Manifestation Millionaire Review – Can It Make You Rich?

Here we go again with a new(ish) product offering the chance to get rich, this time it’s called the Manifestation Millionaire. Again, I’ve been asked if I can review this product by some of my subscribers to see if the Manifestation Millionaire is any different from other products being sold in this field. Here we go.

The Manifestation Millionaire

I review products in the Manifestation and Law of Attraction niche because it fascinates me! I have received many products that I just can’t give good webspace to, whilst others are borderline duplicated content of other products I’ve reviewed before and then one or two hit the nail on the head and explain LOA well.

So which category will The Manifestation Mindset fall into?

First of all, it looks like this one concentrates on money and getting rich. I’ve always said that money IS important, but not the MOST important thing in life, but for those hell bent on wanting money above all things, then this may be the program for you. Let’s see.

What Does The Manifestation Millionaire Tell Us?

The sales video. Now, I make no secret that I roll my eyes whenever I watch one of these long sometimes overbearing sales pitches. They drive me crazy! But, that’s sales for you. The intention is to whip you up into a frenzy by telling you a story (a long story) about how they were once poor and in trouble with no escape from the misery of their life, but then…

I’m sure you’ve all seen them and to be quite honest, they’re a pain in the butt to those of us who watch these videos at least twice a month! But, it gets listeners/watchers to feel empathy for their story and draws you into a ‘hey…that sounds just like me!’

To be fair, if I were to make a video about how the Law of Attraction worked for me, it would come out as a long story of bad luck and misery and how I turned it all around, so perhaps I should be more patient with them. It’s just a shame many of these videos are just, well, cheesy!

Anyway, I digress. The story in the video is basically the same journey you hear about in most other videos about manifestation. From abject misery to fantastic success by using LOA techniques..

The Manifestation Millionaire video uses buzzwords like ‘shocking’, discovered’, ‘stumbled upon’ and new ones such as ‘Broadcast Signals’, ‘Portal Jumping’ and ‘Mirror Neurons’…being a person who reviews these kind of programs, I’m used to it!

Basically, The Manifestation Millionaire is about changing your mindset and getting rid of negativity. There is a step-by-step guide on how to ‘Portal Jump’ to get whatever you want, in this case money, by using the energy of the universe and your thoughts and actions as one.

The eBook will detail what you have to do to get to that ‘Portal Jump’ stage. You will have to take a long, hard look at yourself and your attitudes to find out where your failings are. Only then, after eradicating ‘junk’ from your mind, can you begin to see your objectives to receive money.

The Manifestation Millionaire Review

Firstly, the Manifestation Millionaire is a 78-page eBook written by Darren Regan. What surprises me straight away is the size of the text..It’s pretty small, which to be honest, is a good sign. I review eBooks that are over 200 pages long, but because of the large text size they could have probably got all the content into a 50-pager!

There are 11 chapters as listed below with a brief explanation of what each ones is basically about:

Chapter 1 – The Buck Stops With You and How You’re Thinking
The opening chapter goes into detail of why you’re not rich at this very moment in time. It focuses on why your mindset is holding you back and gives examples of people who’ve been able to change their mindset to become successful (and very rich!). This chapter also introduces Portal Jumping, Mirror Neurons and the importance of thinking the Law of Attraction way.

Chapter 2 – From Ashes To Abundance
We now move on to the subject of decluttering your thoughts…as the chapter implies, cleaning out the basement of your mind. We all have junk stowed away up there, gathering imaginary dust and being completely useless, so get rid of it! Make changes to your own environment, if needed, and start seeing the beauty around you. There’s also a few affirmations to be said out loud taken from ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by.Wallace D Wattles. Think like a rich individual and actively seek opportunities.

Chapter 3 – Turning on the Television of Your Thoughts: Visualization
One of the most important chapters here…visualization! As with all manifesting techniques, the image you have must be clear. If it’s wealth you want, then think and imagine richness. The Manifestation Millionaire product is all about having an abundance of money, so this chapter really digs into the importance of making sure your imagery is spot on.

Chapter 4 – Obey These Laws and Money Will Come To You
The 3 laws that will get you rich and keep you rich. The Law of Multiplication, the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Abundant Supply. I won’t go into detail of what they are or how to implement them here, it’s all explained in the chapter and I don’t want to plagiarize. Needles to say, applying these 3 laws will stand you in good stead for a wealthy future. It’s common sense.

Chapter 5 – Gifts Galore For the Grateful
Often overlooked in the Law of Attraction is the fact that we must be grateful for all the things we positively accumulate. This chapter goes into detail about how ‘Giving’ helps us to ‘Receive’ The more you give, whether that be physical or mental help, then it will come back in bounds. The chapter goes on to tell us not to be ungrateful or ignorant, because you will get that back in bounds too! This is one of the longer chapters and gives several examples for us to think about.

Chapter 6 – Think Big To Accelerate Success
Thinking big is essential. Punch above your weight and overcome doubts…knock them out and stamp on their remains! Yup!…tough talk, but essential. If you have those doubts and negative thoughts about becoming rich; face them, don’t be afraid of them and don’t let them bully you. It’s time to stand up and overcome the negativity and own it. If you think big, abundance will come.

Chapter 7 – Manifesting Through Clarity – Knowing What You Want
More advice on how to get a clear vision of what you really want. Obviously, it’s money here so how do you concentrate all your thoughts to money when you’re still doing day to day things? This chapter will help guide you through the Portal you’re building for your wealth manifestation. The secret here is to use your subconscious mind to do the extra work for you.

Chapter 8 – Lights, Camera, Action!
Ah! My favourite tool in making manifesting work…Action! This may not always be physical action but you must produce to receive. A phone call, an email, a conversation. ‘Action’ simply means ‘doing’. I’m glad the The Manifestation Millionaire points this out as it’s a biggie! This chapter goes into detail of how to stop procrastination and replace it with action.

Chapter 9 – Turbo-Charging You Millionaire Momentum
This is all about planning for when the money arrives. If it suddenly came to you now, would you make mistakes with the fortune or would you have everything planned so it goes smoothly? What about reinvestment and making the money work for you? How would you spend it? How will your character change? Will you become a good person? All these things have to be planned if you’re going to be successful with money. This chapter covers it.

Chapter 10 – The Belief Leap to Millionaire Manifesting
This is all about having the faith that you will become rich. The belief side of manifesting is HUGE. Don’t believe it will happen? Then it won’t! I’ve banged on about the importance of belief in my blog and you have to commit to believing it will happen…no if’s or but’s…total belief. A rather nice touch here is the inclusion of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘If’. One of my favourites and a great motivator when belief in what you’re doing is fading. Keep focused, be courageous and believe in manifesting your wealth.

Chapter 11 – Millionaire Laser Focus
As the title says – Focus. Never let a distraction guide you away from your ultimate desire. Practice living the Law of Attraction and Manifesting techniques daily, hourly and even every minute. How much you want it must be evident in your focus. This final chapter wraps everything up in the Manifestation Millionaire eBook and now it’s all down to you!

Phew! That was a brief outline of what each chapter contains but it goes into much more depth, believe me!

What Do I Think Of The Manifestation Millionaire?

I bet you’ve read quite a few reviews if you’re thinking of investing in the Manifestation Millionaire program…and have they all said the same? Have they all said it’s a great program that you should definitely buy?

Thought so!

Ask yourself, how many of those reviewers actually went right through the Manifestation Millionaire program from top to bottom? Consumed every word and even went through the bonuses (below)? Not many I’ll bet!

I go through programs like this every month and can give a detailed summary of what’s inside the program and give you an honest, from the heart, appraisal of it. And here it is.

Firstly, if you’re under the impression that this eBook will make you a millionaire by just reading it and thinking about the words inside, then you’ll be disappointed with the results. It’s a good read and there are plenty of good things about it, but just reading it won’t make you wealthy.

If you’re committed to put in the work and understand what actions to take, then you will no doubt become richer.

You see…it’s not the book that will make you wealthy, it’s, and here’s the shocker, YOU!

Are You Suited For The Manifestation Millionaire


The Manifestation Millionaire offers excellent advice for getting into the money mindset, especially if you’re a small business or starting out with an idea that may make you wealthy, it will help enormously in your endeavours to ‘make it’.

I guess this is perfect for someone who is already in work who wants to be the best in their role, or the best paid employee in their company. Or, if you’re an online blogger who wants to make money with your blog, then the motivation and sheer common sense inside the Manifestation Millionaire will drive you on.


If you’re a person who just wants money, today, and have no plans or visions for the future, then this will be a very long ride without many benefits. You may start to understand LOA and manifesting, but, in my opinion, you should already have some sort of plan for your wealthy future in place.

The Manifestation Millionaire eBook will give you the drive and motivation to get you there, but without a clear plan of the sort of wealth you want, it may not be the program for you.

Only being honest here.

Now, just saying you are a blogger or a small business that wants to grow and grow and become richer and richer, well then the Manifestation Millionaire can offer you some excellent guidance and ideas.

If you’re truly prepared to be driven to your goal by changing your attitude towards money and success, then this eBook can help you. If you’re a serial procrastinator, then not so much.

Final Summary

Great for people who are prepared to work hard to reap the benefits of wealth. You will get the right mindset to be able to focus on your money mad obsession and make it happen.

Not so good for people who think reading a book and taking no action will see them rich beyond their wildest dreams. C’mon guys…wake up and smell the coffee!

One thing I noticed, it said at the very beginning of the sales video this has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction…well it has EVERYTHING to do with the Law of Attraction. I guess they were going for the unique viewpoint where people expect money to come to them just by thinking about it. This method not only needs thinking about, it requires work too.

Also, the video (which I said was over-hyped) said you can start manifesting in the matter of minutes by using the techniques shown. This gives a wrong impression and some people will think they can magically manifest money right away. Not so. You will need to change your mindset and take a leap of faith to learn how to use their ‘Portal’ training before you can tune in. This won’t happen overnight.

But if you’re dedication holds no bounds for the obsession of making lots of money then give the Manifestation Millionaire a try. It will certainly point you in the right direction.

If you want to take this further, click here where you will be able to watch the video and if you do purchase, you will get the bonuses below and be able to download the main program from the Manifestation Millionaire members area.

Manifestation Millionaire Bonuses

The 4 bonuses are a mix of eBooks and audio files all centered around focusing on wealth motivation. I’m not one for bonuses as I think the main product should be the main focus. These are welcome though, because if you want more money in your life, what better way than reading about how to get it!

There are upsells which include Rapid Wealth Code – 10 day home study workbook with bonuses and further on, Hypnosis Wealth Brain Tracks, again with bonuses and finally, the 7 Day Profit System Suite with bonuses about how to make money online.

None of the upsells are needed unless you want to further your interest in making money both offline and online.

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