6 Simple Law of Attraction Exercises

6 Simple Law of Attraction ExercisesIf you don’t know where to start dipping your toes in the Law of Attraction, then below are some exercises that you should try before doing anything else. It’s a kind of ‘tester’ to see if you’re the sort of person who can commit and believe in the LOA for it to be able to work in your life.

Some of these Law of Attraction exercises will seem totally alien to you…but that’s OK. Your mind and body have been programmed over the years to accept your daily routine, so doing these exercises will feel wrong, even ridiculous, but don’t worry, they really help.

You’re not going to embarrass yourself with these, the only person who will feel a little out of place will be you. Again, don’t worry…it’s all part of changing your ‘make-up’ to accept the Law of Attraction.

Those of you who find these exercises difficult simply means you’re not ready to live life the LOA way. But if you can commit to doing these every day, you will be amazed at how many things in your life start to change for the good.

It may take weeks to see a positive outcome from this regime or it may take only a day or two to feel something changing within you. This is a clear sign that you can change your life and reprogramming your body and mind is well within your capabilities.

If you immediately feel that this won’t make any difference in your life, then it won’t. If you feel you’re getting nowhere and give up, without really committing to these exercises on a daily basis, you won’t be able to change the situation you’re in at this very moment.

Carrying out one exercise a day is the minimum you should be doing. Doing them all is not difficult and should be carried out without too much trouble.

The payoff from doing these exercises is that it will become habitual. There is no doubt you will feel a tiny spring of gratification within yourself every time you do them…something you may not have felt for years. Imagine what you will feel if you keep on doing these Law of Attraction exercises so that they become habits? This is where the Law of Attraction starts.

There are many doubters out there that see these exercises as crazy. They cannot see the benefits associated with them, so cast them aside without even properly trying them. They are the ones who struggle with the LOA, they are the ones who are missing the point.

Commitment and belief is all that you need.

Here are 6 Law of Attraction exercises you must do every day. Don’t worry if you miss a day or forget…don’t beat yourself up about it…just commit even more next time.

[alert-success]1 – Smile – The first thing you should always do![/alert-success]

I don’t mean going around with an inane grin 24/7! The first thing you should do as soon as you wake up is smile…even if you think you don’t have anything to smile about. The secret is to block all the noise in your head, the endless chatter of self-doubt…zip it! Force the smile, force the corners of your mouth to rise each side.

Think of something you love and only concentrate on that for a minute or so. Remember to cut everything else off apart from thinking of that ‘something’ you love. Block the noise and focus. Don’t let the negative voices tell you otherwise. Block. Block. Block. Smile. Smile. Smile. You will feel better, if only for a second or two, but that feeling of happiness is there…you can feel it. When you get up and go to the bathroom mirror, look at yourself and smile remembering to block out the noise.

[alert-success]2 – Deep Thinking – Cut out all the Noise[/alert-success]

When you go to bed, as soon as your head hits the pillow, think only of what you want in life. Maybe you want a new house. See that house in your mind. Look at the shape from the outside, the windows, roof, door, brickwork, driveway, garden, colours. The weather is bright and warm…it’s always sunny. Get to know the outside of the house so you recognise it in an instant the next time you think about it.

Then, over the next few weeks, go into each room and see yourself living there. What furniture would you have? What’s the kitchen like? How many bedrooms are there? Get to know each room as if you’re already living there.

Maybe it’s not a house you want? Maybe it’s a new car, a new relationship, money? If so, then really go to town, in thought, about what you would do with your desire. Get to know it as if it was real. The more you know and recognise what you want, the easier it will come to you when it happens.

Remember to cut out all the noise of negativity when thinking about these things. Shut it all out. If negative thoughts start to come through, push them away…let them bounce into obscurity. Refuse to let them in. Keep a solid thought process of focus and concentration. It will become easier with practice.

You can even do this exercise during the day when you have a little time to spare. Find a quiet place without distraction and go for it. Ten minutes of this mindfulness is great training for reprogramming your mind.

[alert-success]3 – Say Hello – Earn Yourself Some Positive Points[/alert-success]

When you’re out walking or shopping, smile and say hello to people you meet. That doesn’t mean you have to make eye contact and chat to everyone…that would be, and feel, unreal. If someone is walking towards you and you have that split second of eye contact, then be the first to say hello/morning/afternoon/evening with a pleasant smile. Even if you get no response, you have at least emitted a pleasantry in a casual way that will add points to your reprogramming.

At that very moment you look at them, you may not feel like saying anything, but force yourself (with a smile) to communicate, if only for a second. Don’t get angry with people who ignore you, that’s their problem…it’s not about them. Those who reply with a cheery hello make you feel good, and that’s what it’s all about.

[alert-success]4 – Look Smart – Look Your Best at All Times[/alert-success]

It isn’t difficult to smarten yourself up. We all wear scruffy clothes around the house at times but really this should be for evenings only where we settle down and unwind. If you’re at home during the day, wear nice things around the house. Feel smart and clean. Wearing track pants with scruffy t-shirts is just plain lazy and it makes you feel lazy. Smarten up. Yes, you’re in your own home and it shouldn’t matter, but it does. Remember, it’s all about change and being positive.

If you’re just nipping to the store or going to fill up the car, go out in style. You never know who you’re going to meet. Look your best. Groom yourself before you go out. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours doing it. Simply make sure you look good. You will also feel that little bit more important and you have a sense of respect for yourself. You feel more confident and at ease. Always look your best, or at least make an effort to…no matter where you’re going.

[alert-success]5 – Switch off the News – Why Invite Misery into Your Life?[/alert-success]

Don’t let that little box in the corner ruin your day. The News headlines are rarely good these days, it seems the world has gone mad. Switch it off. Having the worlds troubles being spilled right in front of you sets your mind on a downer. The news headlines get logged into your mind and crops up throughout the day when you least expect it. This takes some of the positives away from you that you’re trying to hang onto. Ignorance is, sometimes, bliss.

Don’t watch depressing documentaries or programs that are likely to upset you. What’s the point? They only make you miserable and you don’t want any more room for misery in you life. If you must watch TV, then put on a comedy or watch something that will inspire you. Remember…no news is good news.

[alert-success]6 – Ask – The Law of Attraction is Built on Asking[/alert-success]

When you have time to yourself, close your eyes and ask for what you want. Trust the universe to deliver what you ask for…it will come. But you must keep asking and you must believe that there is a vibrational force that can communicate with your own thoughts and feelings. The outcome is what you want or desire from life.

This is where many people think the Law of Attraction is just wishful thinking. No, wishful thinking is hoping things will change without any input from yourself. It simply won’t happen if all you do is wish for it.

You have to change your mind to the universal Law of Attraction and believe it. We have been programed throughout life from the moment we are born to do and act on things we’ve been taught to do. It’s brainwashing. We are brought up by people who choose to teach us THEIR way. Parents, teachers, elders, and history tend to program us to think THEIR way.

There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how life is lived. But, and here’s the crux of the problem, what if you’re not happy with your program? What if that program is not you? Why are you not getting what you want? Why do you think in a way that is so negative? Why do some people seem to get on in life and you struggle?

Those years of other people programming you are holding you back. If you want to re-program to make life easier for you, then you have to work at it. It won’t work over night, after all, it’s taken many years to get to where you are today. Many years to be in the position you are in right at this moment. If you’re not happy where you are right now…change.

Try The Law of Attraction Exercises

The above 6 Law of Attraction exercises are just the tip of a huge iceberg that is the Law of Attraction. You must be able to commit, believe and trust in the LOA for it to work for you. If those exercises above make you feel silly, or they’re simply not something you can see yourself doing, then you will struggle to make the Law of attraction work for you.

I might as well be honest with you here. It’s not easy to change, we all know that, but if you’re not happy with your lot, then look at this Law as a way to get out of life what you deserve.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Bob Proctor pretty well explains why your mind has to be changed if you want to live the Law of Attraction way. Bob drills down to the reason why we are the way we are.

6 Simple Law of Attraction Exercises to try

10 thoughts on “6 Simple Law of Attraction Exercises”

  1. you say we should ASK for what we want. I thought we were supposed to believe we already had what we want to attract it. So instead of asking for an interesting job we should believe and visualize that we already have one.

    • Hi Page.

      I wrote that post around 2 years ago and the ‘Ask’ exercise was based around the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks from their book ‘Ask and it is Given’.

      Since that post, I’ve come to realise that you must know what you want from life FIRST instead of asking for it and to provide a statement to the universe instead of a question.

      I’ve kept the exercises post ‘as is‘ because the vast majority of people prefer Esther Hicks version of manifesting because it works so well for them. I’ve read the book a couple of times and it’s very enlightening and helpful to those seeking a more spiritual approach to manifesting.

      I believe it works both ways. Some people like to ask for what they want, but I feel more empowered laying down a statement instead of a question. (as in this post)

      I may change exercise 6 to represent the two methods, some prefer the spritual approach as indicated by Esther Hicks and some may prefer my own (and others) approach where you must believe the thing you want is already there, ready to be accepted.

      Thanks for your thought provoking comment, Page.

      All the Best


      • Hi Gail,
        Thank you for getting back to me, much appreciated. Further to my above comment I have a question for you if you please. So. if we assume that we are using the more assertive for of the exercise where we actually believe that we already have what it is we want and write out affirmations or sentences accordingly…is it recommended to visualize a specific object or person…etc? or is it better to generalize.

        For example: I feel empowered by the Ferrari I own , I am in a happy relationship with “and name a specific person”. or should they be more general like: I feel empowered by the nice car I own (even if I really want that ferarri), or I am in a happy relationship (even if id like to be in that with a specific person)?

        So my question is in general should you be more specific or not. will specificity make your range smaller or will it make your energy more focused and heightened?

        Page 🙂

        • Hi Page,

          It’s always best to be very specific with your statement of intent. For instance, if you want a gorgeous Ferrari, then go for it! But you must be 100% sure that the Ferrari is there waiting for you to accept it and you must believe that you will accept it when the time comes.

          If your thoughts have the tiniest of doubts such as “I really want that car, but I just can’t see it happening for me” then it won’t be there for you to accept it. Your thoughts should be “I love driving around in my bright red Ferrari, it makes me feel so special”. – A definite, clear statement.

          So be specific. If you were trying to manifest an ordinary car, when deep down inside you wanted a Ferrari, then that would indicate to the universe that your not 100% behind your belief and you would end up with nothing. You need to give out thoughts with clarity. This applies to every desire.

          To manifest successfully, you have to be laser targeted to your ‘wants’.

          I believe our manifesting efforts work at differing levels. For instance, say you really wanted to see an old friend you haven’t seen for years; then spend a few days of thinking about them and a written statement of intent would see them pop up somewhere in your life within a short while. Whereas, wanting Mr Right to appear will take a lot more effort and belief.

          Hope that makes sense, Page. It will take time to understand manifesting, and at first, it may seem a fruitless exercise and not seem to be real at all, but once you start seeing results you will begin to think it’s magic, or you’ve suddenly become lucky. Not so…it’s manifesting at work. Practice, practice, believe and practice.

          All the best


  2. Cuando se trabaja con la Ley de Atracción debemos estar muy atentos a nuestro estado vibratorio habitual. De nada sirve el pensamiento positivo forzado si los sentimientos apuntan a la negatividad. Debes de haber una coherencia entre los pensamientos y los sentimientos. Los sentimientos marcan la pauta de lo que se está atrayendo a cada momento. Gracias.

  3. Hi.. I had been on the look out for exercises. I had a troubled marriage. Now re-programing myself n my life. The exercises that you shared are basic stuff which I guess I always thought but never been able to add in my life. I m doctor still I dress only when I have to go to clinic, but your advice makes sense. Person starts respecting oneself more if dressed smartly even at home. I shall try to add these habits in my life from today onwards. Thanks for sharing.
    All the best to you for shifting to Greek Islands.!!

    • Hi Divya,

      Yes, they are very basic exercises, but they’re soooo important! Getting into a habit forming exercise takes a bit of determination, but habits form easily…some say after 21 days the habit becomes a natural act. I think it may be a little longer than that, but everyone is different. The important thing is not to break that positive habit once it’s in place.

      Thanks for popping by and sharing Divya, you are definitely on the right road for re-programming your life 🙂


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