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empowered mind videosEmpowered Mind Videos have been around for a while, but probably for all the wrong reasons!

When I was growing up, there was a lot of fuss about rock groups possibly using subliminal message to get inside their fans heads, even the Beatles were accused ‘backmasking‘, but that’s another story.

And because of this I’ve always wondered if it works or not. It also made me feel a bit uncomfortable knowing that if it did work, what was my subconscious being told?

Then came the furor of companies implanting ‘suggestive’ words in advertisements to cinema audiences to ‘Go buy a Soda’ type of thing just before the main attraction started. If mega rich companies are spending mega money to get inside the viewers minds…there must be something in it!

Those weird alleged subliminal messages of years ago are now a thing of the past and have either been banned or not taken seriously. Instead, what happens now, whether you see them with your naked eye or not, is subliminal messages in branded companies. Very clever when you realize where they are and what they mean!

So, what if these messages were used to improve our well being in our daily lives instead of trying to sell us something? Wouldn’t that be something else? Imagine the power those messages could bring to our subconscious mind without much work on our behalf…just like those company branded images. Wouldn’t that be great?

subliminal messages in videoNow, as you may know, I live life by the law of attraction, and some emails I’ve received in the past accuse me of using that Law in an aggressive way. At the beginning, yes, I did force myself to believe and was obsessed with getting my life to how I wanted it to be…and not how everyone thought I should live it. It took a lot of guts to make the Law of Attraction work for me, but I’m so glad I took that option.

But I understand that everyone cannot, or don’t want to, change their lives so drastically. Many people just want to have a better quality of life, keep most of their possessions and would like a new car, house, relationship etc. and want to use the Law of Attraction to do just that.

It’s understandable; those things come to me eventually when I want them and usually at the exact right time, but it took a year or two to get to this kind of mindset. But I digress.

Affirmations never worked for me. I felt they didn’t work because I didn’t believe in myself. I would much rather someone else tell me how great I was, or how much I deserved a better life…and tell me everyday. It was no good me standing in front of a mirror each morning and talking to myself in a positive tone. It may work for some people, it doesn’t for me.

This is where the subliminal videos come in very useful! A new series of empowered mind videos is about to hit the Law of Attraction marketplace. And I have to tell you, I’m mightily impressed!

Firstly, the quality of HD video is stunning! I’ve been through around 10 of the videos and they are a delight to watch. There are over 40 in all covering everything you can think of. I watch the ‘Attract Money and Luxury‘ videos which has a calming effect as well as filling your subconscious mind with positive messages. By using wonderful binaural beats, stunning video, subliminal text and a gentle voice, that is discretely hushed, you get a real feel of empowerment. Below is a short sample of such a video:

Did you see and feel the subliminal messages filtering in? What about the Binaural music? That throbbing, or pulse, is hitting certain frequencies that can tune into your minds bandwidth, so to speak.

If you’re struggling to make the Law of Attraction work for you, I can’t think of a better way to start making it work, in earnest, than with these Empowered Mind Videos. All you have to do is click start and watch…how easy is that? Many, many people fail to grasp what’s needed for the LOA to work…then fail and simply give up. Don’t give up…get serious with manifesting your desires and they will come.

You may find yourself drifting off into different thought patterns whilst watching the videos, but it doesn’t matter…those subliminal message are at work with your subconscious. Even if you find yourself totally immersed in the HD visions, no matter…those messages are still arriving into your mind.

Now, isn’t this a lot better than standing in front of a mirror and reeling off a bunch of affirmations? Isn’t it better to have someone else tell you you’re a great person or you deserve better in life…all in HD? Well, I think so!

empowered mind videos and subliminal messages

I’ve never been into giving MYSELF affirmations, although I do tell myself I can do certain things, but telling myself I’m a lucky person doesn’t sit well with me. It feels so much better coming from another voice, particularly if that voice is telling my subconscious.

There are a host of videos to choose from, including overcoming obstacles, memory improvement, gaining willpower, self healing, combating fear, finding love, manifesting wealth and many others. Take a look at the empowered library to see all the videos that are available.

The videos and membership for the Empowered Mind Videos series are all together within a monthly fee so you can watch as many as you like whenever you like. They won’t take up any hard drive space and are available on any PC, Laptop or Tablet that you own. The best way, I feel, to watch the videos is to concentrate on one video at a time. Really get those messages flying into your subconscious until you’re ready to move onto a different one.

Empowered Mind Videos Website

A total explanation of how these empowered mind videos work is available on the official website and they do a much better job of making you understand how everything works than I ever could!

With that said, I see a huge amount of sense in having messages relayed to your subconscious via stunning images, relaxing and engaging binaural beats and gentle voice affirmations.

The videos range in length from around 20 minutes to 45 minutes, so you only need a small window in your busy day to sit, relax and watch the empowerment unfold.

I review may manifestation programs and Law of Attractions course as it’s a huge hobby for me. I like to see what’s likely to work and what is just plain madness. After reviewing the Empowered Mind Videos series I can say it’s one of the best ideas ideas or getting the Law of Attraction work. You cannot help but be empowered by watching and listening to these videos.

To see more examples of what kind of empowerment videos are available, go here to visit the official website, and please feel free to leave a comment or question about the Empowered Mind Videos series below.

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    Has anyone (other than Gail that is) purchased any of the Empowered Mind videos?

    I’d love to hear whether you’ve had any success with them? I really want to lose weight: so would particularly be interested to hear from someone who has had success with that one!


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