Improve Your Mood – 7 Ways To Turn The Day Around


OK, you want to improve your mood but you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself and the doldrums are influencing the day. How do you get out of this cranky mood and turn the day around?

Some of the 7 ways to improve your mood below may seem obvious but are sometimes overlooked. I personally do all of the below often, not because I’m a little cheesed off, but because I enjoy them!

Hey, let’s turn that frown upside down!

1 – Get Rid of Clutter

If you’re feeling low and feel a depression coming on, get rid of some clutter around the house.

Things that act as a reminder of tough times can mess your entire day up. I once had a box full of old bills and receipts that I felt an urge to keep…just in case! The day I went through them all and shredded every one of them lifted my anxiety and released a lot of negativity from my life. It felt great!

It felt that good that I continued the trend by sending all the clothes that didn’t suit me to the charity shop. Clothes that didn’t fit me would fit someone else and would make them happy. I got simple pleasure from that very fact.

Out went pieces of furniture that annoyed me, old cups and mugs, dinner plates that were there because, well, you never know! Clutter.

I still, to this day, remove anything that gives off even the tiniest bit of negativity. Bills are shredded the moment they are dealt with. Who needs reminding of a previous debt?

Not everything goes, of course. I still cling on to my son’s old toys (the ones that weren’t destroyed from over-exuberance!) and books. I rarely throw out old books, only the ones that didn’t agree with me!

If you’re feeling low and need a happy boost to improve your mood, try throwing away things that held a negative influence on your life…you’ll feel a whole lot better!

2 – Listen To Your Favorite Music

7-ways-to-improve-your-mood-music-magicWe’ve all had a time when music played a big part in our lives, a certain era, or genre, of music that always made us feel good. When you need a boost of feel-good, make a playlist of your favourite upbeat tracks. The ones you used to dance to or the ones that lift your spirits.

Don’t play those break-up songs, or music that brings you down, do the opposite. If you have Amazon Prime or the echo dot, compile a big list of tracks that make you smile.

You may not feel like listening to them right now, but they’re there for you on tap, instantly ready to improve your mood. Play them in the background and soon enough you will find yourself smiling and with a smile comes lightness.

I personally love dance and house music from the 90’s and have a HUGE playlist that never lets me down. I also must admit that I even listen to the Home Alone Christmas soundtrack pretty often, even in the height of summer…simply because it makes me feel good!

3 – Go For A Walk

If the weather is decent, then get out and go for a walk. It’s amazing how a good walk can lift your spirits. I walk every day, whether that’s just to nip to the shops or take in a 10-mile hike. Those precious moments alone really help to clear the mind and improve your mood.

Don’t think about life back home, just walk along taking in the scenery, or look at the buildings around you, the hedgerows, the flowers, trees and feel the fresh air that keeps you alive. Say hello at passers-by, pet a dog or two; smile…you’re alive!

It’s been proven that making a fuss of a friendly dog can lift your anxiety and improve your mood. A win-win situation!

4 – Switch Off The TV & Radio and Chill

improve-your-mood-tv-off-relaxTelevision and radio are fine, but every now and again the news brings everything and everyone down! I don’t watch much T.V. nowadays and rarely listen to the radio. I’ve found I can be in a happy contented mood one minute but after the news, my mood changes to an almost worried state.

There are so many troubles out there and so many things to get worked up about. Why put yourself in a position of needless worry? Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

Instead, sit in silence with your eyes closed and listen to your breathing for 10 minutes. Try blocking out all negative thoughts and focus on what you want from life. Picture yourself in a position of happiness.

Even better, listen to binaural beats for 10-20 minutes. I’ve found when I do this they turn out to be some of the most relaxing and subliminally persuasive exercises I  do. Try it. Find a window of time and simply chill out!

5 – Read Mindfulness Books

I’m an avid reader, so this is easy for me. There are a ton of books that can empower your thoughts, not only books about the Law of Attraction but Mindfulness too.

Many of the books I’ve read (and re-read), lift me out of a low mood, just by focusing on what has been written. Go to an online bookseller and pick one up for the cost of a coffee. Having a kindle or tablet is useful because the books can be downloaded instantly. Mood changes at the click of a button!

One book I totally recommend is Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. It’s an introduction to meditation and is worthy best seller.

I also find biographies inspiring, particularly those who have achieved remarkable success in their lives. I love explorers because they go into the unknown as well as satisfying my wanderlust!

6 – Treat Yourself To Something Different

There’s nothing like a little treat for yourself to improve your mood! It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something new. Whilst you are wandering around the shops, look out for something a little different from the norm that you wouldn’t usually buy for yourself.

Maybe something that’s useful like your very own breakfast bowl or funny coffee mug.

Or maybe a small piece of jewellery that’s not normally your style? Just to be a little different.

Or maybe buy something for your hubby/wife/gf/bf or friend or family…right outta the blue! Whilst they may look at you in a quizzical way, you can feel a sense of doing something out of the ordinary…and it feels good!

7 – Start A Blog – Improve Your Mood

improve-your-mood-blog-dailyAnyone can do it. If I can ANYONE can! There are a ton of videos over on YouTube that can teach you how to set up your very own piece of the Internet…it’s very simple.

It can become your online journal detailing your experiences with whatever is your passion. You can release your knowledge and experience that may help someone out there.  Become friends with all sorts of people that are like minded and understand your passion.

Think of the one thing you could write about almost every day and soon it will become a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby. I highly recommend recording your passion onto an online blog where anyone can appreciate your thoughts and experiences.

Writing your own blog is also a fantastic way to vent any anger or opinions you have. Releasing all that pent-up energy will calm you down and will act as an outlet for any build-up of negative steam. Try it!

These are only 7 ways to improve your mood, there are countless other ways too. Instead of being stuck in a downward spiral of doom, flick a switch in your mind and commit to changing your mood instantly. Don’t think about it, just do it.

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