Manifestation Miracle By Heather Matthews – A Real Review

Manifestation Miracle has been around for almost 5 years now and it’s still one of the best all-in-one Law of Attraction programs out there. Everything you should do to be successful in manifesting is enclosed in this simple to follow training eBook. No need to read countless books on the subject, the Law of Attraction isn’t rocket science! My Manifestation Miracle Review will hopefully show you why.

Manifestation Miracle Review by Gail Paul

First of all, you must have heard of the Law of Attraction…it’s been around for centuries! It’s a method of ‘thinking‘ that turned my life around from being in a deep dark hole with nowhere else to turn.

My mindset had to change direction which would enable me to think and perceive certain situations differently. Not easy to do and not easily explained.

There have been hundreds of books, courses, seminars and websites teaching us how to apply the Law of Attraction, but a lot of them are often rehashed works from a century ago!

There’s nothing wrong with that because the Law of Attraction works, but it’s the quality of teaching that can differ immensely.

What is Manifestation Miracle?

I have read more than 30 books and taken countless courses all relating to the Law of Attraction including how to manifest our destiny, manifesting wealth and believing in that huge universal energy that supplies us our most wanted desires.

So I think I’m in a position to be able to review the worthy contenders for teaching this way of life and filter out those that simply copy and paste from others hoping to get make a quick buck!

There are many of those about!

Here we have the Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews in a package that includes the Manifestation Miracle manual, an audio version of the book, a whole series of recap videos to view after each chapter, more manifestation audio recordings and a bunch of bonus’s related to manifesting wealth, health and happiness.

In this Manifestation Miracle review I will be going through what’s in the course and how I feel it could impact on your life…or indeed not, as the case may be.

Be aware that courses like the Manifestation Miracle are big business right now, there are many reviews on the Internet and a lot of them are just hearsay. This review has been completed by me, Gail Paul, who actually owns a copy and has read it and re-read it enabling me to give my own honest independent review about the product.

Manifestation Miracle Manual

The manual, or Manifestation Miracle book, is a 159-page step-by-step process of how to get the things you want out of life by simply changing your attitude in your thought process. In time, and with practice, the things in your life that you most want will eventually come. Each chapter gives progressive strategies in a simple to understand way.

I read the Manifestation Miracle first, then re-read it with the accompanying mp3 audio version and found it very easy to listen to. The audio presentation was spoken at a perfect speed with an obviously authoritative narration.

Each chapter slowly builds in character so, by reading through, you fully understand what the Manifestation Miracle is capable of.

There are a number of exercises at the end of each session where you are tasked to make a slight change in your day.

You don’t have to do those exercises on the first read through, but you should seriously consider doing them on your second reading.

They’re not embarrassing or crazy; they’re simple and very effective. I remember doing similar exercises 7 years ago, and its amazing how much they help.

Part One of the Manifestation Miracle gives you the actual manifestation meaning (you should already know, but it’s always worth a recap) and how it effects all our lives. You will learn in this part how to understand, and choose, what you really want out of life. You may think you already know what you want, but sometimes it isn’t really that at all!

The 5 chapters in this section will aim to get deep down into your heart and inner feelings that are often muted in daily life. This section may provide you with a surprise or two.

The second part of the Manifestation Miracle book will get you in tune with your personal destiny. It goes into detail of how you find the real you, how to get rid of the things that hold you back, things that block the route of getting what you really want and taking a good look at yourself and realizing just how awesome you really are. The technique for doing this is oh-so-simple!

This is an important stage in understanding how to manifest your destiny and how to live with the Law of Attraction. I often think back and realize that if I hadn’t changed my attitude I would still be living a miserable life…or worse.

(Read Through Part 2 often to Cement its Message!)

Part 3 is all about feeling the desire for whatever you want most out of life. This part also has 5 chapters dealing with the vision that you must see to make the Manifestation Miracle work for you. So many people try to get through the Law of Attraction hoping it will change their lives, but fail. The failure is due to them ‘feeling foolish’ or perhaps not having a 100% belief in how, and why, all this manifestation business works.

They tend to give up when life gets in the way. I had to change because I had no other option and this is the place where you have to be for the Manifestation Miracle to work for you.

The chapters in this section will put you in the correct mindset and are bang on the nail when explaining what you have to do…it isn’t hard in any way. The exercises are easy and will go a long way to tuning into your destiny.

In part 4 you should be, by now, feeling a very positive vibration in your life. This is where the Manifestation Miracle starts to come together. It’s now all about doing rather than only thinking.

When you begin to feel this energy flowing through you, it’s a certain sign the movement has started and you will suddenly want to become an a action taker.

This is where you will start to notice certain parts of your life are changing for the better, and when that happens, good experiences start to come your way. This is the part where, 7 years ago, I had undoubted believe in the vibrations of energy all around us. You can feel them and almost touch them.

Your demeanor and attitude will have changed and friends will start to see a difference in you. This won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. You must keep on believing no matter what’s going on around you.

Things will crop up that you’re not happy about, and this may test your mindset, but you will have the tools that the Law of Attraction has taught you, as well as the Manifestation Miracle to back you up.

When you can get over hurdles that get in your way, you will be astounded at how well you handled them.

Part 5 wraps it all up and gives you the big picture. It goes into detail how you don’t stop ever living the Manifestation Miracle way. Life, with your changed attitude and mindset, will never be the same again. You will now know how to get what you want by simply thinking and acting differently.

Learning how the Law of Attraction works is not rocket science…you don’t to need wade through every book on the subject, because when you do, you’re just delaying the process. Stop reading about it and take action.

I feel the Manifestation Miracle manual has covered what’s needed to be able to live your life to your ‘real’ expectations, if you want something badly enough, stick to the step-by-step strategies contained in the Manifestation Miracle eBook and it will come.

You may already be living the Law of Attraction and it’s not quite working for you yet, well, this is where the manual comes in to help. It took me around a year to completely change my way of life, but I did it all by reading books and having an undoubted belief in the LOA. The Manifestation Miracle step-by-step guide wasn’t around then but I’ve no doubt that if it had been, I would have gotten here sooner.

Remember, it’s all about YOU, be selfish in the right way and you will live a better life and those around you will also benefit.

I will go into some of the bonuses, video files and audio recordings in the next sections, but I give the Manifestation Miracle a double thumbs up, especially how it guides you through the whole process of manifesting the life you desire.

Get The Manifestation Miracle Program Below:

Manifestation Miracle mp3 and Video Extras

As stated before, there is an accompanying audio mp3 version of the Manifestation Miracle included in the package.  Its narration is clear and concise and when listened to whilst you’re  reading the Manifestation Miracle manual, it makes it an even easier way to understand the guide, not that it’s complicated at all.

recap videos manifestation miracle

The two presenters are Mark Ling and Brooke Ryan. Mark is a self made millionaire from New Zealand and is responsible for the very successful Affilorama product. He went from a pizza delivery boy to millionaire entrepreneur and cites the Law of Attraction as the catalyst to his personal fortune. His presenting partner, Brooke, is a certified hypnotist with a 1st Class honors degree in psychology.

If that wasn’t enough there are 22 videos used for recap purposes after every session. These videos go over, in detail, what you’ve learned so far and also offer more advice of how to use the Manifestation Miracle on a daily basis.

The videos are very friendly and starts off in a rather nervous style, but after breaking the shyness, they soon get into the job in hand. Mark has a great understanding of the Manifestation Miracle and has taken it on board to promote it from first hand experience.

Each video averages around 10 minutes, so you get a lot of back up for the Manifestation Miracle Manual to help you further along in your quest to get the life you deserve.

Along with the videos and audio are several bonuses to further your quest; more audio mp3’s for affirmation purposes and meditation for mindfulness. There are audio tracks included to help you calm your mind, help with confidence and live a healthier life.

There are many more bonus tracks covering all the essentials for leading a better life. These are great when you take a few moments out of your busy life to relax and take in the hypnotic words.

It doesn’t stop there though. You also get bonus videos on accelerated manifestation techniques from Mark Ling himself in which he tells you how he got into the right mindset to become the successful businessman he is today.

And there’s even more in the form of 4 ebooks on how to trigger excitement in other people, how to reboot your metabolism, health vitality and disease reversal and finally an abundant success workbook.

So you can see the Manifestation Miracle course really over delivers and gives you so much to go at. A lot of courses only go over the basics of the Law of Attraction and can sometimes leave you confused as to how it all works, but the Manifestation Miracle goes into great detail of how to manifest your destiny…and even has a free gift.

recap videos manifestation miracle review

I have no real negative points to tell you about the Manifestation Miracle other than you need to believe in the Law of Attraction. If you go about this with doubt then you may struggle to get to where you want to be. You simply have to trust your belief and everything else will follow.

I wholly recommend this course as it’s basically the way I climbed out of a dark place some years ago. It wasn’t with this particular course, simply because it wasn’t around then, but I can see that the Manifestation Miracle can, and will, help you get what you want. Take it in, read it, re-read it and apply what you learn…that’s the whole secret of manifesting the life of your dreams.

See the whole presentation from the official website, or read on to see how the Manifestation Miracle can help you with reaching a better place.

Can I Manifest My Destiny

My whole experience can be read on my home page at so I won’t go over it again here, but in answer to ‘Can I Manifest My Destiny’…Yes, you can.

The problem with the Law of Attraction is that you can’t see it. It isn’t a physical force we can relate to; the nearest example is the Law of Gravity. We can’t see it, but it’s there in spades! It’s a universal law that things drop, or are pulled to earth, by an energy unseen, and it’s the same with the Law of Attraction.

There is an energy that can tune into our thoughts. I know, you think I’m weird, right? Well, how else did I get out of that horrible place I was in for so many years? It certainly was not by coincidence and certainly not by luck.

I wanted so desperately for a better life, a life I knew I was born to live. I had towed the line with what I thought was the way to live my life, but nothing ever worked and almost everything I tried failed. I was out of tune with my destiny. My destiny was simple…to be happy.

I know that now, but it took the belief, and trust, in the Law of Attraction to do that for me; only then was I able to feel the energy emanate from my thoughts into the universe and for that same energy to make my life worth living.

I understand that it sounds crazy, but it works and I will be forever thankful for being in a universe that holds a substance that I can tune into. You have to believe that what you want is already there and you only have to clear away the doubts, worries and negative influences from your life to recieve it.

How to Manifest Your Desires

Firstly you have to be in a place that you don’t want to be. If you’re happy and have all that you want, you don’t need to find the universal Law of Attraction. Probably, unbeknownst to you, it’s already working for you. If not, have you ever wondered why some people get the breaks and you don’t? Or why some folk are always getting on in life even though they seem to be exactly the same as you?

They are fortunate enough to already have a different outlook to life from you. They probably don’t understand it, or may even laugh at the very thought of it, but they do have something different and that something is the Law of Attraction.

If you want to get the Law of Attraction working for you then you need to understand how it all works and the Manifestation Miracle does that job well. It’s well written by someone who uses manifesting techniques, it’s presented by people who are proof the Manifestation Miracle works and it’s reviewed, by me, a person who lives life attuned to the Law of Attraction..

The Manifestation Miracle gives a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you think after 60 days the Law of Attraction and Manifestation Miracle isn’t working for you, you can get your money back. But in saying that, this strategy for improving the life you lead shouldn’t be looked upon as a trial. I know it works if only you can believe, deeply, that you can change your life by using an energy that is all around us.

This Manifestation Miracle review is written with a passion because I know it can work for you. You are your own worst enemy or you are your own best friend. If you want to know how to attract money or how to manifest your desires go over to the Manifestation Miracle Official website and watch the presentation.

Plenty of people shout ‘Manifest Miracle scam!’ and it’s a typical reaction by those who’ve probably tried the Law of Attraction but failed to implement it in their lives. That’s not the fault of people like Wallace D Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, among others, or the Manifestation Miracle, it’s the fault of self doubt, lack of confidence and lack of belief.

I love writing about it, living it and believing in it…it’s up to you if you want the same level of belief, so what’s stopping you take a step towards the Manifestation Miracle?

Manifestation Miracle Manualget manifestation miracle now

Note: Why not take the Manifesting Quiz right now to see what it is that is holding you back from success, wealth and happiness? It only takes 30 seconds and may set you on the road to the life you were meant to live!

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70 thoughts on “Manifestation Miracle By Heather Matthews – A Real Review”

  1. Hey Gail.
    I have a question. Am searching for a while for a good program and today I was thinking about it and came for the second time across with the manifestation miracle since a while back. Nou it really got my attention. Am a single mom of two lovely kiddos so don’t have much to expend. really want to have a turn around in life for good. To give my kids the best they deserve. Only I was wondering is it sufficient to buy only the program without the extras from 37 monthly payments. For now I can’t effort that. Or is it nessesary in order that the program work for me?
    Blessings ?

    • Hi Jean,

      No, you don’t need the extra monthly guides, just untick the option. There’s plenty inside the Manifestation Miracle ebook alone to get your mindset on the right track. If you manage to get the ebook, take your time going through it and re-read it at least a couple of times to really understand what has to be done for manifesting to work.

      If money is tight at the moment, don’t feel you have to buy it. Wait until the opportunity comes along where you are in a better position to afford it. I know it’s tempting to rush ahead and get the MM, but don’t put yourself under any pressure. There will be a time, quite soon, where the opportunity will arise for you to get it. You’ve already set the wheels in motion of Manifesting by just asking a question about it!

      Let me know how you get on when the time comes.

      All the Best


    • Thank you Rosa…I’ve left a comment on their video. They’ve taken my post, copied the words, uploaded it to a piece of software that can read it/speak it and then overlaid it onto a video with subtitles. Very clever, but a bit rude of them to do it without my consent.

      I won’t put the link to the video here as it would only act as a sort of promotion for it.

      If they would have asked me first, I may have allowed them to carry on. The thing that makes me roll my eyes, is that the video they uploaded has over 1800 false views and a bunch of false comments. It’s the tactics of a spammer, they’ve done the same to other peoples posts too. It does rather disrespect my original post, but hey, at the end of the day, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, I’m fine with it.

      Thanks again for sending me the heads up Rosa…it’s much appreciated.

      All the best


  2. Hello Gail,

    I am very interested in Manifestation Miracle. I started a program with John Assaraf, by brother had bought for 800 euros. I was very attracted thought with the video I saw where Heather or this woman is speaking. The program I have started concerns about money, whereas MM concerns relationships too. I am not sure what to do. Should I purchase the program? What do you recommend?

    • Hi Chryssa,

      Wow! 800 euros? That’s a big price to pay for a program!

      The thing about manifesting is that it’s all relevant to whatever you want. The same mantra applies to wealth, relationships and success. If you want it that bad, you will get it. There is no difference in the thought process, it is essentially the same.

      Whether your focus is on a new relationship or on financial freedom the dedication needed to believe it will happen is the same.

      With that expensive program you have (800 euros, wow!) just swap money for love. You may have to use a little imagination, but the methods will be the same.

      So, no, I wouldn’t invest any more money in a program if you already have a course you haven’t finished yet. Go through the John Assaraf course completely and give it your very best shot at making it work. Just tweak it for your own benefit.

      Remember, your focus must be on the end result of your wanted situation first. Whatever it is you want must be so clear and so believed that it cannot fail to be manifested.

      All the best


  3. Hello Gail,
    I am intrigued and have so far read the free ebook, listened to the few audios and watched the sales video, I’m thinking of purchasing the manifesting miracle set but what happens if this all works and then all my dreams come true .. do I have the then carry on living with a mindset of loa all my life for me to keep all this life I have? What if negative things happen around me that affect my mindset like family issues/deaths etc surely if I then feel negative il run the risk of losing things in my new life????
    Because it’s been shown in the secret film that it’s easy to stop the universe giving you what you want if you have had positive thoughts and feelings and then something changes in your day to change your mindset and it’s then blocked? Would that be true?

    • Hi Leanne,

      I see where you’re coming from. When you get to that level of manifesting, where you finally get what you really want from life…and are happy…then your mindset will be able to cope with distressing situations.

      Yes, you will feel down when something horrible happens, but it won’t bring you down to a negative level. Your mindset will have changed so much that you will see happiness in many sad situations. If that sounds impossible, then I can tell you it isn’t.

      Since I found happiness (which was the thing I wanted most from life…not money or success, just happiness) I have had people close to me die. I’ve had beloved pets pass away, and seen friends relationships break down. These things happen in life. It’s the way you react to them that keeps you on the positive side of things and enables you to bury the negative so it never resurfaces.

      Your mindset is automatically programmed in the positive mode…without you realising it. Yes you will feel sadness, but that’s not negative…it’s natural.

      You celebrate that person’s life through good and positive memories. It’s the same with long term illness; someone you care about may be suffering, but people will be astonished at how strongly you handle it. You will be the one who doesn’t break down…your mindset will be bulletproof.

      Being in this mindset is not something you can switch on or off. When you get to that level of inner peace and contentment, your thought process is always, hugely, on the plus side of things, and from my own experience, impossible to feel negative.

      So don’t worry. Don’t look for future negative situations. Get out of that train of thought right now. If we all go through life worrying about things that haven’t even happened, then life would be almost worthless. Look for positives in everything.

      As I’ve said many times before, it took me over a year to change my OWN way of thinking about how I handle MY life. That year was tough because I went against how I thought I was supposed to live because I was programmed with the wrong mindset from an early age.

      Once you get to a level of contentment, after getting what you want from life, negativity becomes redundant.

      Going through the Manifestation Miracle will help you start changing your thoughts. It’s not the be-all and end-all of Manifesting, far from it, but it will give you a guide to start looking for a way to channel your positive energy and thoughts into the universal power of LOA. That’s when the fun begins!

      Remember…it’s ALL about YOU!

      All the best


    • Hi Trupti,

      You don’t really need this particular publication…the message in the Manifestation Miracle can be found by watching Bob Proctor videos on YouTube. It may take you longer to ‘get’ what’s needed to succeed in the LOA, but with Bob’s guidance you can begin to understand what’s needed to implement the strategies to improve your situation.

      The Manifestation Miracle is essentially a quick start guide to Manifestation, but the big thing it misses out, or rather doesn’t interpretative quite so readily, is that it takes time to get into the right mindset. In my experience, getting what you want out of life takes real effort, but once that effort has been accomplished it becomes easier to manifest, or collect, what you want from life. Bob Proctor will help you get into that mindset.

      If you can’t get your hands on MM, then let it go, don’t dwell on it….find another avenue to begin your journey. Again, Bob Proctor is an excellent way to start.

      All the best


    • Hi Crystal,

      Sorry you believe my review is a sales gimmick. I bought the Manifestation Miracle over 2 years ago and went through it from top to bottom. I’m not a person who likes gimmicks…I took my time to write a review and gave my opinion of a product that I felt could benefit people. Yes, I get a small commission if anyone clicks my links (and then goes on to buy the product) but I could also do the same for the hundreds of similar (or inferior) products out there that are within this niche…but I don’t. I will only ever review and recommend a product that I feel can help someone.

      Did you read the whole review? Or go through all of the comments?

  4. Hi Gail,
    Your review has been illuminating particularly as you have experienced it first hand and are now reaping the benefits.
    It was fascinating reading through your in-depth replies to the various questions and I was particularly interested in your reply to Todd with that ever so useful exercise which I want to do. I have read a lot about the LOA and have Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor on iPod to listen to regularly. Yes I do have a lot of negative blocks which need to be kicked out, the old saying “the devil is in the detail” springs to mind. I find it difficult to stay on track with the 100% commitment. Is there a difference between Want and Desire? Is this something that MM will explain with clarity?

    • Hi Petrina,

      The short answer to your question about whether the Manifestation Miracle will further explain clearly what has to be done to be successful at living the Law of Attraction, then no it won’t.

      The reason I say that is because you’ve already delved into the whole LOA thing by listening to Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor, so you already have an idea of how it all works.

      The Manifestation Miracle is for those who need an introduction to this phenomenon and for them to take it forward. It does go into detail of what you have to do, but it does lack the forcefulness to put across the high level of commitment for it to truly succeed.

      I think of it as a foundation course, something to build upon.

      On another note, I understand your frustration with the LOA and how it seems that the negative voices seem to be the loudest. But if you are really 100% sure that you want that ‘thing’ those negative voices will become weak very quickly and eventually become silent. You will only hear positive thoughts about that ‘thing’ you want so badly.

      I was asked a few months ago that “If your life is so rosy Gail, how come you don’t drive around in an Aston Martin? After all, apparently you’re able to manifest anything you want?”

      Well, I love Aston Martins and would love to own one, but the only way I will get such a desirable car would be to pay for it by working hard or by getting lucky. I wouldn’t be able to manifest such a beast simply because I don’t crave an Aston Martin. I don’t want an Aston Martin THAT much. I don’t want an Aston Martin as if my life depended on it.

      Yes, I’d love one, but to use Manifestation techniques to get one, well, it wouldn’t work. I don’t believe that my life would be so much better if I did have one. Does that make sense?

      I’m quite happy with my Suzuki Jimny. I love it…and there’s the rub. Why would I want anything else if I love the thing I’ve already got?

      Now, if I woke in the morning with a burning desire to own an Aston Martin because it would make my life complete, then I would put the effort into getting one by using manifestation techniques and I would undoubtedly, eventually, receive it. But because I’m unlikely wake up to a monumental desire to own that car that much, I’m unlikely to receive it because my belief isn’t there.

      The way my life turned around so much was because I had that burning, craving, insatiable yearning, and desire to change it. I put all my energy into a thought process that made me believe a better and truer life was already waiting for me to receive it. And along it came.

      Once I realised my desire was to be happy and not rich, it all started to come together and continues to do so. I’m still amazed when so many things go my way now and it all began when I changed, or reprogrammed, my thought processes over a period of time.

      The Law of Attraction needs to be believed in 100% and committed to 100%, twentyfourseven. Yes, it can be hard, but the rewards far outweigh the effort.

      Just keep going Petrina, it is YOUR desire and energy that will win through, no one else’s.

      All the best


  5. The thing is, there’s SOO much material and stuff to be bought about the LoA… the difficult decision is really to decide on this program instead of any other. This is not the first one to promise something “new” to the LoA that’s not usually talked about.
    I can appreciate your honesty, but what would you say -specifically- is the most “unique” point to this program that the others don’t have??? thanks so much!!!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for popping by…and you’re right, there are an awful lot of books, articles, videos and blogs all trying to offer something new to the Law of Attraction. I’ve read more books than you can shake a stick at and they all, more or less, say the same, so your question is a valid one. What do I find ‘unique’ about the Manifestation Miracle?

      In a word, nothing. When I first started out reading about the Law of Attraction and how manifesting works, I kinda got overwhelmed by wondering how do I start? And who could I trust? Turns out once you know the basics of LOA, you tend to make your own rules up in line of what is taught by living by the Law of Attraction…well, I did anyway! The secret is committing and belief with a total change of mindset.

      I remember the confusion when I started to follow the LOA. Which way to go? What do I have to do? How do I even start?

      That’s the reason I singled out the Manifestation Miracle as an all-round guide instead of running from one course to another. To be honest, most courses out there are the same, teaching the same methods. I could have recommended a dozen or so that are available right now, but that would just confuse matters and I’d have questions left, right and centre asking me which is the best one.

      So, there is nothing unique about the Manifestation Miracle, it’s just set out well, explains the basics of what has to be done to learn manifesting and has proven to be one of the better introductions to manifesting by being around for a few years and still selling well.

      Keep in mind that I said ‘basics’ and ‘introduction to manifesting’ because that’s what it is and it does it very well. The rest is up to the individual when the penny drops.

      I could list a whole line of courses that teach the same thing, and perhaps I will in the future, but for now the Manifestation Miracle does a good job of covering the methods needed for success.

      I hope I’ve gone some way to answering your question Sarah, and if you want to choose a course about Manifesting and the Law of Attraction, just pick one and run with it.

      All the best


    • Hello may I weigh in.
      I understand that MM is a kind of introductory course. However will this do the job if someone is committed to it and understand and follow the steps? It’s relatively unexpensive. You mentioned Bob Procter, who is a great teacher, however his courses are very pricey. What would you recommend to someone how is more advance on this knowledge, but needs a method to follow to success, and does not want to spend a lot of money on the courses?

      • Hi Attila,

        Sorry for the late reply. The Manifestation Miracle course will really help if you are totally committed to making this work. The steps inside MM outline what you have to do to achieve manifestation. It’s also advisable to re-read the content every now and again. It’s good for beginners, and intermediates alike, who want to see results from their personal commitment and belief.

        I do understand that some of the Bob Proctor courses can be expensive, but sifting through YouTube, you can usually find a lot of his material readily available. The thing with Bob is that his methods never really change, so if some videos seem out dated, it’s probably because they were broadcast over 20 years ago. The message is the same, no matter how old the material is.

        As I always say to folk who want to learn and apply the manifestation methods…Commit yourself 100% and you will see real benefits for your efforts.

        all the best


  6. Hello Gail paul
    My name is shagun and I am from India.My life is a mess at the moment.I am not able to fetch a new job as the previous one is frustrating.My marriage has turned out to be an Ego issue for parents.My visa to a foreign country has been rejected.In such a situation how can i work with LOA and manifestation.I wish to have a happy peaceful life but its not happening.

    • Hi Shagun,

      It would be unfair of me to advise you on your life as I’m not an expert or professional on the subject, I can only tell you how I broke away from a seemingly impossible position that was making my life a misery.

      In simple terms, I used the Law of Attraction to get what I wanted out of life…but it took a steely determination and a HUGE change of mindset to get to where I am today. It took over a year to reprogram myself, and my mind, to the way I live now.

      You can read a brief outline of my story here, what LOA really is and how I had to became selfish and used an obsessional desire to change my life. Nothing else mattered…my life was crying out to be different.

      You have to be strong Shagun; you have to find that deep down belief that what you want is already there…but you have to work at it every minute of your life. You won’t be able to achieve it overnight, but you can start the process right now. Over a period of time you can change your situation.

      Realize you are the only person who can make a change, no-one else will do it for you. Commit to changing your life and believe the life you want is just around the corner.

      Accept it WILL happen.

      Read this post and also look up Bob Proctor on YouTube. The way YOU think and ACT is the secret to change.

      All the best


  7. Hi, I am practicing the law of attraction..
    My age is 26 my parents are worried about my marriage.. M not able to find good guy… Will my practice works for me regarding this???

    • Hi Monika,

      That’s a tough question to answer and I can’t advise on personal issues, but deep down inside of you is the solution…you just have to dig it out. I don’t know if the Law of Attraction will find you the ‘good guy’ out there, but if that’s your number one priority in life at this very moment, then look for that solution by first removing all negative energy and negative situations that surround you. Listen to your positive instincts and follow them.

      The Law of Attraction is about attracting all the things that make our lives easier and happier. If you live the LOA way with 100% commitment and belief, you will eventually get what you really want out of life. But I cannot over emphasise that you need a goal so clear in your mind that you accept it as being already there waiting for you.

      It takes time and it won’t happen overnight. It’s a work in progress until you reach out and take that goal.

      All the best


  8. Hello Gail . My name is Devshree from India .i went through the website of manifestation miracle and found that to know the secret i need to buy one . as i am a girl from small town and cant afford that much amount to invest on a book so i thought of writing you. even i want to know more about the law of attraction and the secret of applying it into my life. i just want to ask you would rather provide any free ebook or any other site or video that explains everything wrote in the book by heather mathews ;to apply the same as even this small town girl would like to know Manisfestation miracle tips to apply in real life and to live my dreams, i would be glad if you help me in any way to reach the whole MM book in pdf or any free ebook downloading site of MM or any medium to reach Heather Mathews or any other way that you would like to suggest me

    • Hi Devshree,

      There isn’t a free download of the Manifestation Miracle available online and it would be unfair to Heather Matthews to try and find one. The ‘Secret’ is not really a secret. The best way I can describe the process of finding what you really want out of life is to believe in yourself first and then believe that what you want will come by the actions of yourself. Think in a negative way and you will receive negative outcomes, but think, and act, in positive tones and the rewards will come…not overnight, but they will come.

      It’s easy for me to say because I’ve been through it all. I changed my life by changing my mindset 100%…everything negative in my life went out the door and were replaced by positive thoughts and actions. It was hard work but you don’t need any money to get what you want from life. Changing your mindset doesn’t cost a penny. You have to employ inner strength from the very depths of your consciousness and make those positive thoughts become second nature. It takes time and patience, but most of all, belief that all you want is already there, you just have to accept it to receive it.

      The road to get to that level will be rocky and you mustn’t be afraid to step on toes or even feel guilty of being selfish. This is all about YOU and selfishness plays a big part if you want to change your life. Once you understand the importance of looking after yourself, and looking out for yourself, first, everything else will start to come together.

      There are plenty of places on the Internet to kick-start your mindset change. Read this very old book (over 100 years old) on Wikisource. The contents may be written a while ago, but the methods and message are relevant today. There are small parts in it that I don’t find useful, but the over-riding message is basically ‘The Secret’.

      From there, go to YouTube and search for Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor and watch with intent.

      By then you will have an idea what ‘The Secret’ is all about. The Manifestation Miracle ebook (if you want to buy it in the future) is a condensed version of the thought process needed to get what you want out of life. It acts as a blueprint of what you have to do to reach your goals in life. Please understand that not everyone is cut out to accept what they really want from life. The things that make you the happiest and most contended are not usually the things you THINK you want. This is where people get a little confused about manifesting desires. Is a new car/house/money what you REALLY want out of life? Or does being contended and extremely happy with your life sound better? Which would you choose?

      Getting what you want out of life isn’t easy, and it doesn’t come to you on a plate. You have to work at it, believe it, commit to it and accept it.

      All the best Devshree, go for it!


      • Thankyou so much Gail.. I’ll surely work on what you said and will definitely try to change my mindset and will try to bring out positive vibes. I will definitely in future will buy MM books soon and bring into action. I will beleive in myself and work on things that will make my life a bliss
        Thanks for the references to learn more about The Secret and also for your your wonderful advice. 🙂

        • You’re very welcome Devshree. Always remember, the power is already inside you to change your mindset, you just need to work on it to bring it to the surface. Remarkable things will start to happen once all the negativity start seeping away and positive belief takes over. You’ll start to understand better when you go through the references I’ve recommended.

          All the best


      • Gail, based on what you’re saying in this comment, I’m losing just as much trust towards “Heather Matthews” and her selling scheme as I am losing towards the authenticity of your convictions towards Heather Matthews’ product. In fact, your comment here is pretty much contradictory to everything that Heather says about the way the product works. Heather says that her tricks to happiness are “effortless,” and involve hardly any work, and yet you state the following, “It was hard work,” “The road to get to that level will be rocky.” In her video ad, Heather says that her so called “trick” to get what you want out of life becomes simple with her trick, as if money, opportunity, and success just come to you, and yet you’re saying “Getting what you want out of life isn’t easy, and it doesn’t come to you on a plate.”

        The entire comment you wrote to Devshree makes it all sound like Heather’s tricks involve just as much hard work as Heather says it shouldn’t. Remember how she says in her promotional video that she used to “work hard” for things and didn’t feel happy in the end?” Bingo. How many other bloggers did Heather Graham pay money to help sell her happiness tricks?

        • Hi Josue,

          I understand your frustration on what seems to be a contradiction about what Heather says and what I say about the Manifestation Miracle.

          I started using the Law of Attraction some 6 years ago and I had never heard of Manifestation. It wasn’t until I came across the Manifestation Miracle a couple of years ago that the penny dropped. The things said by Heather struck a chord with me and I decided to recommend it as a starting point for anyone interested in how manifesting works. The book gives a good all round view on what to expect if you follow the Law of Attraction way of living.

          I could have recommended Bob Proctor, Wallace D Wattles and a number of other self-help LOA teachers, but the Manifestation Miracle sums it all up rather nicely.

          I’ve said in my blog that it won’t be for everyone, and the video does make some wild claims such as ‘easy’, ‘instant success’ and ‘effortless’ but the basics are bang on the nail. In other posts I’ve written I’ve gone on to tell how much effort IS needed to ultimately get what you want. But once you have the correct mindset that suits you, things DO become easy, effortless and sometimes instant.

          I’ve also written how I’ve taken the Law of Attraction and used it to suit me. By that, I mean becoming brutally selfish and not being the person others were expecting me to be. That was hard and is not taught in the Manifestation Miracle. It was truly a personal journey that met a lot of obstacles along the way. But my mindset was altered beyond recognition, almost to an OCD level, and it was this alien way of thinking, changing my programmed mind, that got me out of a very, very dark place.

          If I was to write a book about my experiences, no one would buy it because you really do have to alter you mind totally and it wouldn’t make pleasant reading.

          That is why I recommended The Manifestation Miracle…as a starting block to manifestation. The video is mostly sales talk and to be honest, I’ve only ever watched it once and that was after I’d read the book itself. I do wish they would change it because it is quite annoying. But that’s sales for you!

          The important thing is the book itself. It’s not for everyone and there is a high level of effort needed to implement its teachings. But as I said, it’s a good way to understand what you can be capable of IF you commit to it 100%.

          I don’t know Heather at all….I don’t even know if she/he uses a pen name, but the content of the Manifestation Miracle, in my opinion, goes some way to explaining what you have to do to get what you want out of life. My own personal life change took LOA to a new level.

          I’m now about to fly off to a Greek Island for the 3rd time this year. One of my ‘dreams’ was to live on a Greek Island with my hubby and to live life at a snail’s pace…and now it’s going to happen. This, I truly and firmly believe, came about by living the LOA way. A deep belief that I was going to do this and it’s happening right in front of my eyes. By just believing 100% that I was already there has made it happen and a series of events has lead me to this juncture. Now that’s Law of Attraction in action.

          Sounds crazy, yes? Well, it’s going to happen.

          I understand if you don’t believe me…even my friends question it, but all I know is that I worked hard to change my mindset from 6 years ago to today and recommending the Manifestation Miracle, as a starting point, is something I shall continue to do. If only they’re change that video!

          All the best Josue, Gail

          P.S. You mentioned Heather Graham in your question? Isn’t she an actress who practices Transcendental Meditation?

  9. Hi, Gail,
    Through the review and the reply to comments, i have really appreciated one thing. Your honesty. Its amazingly great and i just love it. My question is on other courses. Like i bought “window to the mind”. Just few days before finding this review today. I am wondering have you had about it and what is your review. After reading your review am wondering should have found this earlier before my purchase. For Wallace Wattles, Napoleon. I have those books and i have read them numerous times. I do not know if its doubt but i resigned from my employment.. a leap of faith and at times i keep doubting when things do not go well. One thing i know manifestation works and i have tried somethings and i was amazed at the results. My biggest handle and what i need to manifest more than anything is finances and being a speaking. I review Bob Proctor time to time for motivation to keep on. Should i just drop the course i got and do this or try the MM free ebook and the free audios with my course?


    • Hi Samuel,

      Thanks for your kind words regarding my honesty…I value it immensely!

      Now, ‘Window To The Mind’ is, I believe, from Dr Ted Morter. I don’t now a lot about him and I’ve not read or viewed his course so it would be unfair of me to comment. But what I will say is that as you’ve paid for the course, I would read it through completely and then read it again. Try out what Dr Morter suggests with commitment and belief.

      I have read many courses and been through a ton of books on Manifestation techniques and it all boils down to 3 simple changes of mindset.

      1 – Belief – Believe 100% that what you want will happen. When doubts occur and things seem to be going in the opposite direction (and they will), keep and be strong in your belief. I’ve said it before, it took me a year to fully change and to finally get what I wanted. But, boy, is was all worth it.

      2 – Commit to your belief. Don’t let doubt win or enable it to become strong. Commit, Commit, Commit to your belief. There is no doubt.

      3 – Accept that the one thing you want most is already there…it’s just waiting for your mindset to be 100% changed towards the acceptance for you to receive it.

      Yes, it’s sometimes hard Samuel, – unless your mindset is absolutely sure about what you want most IS the most important thing you want, then it may never come. You have to be in total control of your mindset and eliminate any doubt and negativity and replace it with belief, commitment and acceptance. When that time comes, you will know you have succeeded…it was never in any doubt.

      I still read MM from time to time just to remind me how much I’ve changed since reading it. That book caught me at the right time…it just happened to be the book for me. But everyone is different and the publication you’re reading right now, may just be the course for you. You won’t know until you have given it your all and done everything the author has suggested. Only you will know if ‘Window to the Mind’ is the right course for you…trust your deepest instincts.

      Hope this helps Samuel…at the end of the day, it’s all about YOU and what you’re prepared to commit to.

      All the best


      • Thank you very much. I have dreams that some people think it is just a gamble. Especially when i resigned from a well paying job, then people said am gone crazy. I believe the dreams will work. Yes its the now and then doubts and people with negative energy that i have to keep off completely.

        Thank you for the reply and advice. I will get into my course 100% then also do the MM. You have given it such a good review. They should pay you, LOL. Cheers

        • Hi Samuel,

          I don’t see your decisions as gambling if you believe in yourself 100%. I see it as a determination to succeed and get what you really want from life. That takes a lot of moxie and it’s something you need to succeed…looks like you have it in abundance! That’s great!

          Keep it going and never stop…you WILL triumph!

          All the best


  10. I also really appreciated your review. I was interested but googled for more info. I think she has many portals set up and from reading comments found that $47 bought more or less depending where you purchased. I was sooo happy to find one that included the audio version of the e-book. I daily use the Law of Vibration (Bob Proctor, yay!) & my sweetie & I are pretty good at naturally manifesting things anyway, just because of our mindsets. I really think I am going to enjoy the program though & I was on the fence before I read your review. I also upgraded, btw (once) because I LOVE binaural beat brain entrainment technology. My only concern with MM is that I wish they hadn’t asked gender, I think it borders on sexist as not every woman is interested in this technology to find their soul-mate or lose weight. I wish I’d put down “male”, I like how some very successful guy friends think & I’d be curious to know the difference in the materials. I also upgraded to get the personalized binaural beat mp3 yet never saw a way to receive that. Darn. If you know what I should have done, do tell. Thanks again!

    • Hi Mary,

      I loved your comment…so upbeat! I can tell your mindset is in the right place.
      As for the personalized binaural beat mp3…I didn’t see that? It’s almost 2 years since I bought the Manifestation Miracle program so perhaps it was an added option? I’ve just logged into my members area and still can’t see that option. I think this may be a case of contacting the guys over at MM by using the help tab next to the log out button (top right). This will take you to the contact page. You should be able to find out what happened to your Personalised binaural beat mp3 from there.

      As for asking for gender…that’s strange? I think this may be just a way of finding out which gender uses the program more. There should be no difference in whether we’re women, men or whatever species is out there…we’re all different ‘upstairs’ anyway 🙂

      Thanks for popping by Mary…keep up the good work, mindset wise. And you’re right…the audio version helps a ton!

      All the best


  11. I’m currently based in South Africa and really interested in the Manifestation Mircale-is there any way to ensure that this order come through quickly and is there a place i can get it this side?

    • Hi Phumelele,

      The Manifestation Miracle system is available 24/7 in the members area once you purchase the program. As soon as you become a member, access is instant by just logging into your own members area using the password you chose on sign-up. You can then download the Manifestation Miracle manual any time you like.

      All the best


  12. Hi Gail,
    Hope you’re well. Have you got a review on Katherine Hurst’s Origins Programme? Would you know the main difference between that programme to Heather Matthews’ “Miracle Manifestation”? I’m just wondering which one would be the best to go for as someone new to the Law of Attraction. I’ve read a few books on the topic but would like to enhance my knowledge further and hopefully manifest my dreams quicker. Please advise.


    • Hi Cece,

      Hum? I must admit I’ve never heard of Katherine Hurst’s Origins Programme, perhaps it’s new? But I do know that Katherine Hurst is deeply involved in the program ‘Living With the Law of Attraction‘ which has been around for a while.

      I’ve yet to review that program so I can’t really give my opinion. When I want to find out quickly about a person or program, I usually head straight for their social profiles. Here you can read a lot of free info and that can sometimes make your mind up for you. For instance, here’s the Twitter page for The Law of Attraction website in which Katherine is involved. Lots of info, and it looks to be updated quite often…always a good sign.

      What I will say though, is most of these Law of Attraction websites and programs are all basically the same. Some are slicker than others, but the underlying message is the same…Believe, Commit and Change Your Mindset.

      I always advise reading Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and Wallace D Wattles ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ and then watching a whole bunch of Bob Proctor videos on YouTube.

      If you really want to change your situation/life you will…but you must REALLY, REALLY want to…as if you’re very life depended on it (which, of course, it does).

      Failure to believe 100% in the Law of Attraction for 100% of the time will mean it won’t work. Put that faith into commitment and your changed mindset will come to you naturally.

      It’s brain washing, but in a good way. That’s the way I see it anyway Cece…The Manifestation Miracle is very good and will help you change your mindset if you are committed. I can see Katherine Hurst’s ‘Living With the Law of Attraction’ is pretty polished with good social media content…but at the end of the day, they’re probably very similar. They both have money back guarantee’s so if one doesn’t hit the right chord with you straight away, get your money back and go for the other. But if one hits home and makes total sense to you….stick with that and don’t stop until you hit your goals.

      I will review Katherine’s program when I get time…in the meantime, head over to YouTube and immerse yourself in Bob Proctor.

      All the very best


  13. Hi Gail, I am hoping you can help. I paid $47 yesterday and I have not received anthing. Should I expect an email or something in the post. How do I access what I paid for. Thanks Melissa.

  14. I’d be interested to know if you believe that Heather Matthews is a real person? I love studying the Law of Attraction and I listened to the whole pitch for Manifestation Miracle and was right about to buy it when I decided to do a little more research on Heather since she’s described as a life coach, etc. There are no photos of her, anywhere, not even on social media. And there’s no place to go to read or hear more about her story aside from the pitch video. I don’t mind if there’s someone else behind Manifestation Miracle and they ‘created’ Heather Mattews and used a voice actor for the video in order to sell it, but I would just like to know if that’s the case. What are your thoughts? Thanks Gail!

    • Hi Miranda, sorry for the late reply. BTW Great question!

      I’ve also searched for Heather and I have to say, I’ve found very little. I can only surmise that she used a pen name. A lot of people write about the Law of Attraction and how manifestation works and not all of them are very insightful. There seems to be a lot of ‘jumping on the bandwagon‘ going on! I chose the Manifestation Miracle ebook to review because it’s well written and struck a chord with me. It wouldn’t matter to me who wrote it to be honest…if there is a real Heather Matthews out there then great, but it’s the content that is the important thing.

      I’ve read scores of LOA books and some are great, but some are poor, but the basic principles are the same. I get sent courses and books to review almost every week, but I won’t recommend, or even mention, most of them. I think, in my opinion (and that’s all it is), it’s the way the Law of Attraction is explained. Some of the courses and books are a little ‘light‘ on what has to be undertaken for the LOA to work. In my case it wasn’t just a matter of thinking of what I wanted out of life and then ‘poof’ it appears….no. I had to work hard to get my mind to change completely. Not everyone would have been in the position I was in and, therefore, don’t commit to the LOA with such belief and force.

      And then, of course, it fails for them. And I totally understand that.

      Whether Heather wrote the Manifestation Miracle or not, I think it’s a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into the right mindset to change their life. Those who are interested in this thought process and want to know more, I always recommend the big guns first, such as Napoleon Hill, Wallace D Wattles and Bob Proctor, but I understand that some may feel these guys are too ‘full on‘, so a simple ebook like the Manifestation Miracle simplifies the process somewhat. Then hit the big guns again…and again!

      Thanks for raising the question Miranda…you’ll be happy to know you’re the first person to ever ask me if Heather even exists! Good one!

  15. How do i forget about the hard work and effort in order to the manifestation miracle i hate that im so broke financially and struggle 24/7 i need some help

    • Hi Todd,

      Hey, listen…if you want to change your life and use manifestation techniques you have to be 100% serious about doing so. Life is too short to go around hating and struggling. Here’s a starting exercise and be sure to read my whole reply.

      Take a day out, away from distractions and all the noise. Take a notepad and pen, sit a while and relax emptying your head of all that scrambled anxiety.

      Take your time, think slowly, and reflect on your present position in life…where you are at exactly right now.

      Write down all the stuff that makes you feel hate, the stuff that is ruining your life. The kind of things that you feel cannot be changed. Put down everything that is negative to you personally.

      After you have a list, go through each one slowly. You may not want to do this, but there is a level of pain and angst you will feel at each answer. Underline the one thing that is making you more angry above all the rest. There is always one that stands out more than any other. It may be in your subconscious.

      You have to be totally honest with yourself here…no one else can see your list or the choice you picked out as the one that stands above the others. Dig deep because what you originally thought was the worst thing, usually isn’t.

      Circle it.

      Now, I know it’s hard to think of the things that make you feel good when life seems to be against you, but now that you’ve isolated the one thing that sits heaviest on your mind, it’s time to find the one thing that make you feel safe and that also feels instinctively right.

      Make a list of all the things you love doing in life…the things that make you happy…however small. Rank them in order of the best and circle the one that stands out as the best. Again, be totally honest with yourself and blank out the negative voices going on as you make your choices. Those voices are wrong…ignore them. You have to really dig deep to get that feeling of “yeah…that’s the one

      Again, the one thing that you truly want after thinking deeply, very deeply, is not always the thing you thought it would be.

      At the end of the day that one negative biggy you circled is stopping your chance of ever getting to do what you really want to do and feel.

      I know many people who pour scorn on this little exercise, mainly because they don’t take time out to do it. They get so far then get crushed by the reality of their answers and run away from doing anything about it. They are in a sort of comfort zone that keeps them unhappy. Better the devil you know, and all that.

      That always tells me they will never change their lives, or it’s too uncomfortable to even try. Well, if that’s the case, they can’t be that miserable.

      Do you see where I’m coming from? Plenty of people have horrible lives that are wrought with disability, chronic pain, terminal illnesses, natural disasters, famine…all things beyond their control. Whereas people who are able bodied and healthy, have a huge control over their lives, but still do nothing to improve it.

      Now you, and only you, can find a way of getting rid of your number one problem and diverting the path to receive your number one ‘feel good’ choice. It’s not hard but it takes a level of belief and commitment that is beyond most people. People give up too easily because changing their life is too much trouble! Master that one ‘biggy’ and the rest will follow. Things will start to go your way….manifesting at its best!

      It took me a year. You can read my ‘in a nutshell‘ story on my ‘about me‘ page. Or read any of my posts to get an idea of the commitment you have to give if you want to change your life.

      I don’t hold back. I’ve been told my ideas of changing lives is a too extreme for some, but you have to understand that life is very important…you only get one so if you’re not happy with the way life is going, change it. Make a commitment to change, believe in yourself, stay away from naysayers and negatives and put yourself in the position you want to be.

      My own review of the Manifestation Miracle includes what I had to do to change my life. The process of manifesting what you want takes time, belief and total commitment. This course is a step forward to where you need to be to take advantage of manifesting things you want and deserve.

      Lots of people call the Manifestation Miracle process a scam and that’s just crazy. These are the people who don’t want to put in the effort that’s needed to change their lives. They sit in that comfort zone of theirs.

      If you’re in any doubt about how to change your life for the better, watch a few Bob Proctor videos on YouTube, read Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ and read Wallace D Wattles eye opening ‘The Science of Getting Rich‘.

      I hope those few resources in the links above will help get you where you want to be and as Nike say…Just Do It!

      All the best, Gail

  16. I just purchased the course but to my surprise I can’t download anything because there is no “manifestation miracle course” button to begin with…
    There is a chat window to “assist you” if there is any problem with your purchase but of course no one there to help you…

  17. Hi, my main problem is financial freedom. I am tired of living pay check to pay check. Will this book help me better with my money?

    • Hi Donald,

      Thanks for your question. Now…you ask “my main problem is financial freedom. I am tired of living pay check to pay check. Will this book help me better with my money?”

      I would say it’s a fine line whether the Manifestation Miracle would help you or not. It depends just how sick you are of your job and how tired you are for just ‘getting by‘. In my experience, you would have to REALLY want to change your situation…I mean REALLY! Are you sure you want to make a total commitment? Or are you just fed up and want a quick fix?

      Many people get the Manifestation Miracle and just read it as if it was the magic answer to their problems…it isn’t as easy as that. It can, and will, help those who require a change of mindset to get what they want out of life. Whether that is financial or otherwise. It takes a leap of faith and a lot of belief and commitment for this Manifesting business to work. You can’t just ‘hope’ it will help…you must fully believe that it WILL help. Big difference.

      Even if you can’t commit to the mindset needed in the Manifestation Miracle program, it is still a very good read and will get your mind thinking differently about life. But go in there with a skeptical outlook about the Law of Attraction and how Manifesting works and it will not be worth your while.

      So, to answer your question in a nutshell…Yes, it will help you if you commit yourself to it….but No if your not prepared to work with it and with yourself. There is nothing in between.

      Hope this helps Donald, and all the very best whichever path you decide to take.


  18. Hi Gail,

    I’m so glad I read your review of the Manifestation Miracle. I got an email about it a coupla months ago and it stuck in my head. I googled it and read up on some reviews, but they didn’t sit right with me and I almost gave up researching it. But then I came across your blog and read through your Manifestation Miracle viewpoint. It struck chord with me and I went ahead and bought it.

    And you’re bang on the nail when you say it’s life changing! I’ve gone through the book and videos 3 times now and every day I can feel that positive energy building up. I know if I keep going good things will happen. Everything you said is now making sense…I’m so glad I didn’t pass on this. I’ve watched stuff on youtube and read a few books on the subject, but this Manifestation Miracle has really grabbed me. Thanks to you Gail, I now feel 100% positive about my future. xx

    • Thanks for the kind words Zak! I’m glad my Manifestation Miracle review helped.

      It’s great that you have gone through it at least 3 times…it really sticks when you do such things and your mindset begins to change without you realising it. Keep it going Zak!

      All the best

      Gail 🙂

  19. Manifeststion Miracles offers 60 day 100% money back guarantee.Sent 3 emails in 7 days and can’t even get an aknowledgement that they received any.What’s up with that?

  20. The best way to manifest your dreams is to actually do something about them by physical action, after all the dreaming is done or it is just not going to happen. Dreaming and fantasizing about them at the start may be a good way to define what it actually is that you want-but you alone have to do the spadework to bring it into reality or otherwise it just remains a fairytale of high hopes with absolutely nothing achieved.

    • Hi Simon,

      Well put! It’s like wanting to win the lottery, but not buying a ticket. When we set out to get what we want, we must get actively involved. The thought process should instinctively trigger the motion, and having that thought ‘tattooed’ indelibly inside our minds will make the journey so much easier.

      Thanks for popping by 🙂

  21. Thank you for the post. I’m 23 and from Cameroon. The law of attraction is becoming a very big business through the internet. Many people just want to make money, and use this path to achieve that. In fact, they will ask you to buy tons of books, and you won’t even see the changes in your life. This is why I decided not to buy such things. I only use free materials. But I recently ran into “Manifestation Miracle” by Heather Matthews, and something inside me told me to give it a try. I was really skeptical because in the society we live in, people often use a lot of tools just to get rich by scamming other human beings. But since I’ve decided to always follow my intuition, I purchased “Manifestation Miracle”. I really want to use it and I hope it will help me. Anyway, I feel confident, and I’m happy I found this blog. Thank you for what you are doing.

    • Hi Franck,

      You’re so right! There are many, many courses and books out there that it can be difficult to find one that’s genuine. I’ve read hundreds of publications on the subject of the Law of Attraction and although a lot of them are bang on the nail, there are an equal amount that are there just to make a quick buck by jumping on the bandwagon.

      The Manifestation Miracle is a good basis to reset the mind into thinking how to achieve manifestation. Thinking is the operative word here. We must change our mindsets to get what we want from life. It takes time, belief and commitment, but it does work.

      When that instinctive feeling hits us, we must follow it and refuse to doubt its message. The reason why LOA has so many naysayers is that those who try it simply don’t follow through with the plan. They give it a week, a month, 6 months and nothing happens, in the meantime, doubt creeps in day by day because, in their minds, it isn’t working for them. And with each doubt comes a step backwards.

      That always tells me they are not 100% committed to changing their way of life, and they refuse to believe that manifesting what they want is ever going to happen. It took me a year, at least, to see massive benefits to my life and it was all down to changing my whole concept of thinking and doing.

      It’s very simple really. Work hard at changing your mindset…make the positive way you think become a habit…focus on what you want from life, ALWAYS…Never doubt that what you want is already yours, you just have to open the road to accept it. Opening that road allows the manifestation to work for you.

      I’m glad you’re taking steps to start helping yourself. Don’t just go through the Manifestation Miracle once. Go through it many times and refer to it often. Also read Napoleon Hill and watch Bob Proctor videos on YouTube. I highly recommend them.

      Prove to other people that the Law of Attraction does work. With 100% commitment, focus and belief, you will see incredible changes to your life.

      Remember…there’s no need to hope or wish. Work hard at this and those words become redundant.

      All the very best


  22. I really want to get the program and I’m not sure whether or not to add the bonuses or just go with the 47.00 deal for now. Is the upgrade really worth the extra 100.00 dollars ? Because I can squeeze it in but money is really tight at this point. Thanks in advance. Rhonda Stiers

    • Hi Rhonda,

      I would just go for the Manifestation Miracle program itself…$100 is a LOT of money in anyones eyes. I would even suggest holding off buying MM if money is too tight at the moment. It is a very good program, but I would never, ever pay for something that makes me feel uneasy. If it feels right, go for it…if not, wait until it does.

      Thanks for popping by 🙂


  23. So far I can’t see any negative comments to the subject. I am currently starting to read the free books and videos. I wish it can help. Thank you!

    • Hi Gemma,

      Keep at it. It really is all in the mind and MM shows you how to get into that special mindset. Believe the Manifestation Miracle will work for you and it will. Stay committed and happy 🙂

  24. Hi Gail my name is Petunia from south africa i have just finished viewing your YouTube video it was so refreshing its been a month since i found out about Manifestation miracle video i have to say i believed for what i saw was indeed true i have been looking in south African book stores but have not found this amazing kit for im so eager to start applying this into my life Gail please help me please provide me with heather personal email address.if you do have it.
    I would like to purchase the manifestation miracle which is $47 the complete set
    * I’m afraid of being scammed that’s why i want to connect with the author directly for there are to many scams these days and once orders are placed from this side of the country things are never delivered.

    • Hi Petunia,

      Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, I’ve been visiting my niece before they fly off to Australia for a few months.

      There’s no need to be afraid of being scammed with the Manifestation Miracle course…it’s marketed by a VERY successful man named Mark Ling…(he’s the guy in the videos that comes with MM) and he’s one of the good guys out there. He used the Law of Attraction to get where he is today. He has the drive and determination that comes from committing to the LOA and putting it into action, hence, Manifesting his desires.

      I have read several courses over the years and you’re right, some of them are just after your money, but the Manifestation Miracle goes through every part of what you need to do in order to get what you want from life. The book (comes in PDF format and audio) walks you through the whole process and is written and narrated by Heather Matthews herself. Mark Ling’s job is to recap each chapter in video format and give you even more valuable information.

      The whole course (and bonuses) is delivered digitally, which means you will have instant delivery/access of the full course via a link so you can download it straight to your computer. You won’t find the Manifestation Miracle course in bookshops just yet.

      I can’t give you Heather’s email address simply because I don’t have it, but Mark, who controls the financial side, is easily accessible from the MM website, and remember, you do have a 60-day money back guarantee that’s backed by Clickbank who are very strict on vendors.

      If you do ‘go for it‘ then please live and breathe the course fully. An awful lot of people start a Manifestation course and don’t follow it through. If things don’t happen in the first week they start to doubt that the Law of Attraction works and Manifestation never happens. And that’s sad. You really have to want to change and it’s imperative to change your mindset to believe that what you want is
      already there…you just have to align your thoughts and discipline to receive it.

      It took me a full year to change my total mindset, but things really did change almost every week. General Life situations will test you on your journey but you will be able to handle them easily IF you believe you CAN change them.

      I have a very tough mind and a strong thought process that I’m proud of, and that’s what’s needed if you need or want to change your situation right now. Not everyone can do this, Petunia, it not as easy as people think and there are a lot of doubters out there. My advice is to commit, believe and be strong 100% of the time and you’ll get there.

      If you browse through my blog, I lay it on the line of what’s needed to succeed with LOA and a publication like the Manifestation Miracle will send you on the right road. I do hope this helps…

      Best Wishes



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