Manifesting Technique To Get You Started

manifesting technique

This is a manifesting technique that I used in my early days. It’s so simple yet so powerful. If I want something really bad, I still do this exercise as a way of clearly seeing what I actually want and to show the universe my intention.

You can do this in 15 minutes a day and believe me, it’s not going to be hard work!

Firstly, I must mention that there are a few rules to starting this manifesting exercise that must be adhered to. These are as important as the exercise itself.

Before doing this manifesting technique you have to be absolutely clear about what it is you’re going to make appear. The feeling you convey to the universe must be strong and believed by yourself, don’t ever allow negative thoughts to creep in. Shut them out as soon as they start niggling at you.

Secondly, you must act as if you already have what you want to be manifested. No one needs to know this but you. You don’t have to act it out physically, or in public, only act it out in your mind. Get into character and act as if you are smugly happy with yourself that you already own what you’re going to manifest.

Keep it to yourself…only you and the universal energy that surrounds you know about it…let it be your little secret.

Thirdly, don’t rush this. Get yourself comfortable and without any distractions. Put your favourite music on if you like, relax and get into character.

You will need a pen and a new journal, or hard backed notebook and a place to keep it where no one can open it. This is between you and the universe, no one else.

Use a pen, not pencil as we want this to be permanent.

The very first page in this manifesting technique should detail what you want in a clear and concise way.

My No.1 Manifesting Technique

On your new first page. write the questions and complete the answers:

manifestation technique desires

The first two are easy; the last question is the tricky one. I know most people who are trying this for the first time will struggle with that question. They’ve never seen proof that manifesting works.

Take it from me, it works!

If you are struggling to answer question three, this is where you can act your heart out! Just like an actor, believe the part and play it for all its worth. Only you can believe it, you’re not preaching to anyone else, just you. If you feel foolish about ‘tricking’ your (for now) skeptical mind, then get over it!

You wouldn’t even be reading this be if you didn’t want to believe manifesting works, would you? It’s hard to manipulate a programmed mind, but it has to be done. Take that negative vibe and throw it out of your thoughts.

This is an exercise and exercises are meant to be repeated. Once you see the power of your ability to get rid of your naysayer side, you will begin to understand that manifesting works.

Once you’ve gotten over that hurdle and completed the 3 questions, it’s time to write an agreement between you and the universe.

Penning The Gratitude

Write this affirmation in your own terms but make sure you feel the gratitude as you write. This will come from the heart and will start the process of manifesting.

You can make it as long as you like, but make sure that you write with feeling and in a belief it will happen.

For example:

manifestation technique affirmation

The Desire

Once completing the above affirmation, we now need to write our desire.

Write down at least 5 ways of creating an affirmation for whatever it is you want to manifest. These must include your gratitude and be written as if in the present. Whether it’s money you want, a promotion, better health or a new relationship, the gratitude for accepting it must be shown.

Again, for those struggling with their skepticism, it’s time to put on your actors hat and really take a leap of faith and believe what you write.

It won’t work if you don’t believe.

As an example:

manifestation techniques gratutude

Whatever affirmation you’ve written, choose the one that feels powerful the moment you repeat it. If you can condense it to a shorter version, then do so…you will need to write it out a few times! Once crafted, shorter and to the point sentences can really hit home.

Remember to write the phrases in the present tense…as if it was happening to you right now.

Now you’ve chosen your affirmation, the ‘hard work’ of this manifesting technique begins.

The Hard Work!

Start a new page and date it.

You are going to write the phrase you’ve chosen 21 times over the next 7 days without missing a day.

When you write, do so with intention, heart and belief. Write at a comfortable speed and let the energy flow.

If you miss a day, start from the beginning…it’s important we have a level of persistence.

manifestation techniques

Please don’t type the affirmation in Word or Notepad…you really need to feel a connection between you, the pen and the paper for this manifestation technique to work.

This will only take 10 minutes at most and after completing the days ‘work’, read it through, each and every line. Then close your eyes hold the journal to your chest for a few minutes breathing slowly and gently, thinking about your desire, then release it mindfully into the universe.

After every session, hide your book away in your chosen place.

Look forward to completing the day’s session. If you feel it’s a chore at that very moment you aim to begin, leave it a few hours until you feel it’s the right time.

Complete the sessions in your own time and place, night or day, desk or bed…as long as you’re comfortable and have 10-15 minutes of distraction free time.

Remember to date each day.

What Next?

Once the 7 days are over you should put away the book where no one but you and the hidden universe can find it. You can go back to it in a few months safe in the knowledge that your desire has been ‘triggered.’

Sometimes, you may receive your desire sooner than expected, but sometimes it can take a while. Be always mindful and positive that the wheels are in motion for you to accept your chosen desire.

As said at the very start of this exercise, it’s the belief and commitment as well as the gratitude from yourself that determines the power and energy of the universe to react with your higher self.

Have no doubts, eject negativity and encourage belief.

This may appear to be a very simple exercise, and it is, but the power is great. Not only do you show your intention, but you back it up with a written agreement that you and the universe understand.

It is affirmations at their best and a manifesting technique that I hold very dear.

5 thoughts on “Manifesting Technique To Get You Started”

  1. Hi Gail

    I’ve discovered you a few weeks ago and I am so Thankful!

    I am going to try this Manifestating technique of yours… :)) Just wondering how should I word my desire?

    I most desire S$100,000 to pay off my home mortgage. Do I need to say the reason why, when writing it or can I simply say…

    “I am so happy and grateful to receive S$100,000.00. Thank you universe.”

    I am currently going through the 15 Min Manifestation programme and I enjoying it very much.

    Thank you for your time. Roxanne

    • Hi Roxanne,

      You are definitely in the right, positive mindset for this…keep it going!

      The affirmation you’re using is perfect. If you want to mention the reason for the manifestation, perhaps you could say something along the lines of “This made my happy home complete and I love it more each day”

      No need to mention the mortgage…the energy vibes you give out will know what it’s for.

      Keep your excellent mindset and positivity flowing, Roxanne…the secret is to ALWAYS be in this clear and decisive frame of mind.

      All the best


  2. I read your review for 4d manifestor.
    You said I could get it for about 19 bucks.
    The web page says 47,
    Sometimes when you go to close the page, it will
    reduce the price in half.
    It did not do that.
    Any ideas or do you have another link?
    Thank you

    • Hi Tom,

      My apologies. I reviewed 4D Manifestor around 2 years ago when the price was, indeed, $19…but as I went back to check the link I found that you are quite right, it’s now $47 ($27 if you click away from the page). I wasn’t aware of the price hike and I will change that detail in my review. Thanks for the heads-up and my apologies again.

      All the best



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