10 Hidden Greek Islands I Love!


10 Hidden Greek Islands

Finding places in this world to relax and get away from it all can sometimes be almost impossible. Time spent visiting just one of these 10 hidden Greek Islands will help clear your mind of the tribulations of daily life.

There is something so pleasing and tranquil about the Greek Islands. Whether you go to the more touristy islands with busy airports and bustling lifestyles or to the smaller, often off the radar, islands where the only noise you’ll hear are goat bells and cicadas, you’ll be in heaven!

Either way, you will always find a spot of serenity and here I list 10 of the easiest going, unspoiled, unhurried, beautiful Islands Greece has to offer.

1 – Agistri

Agistri is a tiny escape plan waiting to happen that belongs to the Saronic islands. This little piece of paradise can be reached by a 55 minutes ferry or Flying Dolphin from Piraeus, Greece’s main port. Skala is where the majority of accommodation can be found along with gently shelving beaches that invite you into the clear blue waters. Other beaches, such as Aponisos beach, are found with a little exploration. Population around 1,200 Agistri

2 – Kea

kea-beach hidden greek islands

Kea is a part of the Cyclades islands found in the Aegean Sea and has a population of around 2,500. If you’re a hiker, Kea offers many a splendid surprise such as hidden coves, tiny chapels, and age-old archaeology. The main settlements are Korissia and Ioulida and, famously, the Titanic’s sister Britannic is located just offshore, 53m down in the clear depths of the Aegean, sunk in 1916. Kea

3 – Kythnos

Kythnos Hidden Greek Gem

Try to see Kythnos before mass tourism arrives. It’s one of those hidden Greek islands that are likely to take off in the not too distant future. This island delight, with a population of around 1,500, can be found in the Western Cyclades and is easily reached by ferry from Piraeus and surrounding islands. The tiny streets of the ‘bigger’ villages of Messaria and Dryopida are simply too narrow to allow traffic. There are more than 70 beaches on Kythno’s coastline, many inaccessible by road. Perfect! Kythnos

4 – Syros


syrosOne of the bigger ‘hideaway’ Greek islands is Syros. It has a large 21,000+ population but still holds everything Greek at heart. Another island in the Cyclades archipelago makes it easy to visit either by Ferry or, wait for it, by air from Athens! Tourism is almost a second thought here where traditions and heritage are more important. A taste of everyday Greek life all year round. Syros

5 – Ikaria


Ikaria sits in the Northern Aegean area of the Greek Islands and if you want a long, healthy life, consider moving here! One in three people go on to live into their nineties and much of it is because of their healthy diet and slow pace of life. The rugged and verdant island has a population of around 8,500 and is easily reached by either sea or air. Best time to visit? Springtime or early summer. Ikaria

6 – Samothrace


samothrace-Beaches-greeceSamothrace is known as the island of the Gods and includes the highest mountain within the Aegean islands, mount Saos. Getting here by Ferry can be a hit and miss affair though, make sure you plan well in advance. Steeped in history, it’s also a hiker’s paradise with long hikes available from one side to the other. Only around 3,000 people live on Samothrace, so there’s plenty of room to explore. Samothrace

7 – Alonissos


Alinossos-islandOne of my favourite Greek Islands, Alonissos. From the island group of Sporades, it’s very easy to reach by Ferry and has plenty of beaches to just chill out. The northern end beaches are only accessible by boat, so you can imagine the peace you will receive when making the effort. Try the local pies too…delicious! With a population of fewer than 3,000, there is never any hustle or bustle. Alonissos

8- Milos


Milos-islandAnother beautiful island, but this time in the southern Aegean; Milos. It’s the southernmost island in the Cyclades group. With a local population of around 5,000, it’s best to visit here before the holidaymakers visit in the height of summer. Arrival is by Ferry from the many ports surrounding the Cyclades. A real taste of historic Greece. Milos

9 – Astypalaia


AstipaleaWith a tiny population of under 1,500 you can be sure to have plenty of space for yourself… even on such a tiny island as Astypalaia. The southern Aegean Island is what many people think of when they imagine a typical Greek Island. Blue seas and white-washed buildings climb steadily up into the hills. There is a tiny airport and a port for Ferries, so getting here is a breeze. The harbour is simply stunning! Astypalaia

10 – Karpathos


Karpathos is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands but only has a population of around 6,500. Here you will find wild mountains and ice-blue coves to explore and complete experiences of Greek life. You can fly here from Athens or try a ferry from Rhodes or Crete. A stunning destination to unwind and explore. Karpathos

10 Hidden Greek Islands where you can lay back, relax and thank the world these wonders exist.

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