Money Drawing Oil – Does it Work or Just a Nice Aroma?

Without sounding like I’ve lost the plot, I thought as I use essential oils in my burner during times of meditation, I would buy a small bottle of money drawing oil to see just what it’s like.

My very own 'Money Drawing Fragrance Oil' With Olly the Burner!

Now, I’m not into spirituality, or wicca, or hoodoo (there’s nothing wrong with them, I have friends who love it) but I am into my own mind. I find essential oils, slowly burning away, spreading luxurious aroma around my home extremely comforting.

I pick and choose essential oils depending on what mood i want that day to be.  I’ve been meditating for a while now and  I can almost switch into that mood merely by lighting the burner. Christmas is a wonderful time to be in my home, it emanates…well, Christmas 24/7!

I like to try as many essential oils as I can. It can be hit or miss, even with expensive oils, but there will always be a winner just around the corner,

I find Amazon have a wonderful selection to choose from, just not many Money drawing oils, so why is that?

All Oils are not equal!

The problem with essential oils is the quality, some can be overwhelming and bring on a headache and be totally alien to what it’s supposed to be. It took me 4 goes at finding the perfect honeysuckle oil, the others were just awful! Gave hubby a severe migraine! (so he says!)

So I was a little tentative when placing the tealight under the burner after carefully dropping two drops of my new purchase into it. I looked everywhere for a specific money drawing essential oil, but could only find one here in the UK that actually had ‘Money Drawing Fragrance Oil’ on the box.

I always use Amazon, by the way…cheaper and quicker to deliver.

The USA Amazon also only had one, the same, but this one was called ‘Money Drawing AROMA oil’. It’s the same one and made by SAC.

  • These fine quality aroma oils are manufactured by the Sandesh Agarbathi Co. of Bangalore, India. SAC Money Drawing Fragrance oil uses natural extracts to give you the purest fragrance throughout your home.
  • SAC Money Drawing Fragrance Oil creates a wonderful warm and inviting atmosphere, scenting your environment perfectly for indulgent relaxation and entertaining
  • This can be used as an alternative to incense, used on oil burners to release its true to life scent.
  • Few drops SAC Money Drawing Fragrance Oil can be added to your bag of potpourri to refresh and release the beautiful fragrance
  • Each Bottle contains 10ml of Fragrance Oil.

There are candles of course, but as I already have a burner, oils it shall be!

Anyway, I sat back, relaxed and pushed the play button with my binaural beats and began to meditate.

What Was It Like?

Drifting away, I began to sense the money drawing oil go to work. And I must say, most pleasant it was too. There was a light fragrance, not at all overpowering, but just right. Enough to remind you there was a new essential oil spreading around the house.

The aroma is difficult to describe. It’s something I haven’t come across before. Sweet, but not too sweet and warm, atmospheric.

After 30 minutes of total relaxation and a refreshed mind I’d almost forgotten about the money drawing oil and it’s aroma. It wasn’t until I went out to the car, and came back in, that the aroma was felt again…it was a delicious aroma that filled the downstairs of the house. I topped up the water until the tea light went out. I then lit a new one.

I was pleasantly surprised and now look forward to other sessions and maybe draw a pot of gold from the essence too.

Your Pot Of Gold Awaits!

I say that with a little tongue in cheek because although the oils are marketed as money drawing oils, they can be misleading. I really don’t think the oils alone will draw money to you, rather, they release an aroma where you can be reminded that this oil says ‘I should think of money’

Just like Jasmine or Lavender oil, I think of summer and it takes me there.

There are many types of money drawing essences and Almond, Heather, Patchouli and sassafras, among others, are said to have an energy that can increase your finances.

Not only money drawing oil, but crystals, candles and incense are used to draw success and money to you and your home.

Looking for Good Deals

I’m happy with the money drawing oil I have, it was only a few pounds and will last a long time. I bought it just to feel the aroma, not to go on some mad incantation with prayers to stir up the hoodoo. I just liked the smell.

Here are some ideas I found whilst looking for money drawing oil on Amazon in the UK

This is the kind of set I started off with and haven’t looked back since. This is around £20 and will give you several chances to find the ideal ‘one’

Over on Amazon U.S. there is a much larger selection than in the UK. There are hundreds of combinations to try out. Good Luck with that!

Final Thoughts On Money Drawing Oil

Well, I like to have my home filled with all kinds of aromas, but I don’t use essential oils for seeking out money. I use the oils to remind me of things and to set my thoughts alight with whatever I plan to manifest.

For instance, I use Lavender whenever I plan to be in the mood for a Greek getaway. We used it a few years ago whilst we were in Zante, and it’s reminded us of it ever since…it takes us there.

I will use it whenever the urge to jet off to the Greek Islands comes to mind, I meditate and within moments, I’m planning my next trip, from looking online to walking into my Greek apartment.

As for the money drawing oil I’ve used over the last 3 days, I haven’t had a sackful of money drop at my doorstep (yet) but that wasn’t my intention when using it. I simply thought of money coming to me when I needed it.

Let me know if you use a money drawing oil and if you think they work or not. Or if you use candles etc in which case, can you recommended any?


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