Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets Review & Opinion

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This Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets review will hopefully describe briefly what Kabbalah is and what the KMS product is all about. If you’re a God fearing individual, look away now!

What Does Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets Claim To Do For You?

Kabbalah uses the universal forces around us, that is unseen, to channel the things we desire into our lives. That path must be clear and unobstructed to be able to ‘manifest’ and with the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets, you will get a step-by-step instructional course on how to do this.

It also gives another route for those who have tried the Law of Attraction, or manifesting, and haven’t seen success. It does away with vision boards, positive thoughts and other ‘standard’ LOA stuff. The Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets is brought to you by Solomon Shane.

The program uses the theory of Kabbalah and includes four main modules and introduces Shane’s ‘Cosmic Butler’.

The Modules also detail how using Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, vibrational matching and the Frequency Tuning Technique will fill your life with energy and reward.

Shane has put the Kabbalah theory into his own words after taking out the esoteric language that can confuse many people. He has simplified it all which took him six months, day and night, to complete the task. He says he wanted to make the teachings of Kabbalah as easy to read, apply and complete as possible.

When applied and practiced, the method will draw, or manifest, the things you want from life, be that, wealth, health, relationships or just plain old happiness.

Inside the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets

Here I detail what you’ll find inside the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets program with some add-on comments and realism’s from me.

Briefly, there are 4 modules which take you from understanding what Kabbalah is right up to mastering manifestation. The techniques you’ll learn include:

Your very own Cosmic Butler. Always there for you to ask for whatever you want. This sounds too easy and I must point out that to get to this level, you will need to put in some serious work such as understanding the whole theory of why Kabbalah works. But Shane does say he’s kept explanations to a level that is easy to understand.

Shane also says this is the fastest way to manifest your desires.

I’m a little surprised that he mentions the speed of delivery. I’ve found that it takes a while before you even understand the concept of manifesting.

Still, the more effort you put in, the quicker the results, I suppose.

The Frequency Tuning Technique which, after going through the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets methods, you will be able to tune in to the vibrations of energy that are all around us. When you learn about manifestations you can actually ‘feel’ the vibrations around you as well as from inside of you.

Here, Shane says you will be able to identify the exact vibration you want. As a person who uses this energy, I feel only one energy and that is the one I’m focusing on at the time. I can’t pick and choose vibrations…it’s always there for you to align with.

More Kabbalah Techniques

Those two of around twelve techniques included in the program are slightly off for me. I guess it’s because it took me over a year to learn this and to hope it can happen in a couple of months is pushing the envelope a little.

My advice is to stick with the process and let it come to you in it’s own time. Instant, or fast, manifesting is rare. For the small things, yes, but for a life changing manifestations to occur, you have to be prepared to wait for it to happen..

The other techniques are good. Such as the Vibrational Jailbreak Method. This involves cutting out the noise and influences of the mass media and educational systems.

Sometimes, there is nothing worse than the news. If listened to, and absorbed, it can set your thought processes back a long way. Stay clear of bad news.

Other methods include:

Vibrational Matching, Magic Wand Method, Manifesting Meditation Method (always use meditation to clear the clutter!), Astral Abundance Method, The Resistance Road-map (releasing resistance is paramount to manifesting), and an Automatic Feel Good Button.

These are all good methods to get on the right path to a better life.

Will This Work For Me?

Ah! The million dollar question! I can easily say yes, it certainly can, but is that fair? I don’t know you or your situation. Everyone is different and we go about things with innumerable levels of commitment.

Let’s see where you fit in using these simple quotations below and then perhaps you can answer the question yourself before I give my opinion.

I want to use the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets because:

If the quotes with an asterisk resonated with you then, yes, the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets will be ideal for you. It shows you have a good reason to make the effort to change your present circumstances.

The answers without an asterisk show a lack of commitment or an unworthy reason to enter a program that requires a level of change, so big, it can make a difference to your life.

Those were just random examples, but I guess you know what I mean. If you really want to make changes you will have to work hard and commit to a program. Follow it through, live and breathe it.

What It Takes To Manifest Successfully

There are many programs and products akin to the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets, all delivering the message that to manifest your life’s desires, you need to change your mindset and take huge action. Sitting there wishing it would happen, like magic, will only fill you with disappointment.

If you are determined to make a huge change in your life, if you’re sick and tired of the way life is treating you and if you can’t see an end to misery, then get out there and learn about the Law of Attraction. No more wasting days wishing, praying and hoping…it’s GO time and the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets program will help shape your future.


There are 3 bonuses which include an audio version which I always find very useful for these kind of programs. It allows you to listen almost subliminally in the car or just relaxing at home.

There is the Affirmation Amplifier and The Pineal Gland Purification Process. The Pineal Gland produces melatonin which modulates sleep patterns. Getting a good night’s sleep is always a good idea if you want to wake with more energy and this process will help keep the gland clean ready for a restful sleep.

My Summary

So that’s my take on the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets program. It will help you IF you are ready to make changes in your life. Some will find the Kabbalah difficult to take to, especially if you’re the religious kind and look upon the practice as a ‘cult’. (see ‘What is Kabbalah’ below)

I don’t see it as anything religious or indeed cultist. I understand it as a way of thinking, acting and absorbing what is needed to get the life you ultimately desire.

Watch the full video here, it’s 30 minutes long but you will be able to understand further how and why Solomon Shane has produced the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets program.

What Is Kabbalah?

Without going into too much history, Kabbalah is reckoned to have appeared between the 6th and 13th centuries, and means ‘to receive’.

Basically, if you want to receive wealth, prosperity, success or great health, you should live and think in a manner that will attract all those things into your life. If you’re not getting those things…you’re living and thinking all wrong!

Kabbalah aims to teach you important lessons in order to get your life back on track and onto the path of happiness and contentment. Sound good?


Kabbalah is a very touchy subject, especially through God fearing folk! Religious people can view Kabbalah as “straight from Hell’ and should be made clear that the only way is God’s way.

It is, in some parts, considered a cult, in others an ancient wisdom. It is said that God had spoken to a chosen few about how to use Kabbalah for true enlightenment of life. The messages were passed on to a select few orally, not written, as the bible was.

Heavy stuff!


It’s seen more of a mystical teaching rather than through heavenly scripture.

Me? I’m an atheist so all of this means zip!

But I do respect people who have such strong views about religion. In my eyes, some christian beliefs are excellent and are heaps better than some religious ideologies out there!.

In fact, the whole ‘cult’ thing about Kabbalah makes me even more interested in what Kabbalah really is.

Rabbi Philip Berg was responsible for bringing Kabbalah back into modern times when in 1969 he established the Kabbalah Centre International as a teaching ground for how, by using Kabbalah, eager folk would be able to find themselves and use the lessons for self improvement. Members would be able to understand why we’re all here and what is our own purpose in life.

Following the book of Kabbalah, individuals were apparently, able to receive everything they so desired and to live a life full of gratitude.

Rabbi Philip Berg & Maddona

Followers of Kabbalah include Madonna, David and Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore and a host of other celebrities.

To understand the strong negative view of some christian groups, consider this quote from this website The fact that a woman as wicked as Madonna could promote such a book with no sense of guilt or repentance for her wickedness speaks volumes.”


If we take away the fears of the opposition above, Kabbalah looks to be a rather good way to live your life! Being non-religious, I’m able to take away the ‘my way, or no way’ attitude of bible bashing.

Ooooh, I’ll lose a few readers by admitting that little snippet!

My View Of Kabbalah

What I get from Kabbalah through more investigations of my own, I see it more of a Buddhist ideology where we look inside ourselves to find suffering, then find the cause of that problem, defeat it and live life as it’s intended…with happiness and understanding.

Once ‘Nirvana’ has been found, that’s when the things we desire come so readily to us. It’s a journey, but sometimes a tough one. Kabbalah, to me, would work along those lines.

So, if I’ve lost a few good Christians in this review, I didn’t mean to. I think Kabbalah can be used alongside your own belief, just as Buddhism can.

To get indulged in Kabbalah by using a step-by-step program, visit here to see if the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets program is for you. If you’re tired of always being the one who misses out or someone who just wants to live a better life, then maybe this program is for you.

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