Manifesting Not Working For You?

manifesting not working

Manifesting not working for you? I’ve been writing this blog for a little over 3 years now and in some ways, it’s been a release for my thoughts about living the Law of Attraction lifestyle. I’ve also been trying to help people get into the kind of mindset needed to make a success of manifesting.

There are an awful lot of grey areas when it comes to putting it all together, especially when you’re in a desperate zone of negativity. It’s horrible to be under a black cloud where everything seems to be a battle just to get through the day.

Many (the vast majority) give up on the idea and even get resentful that the Law of Attraction even exists. They try so hard to make it work, and in some cases, their situations get worse. Trying too hard can breed frustration and anger.

I know it’s very difficult to keep going when things seem to be getting worse, but you must keep a positive attitude no matter what life throws at you. Easier said than done and I understand that.

Some find it easier than others. Some people never get there.

I love analogies, so this one, I think, sums up what you have to put yourself through before you get to where you want to be.

The Mountain of Manifestation


manifesting-not-working-for-youImagine you’re at the foot of a huge mountain. At the top of this mountain is what you desire and you can see it quite clearly…it’s there ready for you to just climb up and accept it.

The only thing standing in your way is the terrain. The route is difficult.

There are vast boulders you need to climb over and muddy paths that you need to tread. Those boulders are your problems and you must get over them to advance.

When your scrambling to get through, the desire can still be clearly seen at the top. You know it’s there, and it’s very real.

You may slip and fall back but the desire can still be clearly seen, you just have to either keep battling to get over the rocks, or find another route.

Getting past these rocky obstructions will reveal an easier path to continue.

The closer you get to the summit, the bigger the desire gets. Think of it as a bright light that you must walk through to accept your desire. You can see it shining brightly.

The weather may change making that light dim, but it’s still there. It’s the weather conditions (or life) causing the fluctuations in visibility and sometimes it’s hard to make out your desire.

After climbing further up, you get through the cloud and rain knowing that the worst is behind you. The desire is shining brightly again. The path is getting easier to walk.

All this time that light has been with you because you know it’s there. You can see it.

Ploughing On, Forever Upwards

You are now high on the mountain and happy that you have conquered those rocks and scree. Those things are way behind you now and there will never be a need to revisit them. You won’t turn back because you’ve come so far. And besides, it wasn’t a place you would like to dwell.

The desire is now huge, bright and right in front of you. You only need to walk that last mile to accept it and take it into your life.

The last few steps are boggy…will you ever get there? Yes, because the path in front of you is nothing to what you have been through to get there.

Finally, you break through the last barrier before you are ready to accept your desire. You are elated that you got here and you coast into the light of your desire.

It’s happened. You’ve accepted what has always been there. You’ve battled through a journey and an adventure to receive it.

But why was it so hard to accept it, and why was the journey so testing?

It was difficult because the vibrations you emit (thoughts and feelings) to the universal Law of Attraction must be strong enough for it to manifest. It was always there, but you needed to show how much you wanted it to physically take it.

Once you’ve taken delivery, you will never be the same again. Your thoughts and feelings will be attuned to the universal power of attraction and you will keep on manifesting the things you need and want.


Manifesting Not Working For You?

Allow negativity back into your life and thoughts will mean you have to start at the bottom of the mountain again. Therefore, you must have a belief in the Law of Attraction that is so strong that it cannot be denied or ignored.

Not many people, who ‘teach’ the Law of Attraction will tell you this. Those who say it’s easy are being a little economical with the truth. Yes, manifesting becomes easier as you become more tuned in to the universal energy of attraction, but if you’re desperate for wealth, health and happiness and have never manifested anything before, you will be tested to the full.

I cannot put it any blunter than that.

With all that said, manifesting is here to stay but you must be head-over-heels in love with the universal energy for it to work with you.

Inspiration Needed

Over the next few weeks, I shall be changing my blog into one that gives, and shows, inspiration. I have written about the Law of Attraction for some time now, but what I haven’t done it write about things that inspire me. Things that are awesome in this world.

There are a lot of bad vibes around in today’s world and it shouldn’t be that way. I can see manifesting not working for a lot of people.

The world is an enormous source of inspiration and I intend to share the very best of that world right here.

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I will cover a range of subjects all with a view to inspire. My job as a blogger in this niche is to get people to feel energized and motivated. I can do it so much better from my blog than by email newsletters.

I have over 3,000 email subscribers, but I hardly ever send an email! I apologise for not bombarding your inbox with offers, I’m afraid it’s just not me! That’s not to say I won’t be sending updates and news though…so please feel free to subscribe and become a part of my blogging journey.

Some bloggers in the Law of Attraction niche seem happy to bombard their subscribers with email after email usually trying to sell something! I can’t do that. Yes, I promote a couple of products on my blog, but they are there because they’re good.

There are so many products about manifesting that it can become overwhelming for anyone wishing to learn about manifesting and LOA. I read many books and courses, and the ones I promote on my blog basically sum up what’s needed to start living the Law of Attraction way.

There is no need to read long books or take on personal trainers…the messages and methods are the same. At the end of the day, manifesting is all about YOU.

A New LOA Journey For Me

So, with all that being said, I’m now going to start writing and sharing some wonderful, awesome, inspiring posts from around our world. I’m hoping such content will inspire you to realise there is so much we should be thankful for.

I will also be changing the look of the blog to be more user friendly. I’m certainly no techie so things could get interesting! If you can allow me a few glitches over the next few weeks, I will be grateful!

This will be a new chapter in my online activities and the Law of Attraction has allowed me to do this…it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.

Look out for my new posts real soon and please do subscribe to my newsletter for inspiration. As stated before, I don’t email just for the sake of it!

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