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what Do You Want From Life

Well, that’s my ‘Summer of Gail’ over for another year and already I’m eagerly awaiting the long hot summer of 2017! I’ve mixed in a few photos in the post from some of the islands that have been a pleasure to visit. The people of Greece are wonderful and their country is stunning.

It’s taken me a few weeks to, shall we say, calm down from being in the sun and trying to control my Wanderlust. But I am looking out for a good deal that will take us to New York for Christmas. I’ve always wanted to spend the festive season in the City that never sleeps…it looks amazing! Or maybe it could be Switzerland? It’s almost as if I’m not meant to be in one place for too long!

But I can’t help it. When I began my Law of Attraction journey, the one thing, the one outstanding vibe I wanted, was to just to be happy. And working to manifest that feeling in my everyday life has produced the life I am now living.

Good stuff happens when you have a clear understanding of how you want to feel.


In my case, it’s not about materiel things. It’s not about showing off any luxuries or wealth…I’ve never wanted anything that made me feel uncomfortable. A strange thing to say in some peoples eyes, I’m sure.

For instance, when travelling around Greece, I wanted to have that ‘real feel’ of being in another country and living the way the local people do. I’m not one for staying in luxurious hotels being waited on hand and foot. It’s just for not me.

When I have stayed in five star hotels, I’ve felt uneasy. It’s as if I can’t be myself.

Give me a bed in a nice clean room with a great view and I’m happy!

You see…it’s what I want and not what others think I want. A friend of mine recently recommended a hotel that she always stays at in Corfu. “You would love it!” She said with a gleam in her eye.

She did make a good case for the hotel though. On the beach, great service, near to town, excellent food, big airy rooms with stunning views. It sounded great, so we booked up for a week during our wanderings around Greece.

It was all she said it would be, but….

The other guests were snobbish, we had to dress for dinner (ooh, I didn’t like that!) wear a wrist band (always) to show we were eligible for the All Inclusive meals and drinks and had to be shepherded to our tables at meal times.


We didn’t feel comfortable, so after two days we cut our bands off and ate our meals at the local tavernas. We spent most days wandering around the old towns after hiring a car and seeing the island for what it was. Peaceful, beautiful and very real.

Now, I don’t blame those folk who stayed within the confines of the hotel with the waiters available at every beck and call. They were all probably just happy to get away from the rat race and relax. It’s just that I’m so happy I don’t have to depend on a week in the sun to get away from my real life.

It’s a great feeling not to be forever looking for an escape route. I’m able to travel around this planet because I enjoy it and it’s what I do to keep my happiness afloat.

That might sound condescending, but it’s really not meant to. Some people enjoy the pressure of work and are happy to be rewarded by a holiday abroad. Good for them and I really mean that. If something you do makes you happy, makes you feel you’re on this earth for that reason, then it’s a big thumbs up from me!

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Those who aren’t happy with their lot need to change it. They must take the leap and responsibly do whatever it takes to live their lives the way they would desire.

Hey, it’s not easy at first; finding out what you really want from life is probably the hardest part of beginning a new life using the Law of Attraction.

I’ve said it many times on my blog, not everyone can see the big picture. To me, it’s not about that new car, that promotion, that new relationship. It’s about achieving the feeling of total control, the contentment of life and forever being in a positive mental state.

Those ‘wants’ and desires that you thought were paramount to your life no longer seem so important. I’m sure I’m correct in saying that the key to life is happiness. Once you realise you’re happy, you’ll no longer yearn for that flashy car, luxury house, stunning husband/wife or a bank full of cash.

Believe me.

Sure it would be nice do have those things and if you’ve reached happiness and still want them, then you can go for it. They will come if you really want them. But I think I’m one of those rare human beings who is just happy to be able to live and breathe and be able to take in the beauty and awesomeness of this world.


Since I been back, I’ve got a ton of emails to go through along with a handful of courses about the Law of Attraction to go over.

These courses have been sent to me by their creators and I apologise to them for being so tardy. They’ve reached out to me for an honest appraisal of their work and I’ve just let them sit there. But I’m sure they understand that I’ve been a bit busy living the life they are promoting…ironic!

Anyway, I have already been through one publication that I found to be pretty awesome. It’s new and from a company that has a huge website already rocking it in this genre. All I can say at the moment is that they’ve put together a no nonsense, easy to read and straight to the point publication.

I don’t go around praising any old LOA publication as you can tell by my lack of promotions on my website, but this one could well be a future classic for anyone wanting to finally grasp the concept of  the Law of Attraction and putting it into action.

The publication is how I like the LOA to be explained. We don’t need great tomes telling us how it all works. People want actionable plans, examples and easy explanations, not confusing, idealistic claims and waffle!

I’ve read through this publication and will reveal it along with my review very soon. All I can say at the moment is that it hits the nail on the head. It’s strongly written, flows well and is very actionable. It’s how I would have written a publication about the LOA…and I’m VERY critical!

For those other creators who sent in their publications, can I say that there are four I’ve haven’t got around to reading yet, two are pleasing and may receive a review and, lastly, five that I’m afraid I won’t be reviewing. Thank you for sending them to me and I will be in touch soon.

You can see that I’ve been sent 11 courses or publications over the last few months all about the Law of Attraction. You can be sure that any review that gets through to my website will be pored over for its authenticity and quality.

With that said, the review that got my attention will probably be my next post and I look forward to bringing it to you. It’s really quite refreshing when someone can put down in writing what the Law of Attraction can achieve and how it can make it work for any individual willing to take the plunge.

Simple, easy to grasp and actionable. Look out for it.



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