Need A Kick Up the Arse?

kick up the arse

Sorry about the use of language there, but I feel it’s what a lot of us need and sometimes only a crude idiom will do! Usually, a ‘kick up the arse‘ means stop drowning in your own laziness, but in this instance I mean it as a wake up call that you might just need.

We all go through life wishing good things came easy to us, and for some it does, but for the mass majority we have to work at it. And here I will show you a very simple way to get out of the ‘woe is me‘ mindset and get creative. Creativity breeds ideas, and new ideas put a whole new perspective on life.

Maybe your stuck in a rut or feel down or maybe disillusioned with life. You’re not getting what you want and everything seems to be a struggle. How do you get out of this mindset and give yourself that kick up the arse? You may be surprised how easy it is, but you must sink your teeth into it a be totally honest with yourself.

Start a Blog and Be Accountable

need a kick up the arseYes, a blog, and OK, you may say that’s a crazy idea, but please hear me out. You are the only person in the world who can be truly accountable to yourself. A blog updated every day with your observations can become your life, your thoughts and your aspirations and you can turn them into the target of your desires.

Letting it all out is a massive release, it’s why diaries have been around for centuries and are still popular to this day. Diaries are meant to be a private narration of your life and acts as a reminder of things past present and future. A blog is slightly different because someone may be able to read your life narration…and that’s what makes you accountable for what goes on in YOUR life. Someone might just read it!

Writing about what you want out of life will also attract the universal law of attraction. The more you imprint what you want in life the more those things will happen. I’m proof the law of attraction works, but you have to believe it, work it and live it.

Writing a blog about all the things that happen in your life makes you accountable for what you get out of life. If you write about boring, negative things, your life will mirror those thoughts and it will become dull and unattractive, but write about the things you want and deserve in life, in a truthful and passionate way, and you will be rewarded. You will also find that you actually look forward to writing your posts and all of a sudden you’re out of that rut of negativity.

How To Write Your Personal Blog

If your having a bad day, write about how you would like to change it, or how you would have liked to see the day end. Don’t be negative or unreasonable, write what should have happened and come to a conclusion of how your day can, and will, be better the next time you find yourself having a crappy day.

If you’re having a good day, then let it all out and enjoy writing in a passionate tone about how good it feels and what made the day so good.

If you’re an early riser, then write about what you would like to see happen that day, not only in your life, but all around you. What do you think will happen in the days events, or what you would want to see happen.

type the truth and give yourself a kick up the arse
Anyone can write a blog…even a monkey! (Well, probably not!)

If you write in the evening, go over what happened and make a commentary on certain things, give your opinions, be completely honest…you cannot fool yourself, it just feels wrong to even try. If something happened that didn’t sit right with you, either involving yourself or something in the big wide world, then tell it how it is…get it off your chest! It feels good!

If nothing much happened then write about the things you want out of life with added links to those things. Maybe you saw a great house for sale you’d like to own, link to it. Maybe a sports car caught your eye, a new TV, a holiday destination…link to them and write about how much you want them. It feels good.

Even if you feel you have nothing to say, you will be surprised how much you really do have to say. Pick one event that happened in the day and describe your feelings about it. The words will flow…and probably lead onto another subject.

A blog is really easy to set up, there are a number of platforms you can use for free. Or you could go the whole hog and get yourself your very own website…Wordpress is excellent for this.

Free Websites:

I’ve used all of these for one reason or another and they do the job well, but I would recommend getting your own website with your own domain name and use WordPress as your blog. Once you get into WordPress, you will be hooked! If you don’t know how to set up your domain name, hosting or WordPress site, contact me and I’ll give you all the necessary details.

A Kick Up The Arse is Easy!

be truthful to yourselfSometimes we all need a good kick up the arse (there I go again…being crude!) but getting out of that kind of mood can be difficult. I seriously believe that writing your own blog, all about yourself, being brutally honest at all times, will get you out of a negative mindset and will end your procrastination.

If you don’t feel comfortable using your own name, then become a voice. Make a name up for yourself such as Ray O’Sunshine, The Maverick, Sweetness  & Light…anything you want, but make sure you keep your blog updated EVERY day, write about YOUR life and commentate on the things you WANT and the things you can CHANGE.

As long as your content is truthful, it doesn’t matter what your name is. You may feel the Law of Attraction is not working for you, so write about it, not in a negative way, but in a positive, it’s-gonna-happen way.

You will soon see that writing about yourself and your feelings that you are, indeed, a unique and special human being…there is no one else like you and there has been no one like you EVER!

Make it a habit, make it happen and make it truthful. It’s so important to write with truth, if you don’t then you are the only one you’re trying to kid…and you don’t want to be doing that. You will be writing about how you can, and will, make your life better in every way and you will write in a positive tone. Over the weeks, months, years your blog will very much be worth reading!

Even if you don’t need that kick up the arse, writing a personal blog will open up all kinds of new avenues and ideas…be creative!

4 thoughts on “Need A Kick Up the Arse?”

  1. Yes, I need a kick up the, erm…backside too Gail! I’m in a comfort zone that’s not very comfortable and I must start doing something about it. Thanks for reminding me to do so.

  2. i too am 50 and at the big crossroads of our life journey
    haveing been a millionaire on paper anyway and lost everything some years ago
    im ready to start a blog thank god for spell check me been dislexic
    im going to start tomorrow morning at 6am
    hope to see you on the grrek islands

    big bri

    • That’s the spirit, Brian! Put it all down on a blog…everything! It helps you stand back and see the big picture of where you’ve been and where you want to go.

      I’m actually in Kalymnos at this very moment, having a break from the UK. The Greeks are wonderful…they’re facing a totally unknown future and still they party and look on the positive side of life.



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