Manifestation Masterkey The 1-Minute Manifestation Formula Review

I thought long and hard before offering up my review of The Manifestation Masterkey system. After several requests from my lovely subscribers to share my thoughts on this new course, I decided to open it up and see what it’s all about.

Manifestation masterkey (the abundance code)

My reviews are very thorough, going through every detail and compiling notes along the way. There are 36 chapters in the Manifestation Masterkey (The Abundance Code), each one short and to the point, so it’s not a heavy read.

If you don’t want to wade through my main review below, I will give a brief synopsis of what the Manifestation Masterkey teaches you and then, if it piques your interest, you can delve deeper and form an opinion by reading the whole review.

Brief Synopsis:

The Manifestation Masterkey or The Abundance Code (it’s the same thing) is a 90-page eBook from Glenn Bolton.

It’s intention is to teach you how to accept your desires by using powerful statements (prayers) to receive abundance in all forms. This is done by using a special breathing technique with repetition.

The statements are from Ancient literature researched by Glenn Bolton himself and aided by Rev. Peter Cornwell and Rabbi Yitzhak Halevi. With practice and commitment, the author reveals you can condense the process into a One-Minute session.

The Manifestation Masterkey Review


Starting off, there is a short introduction by the author, Glenn Bolton, in which he tells of his misfortunes and ill health going back a few years ago.

He goes on to tell how a chance meeting with a Rabbi in Israel helped him discover and ultimately use a method to rid himself of his money worries and severe health problems.

He tells us that you don’t need to be religious or believe in a God to benefit from the system, even if the method he uses originally comes from prayer and holy belief. It just works.

But how does it work if you’re a non-believer in all things spiritual? Well, Glenn Bolton shows you how and that is the whole purpose of The Abundance Code, the main part of the Manifestation Masterkey.

Chapter One
The Author gives us some idea of the amount of research that has gone into creating the Manifestation Masterkey course. “This book would list several thousands of pages if we would go into all theoretical details” says Bolton. The research goes back centuries, right up to the present day. So, we could be in for a condensed roller coaster of a ride!

Chapter Two
This chapter gives a list of techniques that will draw abundance into your life. These are taught further into the book and include healing statements, breathing techniques, mantras and the use of amulets, seals, and rituals. I already use 3 of these techniques, so I’m looking forward to learning about the others.

Chapter Three
This is where a little concentration is needed! The Author rapidly breaks down why everything is connected to one powerful force that we all live by. This could have taken hundreds of pages to explain, but Bolton does a good job in condensing it into just a couple. Me, being of no religious faith whatsoever, found this fascinating and, in a non-believer way, quite plausible!

Chapter Four
This chapter is the final one before we start diving into the methods of Manifestation Masterkey. I’ve been around long enough to understand that some methods for allowing abundance into our lives can be rather kooky, or, put another way, from the dark side! But not to worry, this chapter dispels all that nonsense and promises we won’t have to sell our souls to find abundance. Phew!

Chapter Five
We start in earnest by completing a simple but very important exercise. Don’t worry, you won’t have to get up from your sofa, only to get a pen and paper and then partake in some thinking time. To me, this part of the whole manifesting practice is vitally important. You have to know what it is you ultimately desire. Take your time and be honest with yourself…it’s imperative. I won’t go into too much detail as it wouldn’t be fair to the Author.

Chapter Six
Did I mention the chapters were short? Well, they are. This one gets the ball rolling by thinking a little differently about your desires and how they will come to you.

No hanging about here as we move onto the next chapter.

Chapter Seven
Why your prayers aren’t answered. This chapter was a little wasted on me, but I knew what he meant and I use his thought process in my own way. If you’re religious and often pray, you will love the theory behind the explanation of why your prayers don’t get answered. For those of us who don’t pray, think mindset instead.

Chapter Eight
The six axioms you must follow. An axiom is another word for a statement, so in this case, the 6 statements remain unaltered and you must follow them without deviation. Learn these because you will be using them every day. I can’t give out details of the axioms, but just to say they’re integral to the whole methodology of the Manifestation Masterkey System.

Chapter Nine
This chapter tells us about the power of God and all His wonders. Now, I struggled again here because I’m irreligious, but swapping the word ‘God’ with ‘Universe’ helped a little with my understanding of what Glenn Bolton is putting across. As I said before, if you’re into holy stuff, you’ll enjoy this chapter.

Chapter Ten
Our subconscious and conscious mind. Boy, this is important. Both are very active but only our conscious mind knows what’s really going on. Reality. Our subconscious mind listens to everything and stores it all away. I sometimes refer it to our ‘gut instinct’ that can give an answer without even asking for it. This chapter tells us, and in future chapters, how we utilize it.

Chapter Eleven
More about the subconscious and conscious mind, from now on, they being called the Infinite Mind and Creative Force respectively.

Chapter Twelve
The importance of planting the right seeds (of thought) into our Infinite Mind. Again, this I would term as creating the right mindset.

Chapter Thirteen
Understanding Healing Statement Method: Glenn explains how we think a manifestation, for the good, can be termed as magic. In my own experience, there’s no magic or miracle involved in manifesting. I do get what he’s putting across (which I can’t reveal here) and it’s what thousands of God-fearing people pray for…hence when the term ‘it’s a miracle!’ is used, it’s when something outstanding happens.

Probably said too much here, and you’ll have to invest in the system to see if you agree or not.

Chapter Fourteen
What Are We Really Healing? Chapter 14 tells us that healing can come from deep within ourselves by removing false beliefs. This is explained later on as we enter the ‘prayer’ section.

Chapter Fifteen
Now we get on to how to perform the healing treatment (or prayer). The Abundance Code gives the order in which we speak these statements. There are 7 to which you must complete in order.

Chapter Sixteen
What if you’re not religious? The Statement and Declaration technique from the previous chapter, says you don’t have to use the word ‘God’. You can use ‘Infinite Mind’ instead or a description of your choosing and apparently it still works just fine.

The Author has a little dig here at Rhonda Byrnes ‘The Secret’ which I found quite surprising. I found the ‘Secret’ to have a ton of good information whether it was marketed or not.

But it does go to show that the Manifestation Masterkey is different from other manifesting courses.

Chapter Seventeen
This chapter tells us how important it is to use the proper Divine names within our prayers. Did you know there are many different ‘God’ names to pray for different desires?  I didn’t. (These are different Gods from ‘The One’). The Abundance Code reveals the divine names of these departmental ‘Gods’ in this chapter and how to pronounce them for optimal effect. There is also something for the advanced kabbalist here. Quite fascinating and I learned something new.

Chapter Eighteen
Starting with “Congratulations if you made it this far. In this chapter, I am going to reveal the complete system of opening, declaration and that is going to make wonders in your life within a matter of days” That’s the opening sentence from Chapter 18 and obviously I can’t reveal what it is. There are rules to abide by, but after a couple of days, it should become easier.

Chapter Nineteen
This is where we learn the names of the 27 Angels that we use for specific aims of abundance. Choose one and use it in your mantra for say, more wealth.

For instance, to heighten your chances of winning the lottery, then say the statement from the previous chapter using your chosen Angel name at the beginning and end.

Don’t mix your desires in one statement, just one desire at a time and work with it for 21 days or so. This will open channels of abundance for whatever you want to manifest.

Chapter Twenty
A brief chapter that tells us that we must understand the whole process. So basically, read over the first 13 chapters again until it sinks in. I would say even if you have read the entire book you should go through it again and again until you fully understand what you’re doing. I admit some of the methods will need drumming home before you ‘get it’, but like everything, it’s best to fully understand what you have to do to succeed.

Chapter Twenty-One
We now move on to how best to perform these statements. This is a brief introduction to breathing or, ‘Science of Breath’. I meditate, so I know the importance of correct breathing to alter the flow of thinking. When someone is prone to panic attacks, the first thing we say is “calm down, take deep breaths” and it works. Here The Author tells us the importance of breathing the right way for Manifestation Masterkey to work at its optimum level.

Chapter Twenty-Two
So how do we breathe correctly? The answer is in this chapter and includes the Basal Breathing Technique. This is almost the same as lateral breathing. There are 9 steps to follow to reach your subconscious level…and that’s where we recite our statements. This will take some practice, so read through the process until you don’t forget a step. At first it will take around 20 minutes to go through this routine, but with time, you should be able to get to this level in a matter of seconds.

Chapter Twenty-Three
Bolton now reveals his most powerful technique for health issues. Using the Basel Breathing Technique with specific additions. You will have to practice this method to complete it without going back to the instructions, so read through it a few times before attempting it. Once you’ve completed it a few times, it will become much easier to perform.

Chapter Twenty-Four
Is there a specific health problem that is worrying you? Well, The Abundance Code lists a number of problems from Migraines to Childbirth with the relative Divine Names that go with it. If you concentrate on your ailment and use the correct Divine Name, and by using the breathing technique above, a channel with open and be focused on the problem. The exact healing statements are found in Chapter 26.

Chapter Twenty-Five
This chapter explains the procedure for the All-Purpose healing Method. Again, using the Basel Breathing Technique. This is why I say you must understand how to perform the BBT first before going through the specific healing methods. So, get that bit right first, the rest will fall into place.

Chapter Twenty-Six
This is the biggest chapter of the book in which we have the main statements. There are 7 in all that cover just about anything that we have to deal with in life. Pick one and go with it.

These statements must be learned and applied until it’s second nature. Some of them are quite lengthy, so perhaps if you write them down they will stick more easily in your memory. Basically, it’s aligning what you don’t want (False Belief) and replacing it with what you do want (Correct Truth). With these statements and by using the Basel Breathing Technique, you are now beginning to eradicate your problems, and so, replacing them with your desires.

Chapter Twenty-Seven
After going through the Manifestation Masterkey course you should now be in control and understand, what you have to do. It will take practice and a belief in your religion, but it’s all about understanding the concept and committing to it first. Chapter 27 is a bonus chapter that involves a repetitive thought mantra that will bring prosperity. Repeat the lines given when out walking around, shopping etc, with every step. To me, this is a strange one, but hey, worth a try?

Added Chapters
The remaining chapters are added content to help you understand, basically, the meaning of life and the reason we’re all here on this earth. The Author attempts to explain God. Not an easy task.. Especially to someone like me who has completely different views.

Nevertheless, an explanation it is. Those who already believe in God will appreciate this lesson. It’s rather deep and uses a Christian view of things. I’ve heard something like this explanation before…but and at the end of the day, you have to first believe there is a God, master of ALL creation.

Chapter Twenty-Eight
How the Universe Was Created. Another difficult subject to explain.

Here, Bolton uses Isaac Luria’s point on all creation as well as utilizing the Tree of Life from the teaching of Kabbalah. Again, much easier to agree with if you place faith in the outcome of Chapter 28.


Chapter Twenty-Nine
More insight here from Rabbi Isaac Luria about how during all creation something went wrong or a Cosmic drama occurred. All this is relevant to the explanation when digging deeper into the theory. I can’t reveal it all as I think it would be unfair to the author. I don’t wish to plagiarize.

Chapter Thirty
Moving on, this short chapter describes how all the above influences our thinking and correctional actions. It’s all down to you, folks, to put this this crazy world, and yourself, right!

Chapter Thirty-One
This chapter defines abundance and uses the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life as an example. I must say I have seen a resurgence in the teaching of Kabbalah since certain celebrities started to endorse it. Is it another fad? Or is there really something to it? Anyway, this course concentrates on a certain flow of abundance from the Kabbalah Tree. An image of the Tree is provided within Abundance Code here.

Chapter Thirty-Two
A very brief chapter about the Law of Attraction and how it ties in with the Manifestation Masterkey. I expected a little more, but the whole point of this course is to attract what you want by using a special way of thinking about commands and statements using breathing techniques. At the end of the day, you’re attracting your desires, so perhaps it’s all covered without more explanations of the Law of Attraction.

Chapter Thirty-Three
In this chapter we have a few principles we must always use. As with my own thoughts of attracting goodness into our lives, we must share, take positive action and control our emotions. The Manifestation Masterkey wants us to draw light into our lives instead of darkness. We all know that if we think in negative terms we shall receive negative outcomes.

Chapter Thirty-Four
A brief word about Karma here as we reap what we sow.

Our destiny and present situation is all down to how we have lived in our past. We need to get rid of thoughts and experiences that have effectively put us in the position we find ourselves today. 

Using the Manifestation Masterkey statements will help cleanse those things from the subconscious mind and replace them with powerful affirmations that will instinctively show up when we need them most.

Chapter Thirty-Five
This penultimate chapter gives us a little exercise to restore our emotional balance. Much like the Basel Breathing Technique but much shorter and can be done anywhere, unless you want to take if further. In other words, in times of stress or if emotionally distraught, doing this should get you back into a more balanced and comfortable state.

Chapter Thirty-Six
The final chapter explains how to compile your own statements. You may wish to get something extremely targeted into your life. If this is the case, then follow the instructions and add your own agenda.

The Authors Conclusion
The conclusion from the book makes us aware that ‘repetition makes master’. Practice all the above until you can do it without referring back to the book and you should start seeing results in as little as 1 to 14 days. Practice, practice, practice!

My Thoughts On the Manifestation Masterkey

Firstly. Can I say that Glenn Bolton has obviously researched many scriptures and books and has a great understanding of how all this works. I’m sure if he had the time it could have ran into thousands of pages of his findings and explanations. Condensing it all into a 90-page eBook must be applauded.

If read a couple of times you start to understand what has to be done to get to a level of competence that you need to complete the Basel Breathing Techniques and remember the statements from heart. You may need a few weeks to do this without referring back to the eBook, but once the process has been instilled in your mind, you should be able to go through each session within a minute.

Who Is the Manifestation Masterkey For?

First thing, and probably the most important point, is that you must believe there is a God. The Author says is doesn’t matter, but it most definitely does!

Take me for instance. I’m a non-believer and just couldn’t replace the word ‘God’ with the ‘Universe’. It doesn’t sit right with me because I know if this is going to work for anyone, they must believe in ‘The Almighty’…because it’s the one thing that holds the entire Manifestation Masterkey together.

Saying that, if you DO believe in god, then this could be an eye-opening and altogether pleasant experience. Right off the bat, you believe in something that won’t ever be taken away from you. That’s powerful. It will also be much easier for you to go through the statements (or prayers) knowing you’re becoming one with God and His Angel assistants.

The very thought that you are connecting directly with Him will undoubtedly give your statements real meaning. If you believe in God when working with the Manifestation Masterkey, you’re already at an advantage of those that don’t.

The course is also for those who are worried about their health, money, and relationships. Following the mantra will give you comfort and if followed by the book, who knows, you could solve all your worldly problems.

Who is the Manifestation Masterkey NOT for?

Well, people like me. I admit I struggled to believe in the theory that it all comes down to the big guy in the sky. I have no faith, so obviously I would struggle with the process of connection.

What I will say though is that the statements are good and would help in getting rid of previous negativity in your subconscious mind. Personally, I would just change a few of the words, but the sentiment is there.

Also, if you’re not prepared to learn the breathing technique or learn the statements to memory then nothing will happen…I can at least guarantee that.


I thought long and hard as to whether I should put this review up. I’ve had more email requests about reviewing the Manifestation Masterkey than any other LOA course this year…and it’s selling well over on Clickbanks’ Marketplace. So there must be a reason it’s become so popular.

This tells me that there is a huge number of people who can relate to its religious overtones. You’re halfway there if you can relate with its teachings which includes referencing the Bible, scriptures, and Kabbalah. The exercises and statements within the Manifestation Masterkey, which you must perform flawlessly, will ring true for many people.

Will It Work?

This is a tough one for me to answer because I won’t be doing these particular statements (prayers) or giving it my all, which is something you must do according to the Author. So it wouldn’t work for me for that reason.

I would be over the moon if someone got in touch after going through the course and got the results they wanted. I would be so happy for them and I would love to reference them in an updated post.

I will say that the course fascinated me. The eBook itself could be improved by further editing as there were a few words missing such as ‘the’ or ‘a’ in many places. Or maybe it was because I received the first draft? If you find the same, please get in touch.

Final Words About the Manifestation Masterkey System

If you got through my very long review, well done! I’ve picked the Manifestation Masterkey apart and given you some idea to help you decide if it’s for you.

Perhaps I went a little too far as some people just want a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but if you’re going to spend good money on a course, then you’ll want to know the in’s and out’s before investment…think of me as a manifestation Tripadvisor!

So, in conclusion, if you’re in any way religious, then the Manifestation Masterkey will give you one thing that we all need…hope.

If you’re on the fence about there being a God, then I suggest you find other ways to manifest your desires. There are plenty of them!

Get the Manifestation Masterkey System by clicking the button below. This will take you to the video that you can watch before making a final decision.

Included in the Manifestation Masterkey system is the Abundance Code (main content) and 5 further eBooks that you can use alongside the system.

Thanks for reading and please, if you have any thoughts about The Manifestation Masterkey, don’t hesitate to leave a reply.

4 thoughts on “Manifestation Masterkey The 1-Minute Manifestation Formula Review”

  1. Actually the Manifestation Masterkey does work and it all depends on the amount of effort the recipient (of the program or the book) wants to put into it. The author deos inform you that it is your subconscious mind that you need to change in order to manifest your desires.
    As it is a well-known scientific fact that it takes at least 21 days or more for a new habit to form, therefore if you are accustomed to a negative way of thinking developing the mindset, you need to have patience to develop the changes to manifest what you want. He does also cater for agnostics and atheists like yourself by mentioning amendments to certain wordings, but in all honesty a more spiritually-minded person who is aware of humankind’s connection to the source, is more likely to benefit from this type of book.
    He does have the shortened version of the book on Kindle.

    • Hi Tina,

      Beautifully summarised! I agree. A person of religious faith would find the Manifestation Masterkey easier to utilize than someone who doesn’t have the same emotional attachment to a religion. I also agree that patience plays a very big part in changing our mindset. We’ve had years of thinking the same way over and over again without getting the results we desire, so to change our way of thinking overnight is an impossible task. Persistence, a strong belief in oneself and a positive outlook are paramount on this life-changing journey.

      Thanks for your input, it’s very much appreciated!

      All the best


  2. Hi. Gail , thank you for your review on manifestation masterkey system. I think i might be put of by the religious aspect of it. Just wondering have you come across The Trajectory manifestaion system as it seems to be getting good reviews. Happy New Year . Frank.

    • Hi Frank…and a Happy & Prosperous New Year to you too!

      I’ve only just become aware of the ‘Trajectory Manifestation’ and it’s something I may review in the near future. I’m a little concerned when phrases such as ‘the lazy person secret’ is used as a selling point though…in my experience, the last thing you should be is ‘lazy’! I can appreciate manifesting becomes ‘easier’ after learning how to control it, but at the beginning, it takes work and bandying the word ‘lazy’ about as a selling point doesn’t sit well with me.

      I guess I will just have to get a copy and see what they really mean by using such terminology!

      Also, I’ve read a handful of ‘reviews’ about the Trajectory Manifestation and haven’t come across an honest one yet! They seem to be written by robots and I don’t think any of them has actually been through the product they’re reviewing.

      This fact alone makes me want to review it for myself, and I will, so keep an eye out for my own opinion of the Trajectory Manifestation in the near future.

      All the best



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