Practice Manifesting By Starting Small!

practice manifesting with gail

A wonderful way to practice manifesting is to actually try and draw the things you want directly to you by seeking them out in offline, and online, competitions.

Positive thoughts with action are the key to manifestation success.

If you want a new car, money, a sunny break or anything that will fit nicely into your life…go after them by helping the universal vibrations align with your intentions.

Or, put another way, start a chain of actions to get a reaction.

It may sound obvious, but entering competitions is a very simple way to tell the universe that you want that ‘thing’.

A Law of Attraction understanding is that whatever we desire, it is already there…all we must do is be ready to accept it.

What better way to practice manifesting than to visibly see that prize, whether it be a car or holiday, sat right there…waiting for us to receive it? If we believe it’s already ours, we take action and get the ball rolling.

Practice Manifesting Today

I have manifested numerous ‘prizes’ over recent years simply by applying an action plan.

I’ve won everything from signed books to holidays to magazine subscriptions. If I like the look of something, then I’ll enter a competition to see if the prize is already mine to receive.

It’s a straightforward way to get used to manifesting.

The action of simply entering a competition is the first step to basic manifesting. Once entered, write a short letter to yourself that has signaled your desire to accept the prize on offer.

Think it’s a bit silly to do so? Have you tried it yet?

Thinking it’s a crazy way to manifest goodies will only see you NOT collect the prize. You must really believe that what’s on offer is already yours. It’s also a fun exercise!

If You Really Want It, You Will Recieve It

Of course, you won’t ‘win’ every competition you enter, but I accept more than my fair share of prizes. One sticks out in my mind from last year. I needed a Satnav. I really wanted one because I sometimes need to pick my son up from Uni when hubby is away.

The idea of driving a 200-mile round trip, I must admit, got me a little worried so I went on Amazon, read the Satnav reviews and liked the TomTom.

After looking around for competitions for the SatNav (it cost £300+!) I found one by doing a simple Google search. I entered the competition, visualized accepting it, wrote a simple journal entry detailing why I wanted it and told the universe I was ready to receive it.

A month later, it arrived. No email confirmation either…it just turned up!

I had even forgotten about it, but the intention was always there from the beginning.

Start Looking For Your Desires

There are many competitions that haven’t resulted in me receiving the prize, but I guess the eventual winner wanted it more than me.

I’m in the UK and I use websites such as HotUKDeals to find possible competitions to enter.

These kinds of websites are all over the Internet, so why not try it out for yourself.

What I will say though, in preparation for a heap of promotional emails from the comps you enter, it’s best to sign up for a new email account and use that for this purpose only. Gmail is perfect.

You will get spammed a lot, so it’s wise to keep a separate email.

Any kind of opportunity to receive the things you want should be actioned

Get The Ball Rolling

When you receive a prize, your belief in manifestation gets bigger. The process also becomes easier as the proof is always in the pudding.

This isn’t just limited to the Internet, of course. Look in local newspapers and magazines and if something catches your eye, and you can win it, then why not put a little manifestation plan into practice?

Invest in time to practice manifesting, because the better you get at it, the more you will receive.

Remember to write it down whatever you’re ready to receive, think about it often and visualize it whenever you get a free moment of relaxation.

The aim here is to get used to performing manifesting methods and see which ones prove to work for you. I get emails from people who try so hard to manifest and it just isn’t working for them. This will allow people to start small and once the process gains strength, then so will their belief.

Once you start receiving things you’ve asked for, that are already there, the intention point will become stronger each time.

Get Comping!

Try it. Experiment by entering competitions for things you would really like to see enter your life. Start small and build up the belief that the vibrations you emit really does have an influence on the universal law of attraction.

It really does work, but you will need to practice manifesting every day to reap what you sow.

Have you had any experiences where you’ve targeted something through manifesting and found success? I’d like to know, so please leave a comment below.

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