrate on the main feature.

Origins begins with a scenario and explanation of what to expect living a life with the Law of Attraction. We’ve all had instances where things seem to happen out of the blue, or unexpectedly, but don’t know why? The preface of Origins explains the ‘why’.

After going through a brief history of the Law of Attraction, the Origins formula is fully explained. L.I.F.E.

That’s an acronym for Let Go, Identify your goals, Fuel your desires and Enter your desired state. All this will become clear when you go through the 4 steps.

Step One – Letting go

This section of Origins explains why negative things happen to us in our lives. Many of us live in a world of negative thought and it’s almost impossible to shut out that nay-sayers voice inside all of us. Almost.

It can be done with practice using real life scenarios. That negative voice will slowly start to shut up and become a tiny whisper. We will never truly get rid of it, but keeping it under total control can be achieved.

This is a very powerful section of Origins, so drink it in well!

Each section has a little exercise for you to try. I strongly encourage you to take these seriously. Don’t brush them off with procrastination, just do them! The power within these exercises cannot be understated. Please complete them; it’s for your own benefit.

Fun Exercises

One exercise I enjoyed in this step was to think of an object that wasn’t obvious to you, and then give it 48 hours to appear. I thought of a Bowler Hat…how many people do you see wearing a bowler hat these days?

The very next day I picked up a magazine (I rarely read magazines) and lo and behold, a detailed article about Bowler Hats! So, I immediately thought of another object, this time a Bow Tie. Again, how many people wear a bow tie these days?

The next day, I turned on the T.V. and randomly clicked through the channels. Now, I don’t watch a lot of T.V. but that morning I was up early and switched on the box to watch something while sipping my coffee and gently waking up.

I stopped flicking through when I came across that old comedy Bewitched. It’s a program I hadn’t seen it for years, but remembered it was a pretty fun show. So, I sat down and began taking sips of that delicious hot coffee when who should appear on the show but Dr Bombay!

Dr Bombay was a warlock doctor who heals all kinds of weird ailments in Sam’s household. He has appeared in many guises over the years, but today…he was wearing a big, white Bow Tie!

origins law of attraction

Not earth shattering occurrences, but that’s a tiny example of minuscule manifestation working right in front of me. Coincidence? Not a chance. I rarely watch T.V or read magazines, but both of the items I thought about turned up within 48 hours of each other.

It’s a real fun exercise, try it…I’m now always doing it just for fun!

Step Two – Identify Your Goals

This section is all about finding out what you really want from life. This is mega important for anyone wanting to achieve manifestation results. You cannot expect your desires to appear if you don’t fully understand what you want.

There is an exercise in this section of Origins that will whittle down to what it is you REALLY want from manifesting. It’s honing in to your real desire. You may have to dig deep with the questionnaire, but the results can be unexpected and  life changing.

Be 100% truthful with your answers. No one is watching you and you don’t have to show the results to anyone. They’re for you eyes only. Be brutally honest with yourself in this section. It will benefit you, after all, if you’re not honest, you’re only fooling yourself.

Once you truly understand what it is you actually want from life, it’s time to start taking positive action.

Step 3 – Fuel Your Desires

This section of Origins will see you putting your thoughts into actions. I’ve had emails from people saying they’ve done everything to get what they want, but it hasn’t materialized. I often find out they haven’t done everything at all.

They wish, pray and hope…and that’s the problem.

It has nothing to do with those mantra’s…it’s about believing that whatever your desires are, they’re already there waiting for you to receive it. Belief, right from the start. Have real Faith in the Law of Attraction.

To do this you must start fueling your desires. Your actions bring forward whatever you desire. You can’t win the lottery, no matter how much you wish, pray and hope it will happen…you have to buy the ticket first. Not taking actionable steps towards your goal will see you fall short of your desires.

This section is powerful and the exercises included must be done. Don’t brush them off with negativity. Grab them with positive thoughts and actions. Doing nothing will get you just that…nothing.

Step 4 – Enter Desired State

This section of Origins is the one where most people who try manifesting tend to fail. It’s the one where I keep harping on about in my blog.


This can take a while to perfect. The biggest failure in manifesting is ‘not really believing it can happen

This is the secret. You can change your mindset to believe that what you want is already there and that desire is yours to collect. This takes work (action) on your behalf but it can be readily done IF you understand that the life you want is already within you.

You HAVE to believe 100% that this will happen and the exercises in this section will help you get to that mindset. Don’t over think it. Don’t question it. Just do it.

The LOA Scenario

When you have completed steps 1, 2 and 3, then number 4 is the missing piece of the jigsaw. We all know the satisfaction of placing that last piece into the jigsaw puzzle. You can now see the whole picture and it feels right.

It started off all jumbled up, but you knew what to do because you had the image of the finished puzzle already in front of you…from the beginning. It’s when we don’t have that image on the outside of the box that we struggle to complete it. Sometimes it’s impossible, or you get so frustrated, you give up.

LOA is like that. You have a picture in your mind that you know can be completed because it’s right there in front of you. Really…it is.

You have no doubt because you know what it looks like. All you have to do is take action and complete the image.
If you don’t have that image, you’re going to struggle with its reality. You don’t have a clear clue of what it is; therefore, it’s not real to you.

(Origins explains all of this so much better than I can!)

Origins – Summary

Those are the 4 main steps to manifesting your desires right there. The Origins book takes a much deeper look into each step with powerful writing and inspiration.

Origins is also easy to understand, easy to read and crammed full of actionable exercises and examples that will take you to your desired state of mind.

This book underlines and confirms everything I write in my blog. That’s why I can recommend it to my readers. It’s an inspiration for anyone wanting to change their lives. It’s as simple as that.

If that wasn’t enough, Katherine Hurst also teaches you how Tapping The Intention Point works. After more than 6 years of living the Law of Attraction life, this is the first I’ve heard of Tapping The Intention Point.

It’s a new method for me so I will be delving into it over the coming weeks. I’m fascinated by these kinds of methods and it’s likely to keep me busy until I’ve mastered it!

Tapping the Intention Point is included within the Origins book as Katherine Hurst explains fully how this works. It’s another tool for you manifestation arsenal.

So, Origins get my full seal of approval…and I don’t give that out lightly!

To watch the video of Katherine explaining all about Origins, click the link below. The video is quite long, so be prepared with a cup of coffee and a comfy chair.

Video Page Click Here

If you just want to read about Origins instead go to the link below.

Text Page Click Here

Or maybe you would like to take a quiz to see if you’re ready for Manifesting. I will be amazed if the answers are not you down to a T. You must answer the questions with total honesty though.

Take The Quiz Here

And lastly, if you would like to Download a free Law Of Attraction Tool Kit then…

Free LOA Tool Kit

I feel I’ve been very fair with my review of Origins by Katherine Hurst and would love to hear you own experiences with it. Please feel free to comment below.

Just believe it’s already there. Click below for your personal source of limitless power. Origins.

origins by katherine hurst

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