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I really didn’t know what to make of the Quantum Manifestation Code when I first took a look. It could be a brilliant breakdown of how we manifest things by using thought waves and actions, or it could be just another way of saying ‘be the best you’ and therefore manifesting will automatically come.

Either way, a lot of it makes sense, but also, a lot of it doesn’t. Find out why in my very detailed review.

Quantum Manifestation Code - The Beginning

The Quantum Manifestation Code uses the teachings of Jesus in an attempt to make our lives better by decoding and using what He said into words and instructions we can understand today.

Sounds heavy stuff! Couple with that the Quantum Superposition is used as a backup, or evidence, of what is being taught in the Quantum Manifestation Code program.

No wonder I have left it late to review this product! It seems quite a task getting my head around either of the subject content, but I should have tried because it’s not as hard as it seems.

Where I Stand On Religion - A Disclaimer

The author, Benjamin Malcolm, says he’s taken the last 10 years to decode a lot of what Jesus said in the Bible into a life transforming program. There are examples of this in the sales video right here, or if you prefer to read what he says about this, then click here.

I can see where he’s coming from, but before I go through the Quantum Manifestation Code in earnest, let me tell you where I stand on the religious side of this.

I don’t follow any religion. There I’ve said it, so straight off the bat, I may struggle with this program, but as the author questions the Church’s ethics in his program (and he’s a Christian!) I am prepared to go through it and find out if it has any benefit to people like me or of those of a religious belief.

He says the Church holds back a lot of information about what Jesus said, only revealing around 30,000 words he is purported to have said. Benjamin says a lot of the real good stuff is held back. And he could be right as recently more gospels were found, including an alleged letter from Jesus to his brother.

This is where I may struggle with the structure of the Quantum Manifestation Code. I don’t believe Jesus existed as the son of God, but there could well have been some human around at that time who was a bit of a ‘wise man‘ who passed on his thoughts and teachings for others to log.

Or, there might not have been.

Quantum Superposition

Benjamin uses examples of Quantum Superposition to get to the point and that Jesus knew about this stuff all along and was telling his disciples how all this works. Only in cryptic ways…in which Benjamin says he has decoded.

Well, Quantum Superposition is a weird and wonderful subject which I don’t fully understand. It’s a part of science that blows my mind and to say I truly understand it is a crazy lie…but I get the gist…I just don’t fully understand it.

Now, if Jesus knew this all along, and He wanted to explain it all to make us a better people, why would He be so cryptic? Why not just tell it like it is? Why make conundrums out of it?

Anyway, I’m getting off track but if you want a detailed description of what Quantum Superposition is then go here and, may I say, good luck!

So, what the Quantum Manifestation Code is trying to tell us is that you can be anything you want to be and you can get anything you want from life by just using the Quantum Superposition thing. In other words:

Something is ready to happen, it doesn’t know what to manifest into until you decide the outcome. It all depends on how you view whatever it is you want to manifest and how focused you are on it. It could go any number of ways.

Sounds very complicated, right?

Is It So Complicated?

Well, when you put it that way it probably is, but my take on this principle is very much the same…only I water down the explanation. It’s true that everything we see, feel and experience are all the same vibrational atoms wobbling along on different levels. Your car, you pet dog, your garden fork, your TV…YOU, are all made of the same stuff. Basically just a bunch of atoms producing different forms. There really is no solid reality.

So, if we’re made of all the same stuff, what’s the point of everything?

This train of thought has, for many people, seen them visiting their psychiatrist and ending up all depressed.

And that’s why we all should make our lives the very best we can. Once you begin understanding that everything we do is determined by how we act. Things happen for a reason. That happening equates to how your life is panning out right now.

Simply put, the reason we live this life is to be the best we can, not to struggle along and accept a lowly life. We can be anything we want. We can get anything we want. It’s just a case of understanding the power is inside all of us to live the life we decide to live.

Many of us have been beaten into submission by not being able to do anything about the way life has treated us.

Well, that’s a very sad and defeatist attitude. To just accept that your life is a dreary day-to-day existence, devoid of any purpose, is a destructive path to tread. Is it any wonder there is so much misery in the world?

The Quantum Manifestation Code is a blueprint to stop this train of thought and put you on the road to a life of abundance and joy.

But it will take a leap of faith and a belief in all the above. Life CAN go your way.

Getting A Bit Heavy There, Gail?

Probably, but…it needs to be said.

When we are always feeling and thinking negative, those thoughts are energy that will attract the very same.


Oh, sure, some days you will say to yourself “right, today I’m going to be positive and see what happens” Well, probably nothing will change because you’re testing YOURSELF to fail.

It’s no good being a part time positive Joe, you need to not force it, don’t overthink it, just be positive, and it’s as simple as that. Yes, it will take time to change your mindset, but just let it happen. Enjoy the journey instead of trying to race to success. It will come.

What your thought, and action, energy gives out will affect what you get in return. Think of them as radio waves, we can’t see them but they’re positively there. And they produce an end result.

The particles we are all made of will feel the positive wave of change within you and the ripple effect will begin to expand throughout the universe. Those ripples you send out will clean your path to accept whatever you want. If they’re positive ripples, you will get happiness and contentment. If those ripples are negative, you will get more misery and appropriated ‘bad luck’.

Quantum Manifestation Code Reviews

The Quantum Manifestation Review

Now my rant about how manifesting works is over, let’s see how all this is explained in the Quantum Manifestation Code and how it says it can change your life and enable you to manifest anything you want.

First of all, it’s a digital product so can be downloaded right away, enabling you to dig in lickety-split.

You get 7 weeks’ worth of material that you go through a week at a time. One PDF per week starting with:

Week One – Introduction.

In the first part, we find 32 pages of how to discover your burning passion. This is all about how we prepare to manifest what we really want. It goes into detail about appreciating what we have, who we are and being true to oneself. There are little exercises in here to complete, so it’s best to have a journal of some kind to jot down your findings. Part one will start increasing your vibrational frequency.

Week Two – Release The Stagnant Energy

This is where we will be decluttering. Not just stuff around the house, but our minds too. This, I feel, is one of the biggest lessons in learning the law of attraction. We hang on to so much rubbish that it’s bound to affect our lives. It’s like excess baggage. We don’t really need it, so why keep hanging on to old things and thoughts. Let them go. We also start dreaming about the good stuff here in week two…so a good end to the week!

Week Three – Clearing the Emotional Chaos

We have all had a past, some good things happened, some not so good. We tend to dwell on the bad stuff that has happened to us. Emotion is truly powerful and often debilitating. There are exercises in week three that may be uncomfortable to face again, but face them we must. Until these bad emotive experiences have been acknowledged, we can’t let them go. There is a lot in week three to combat, and it may be hard to address some of the things you’re asked to write down. But by the end of the week, these old problems, won’t be problems anymore, in fact, they’re gone. A real positive end to the week!

Week Four – Achieving By Believing

Another HUGE part of manifesting is believing it will happen. I’ve banged on about this for years. If you don’t really believe it will happen, it won’t…it’s as simple as that. However, if you have a solid belief that ‘yup, it’s gonna happen’, it will. You have to practice this trait, but over week four you will see it’s not that hard to get into that mindset. More journal work here, but it’s important to write your findings down. Believe me!

Week Five – Choose Joy

We all want to do things that make us happy, right? Who wouldn’t? But it’s surprising how little we actually do the things we love. Week five helps us manage how to be more joyous in the things we do and drop the actions that drain us. Using your journal, you will soon start to identify the things that drag us down. Certain chores, food, attitudes and more can vex us, so how about approaching things in a better way. Learn how in week five and put lots more joy into your everyday  life.

Week Six – Aim For Abundance

By now you should be in the best mindset of your life and now you can start to address what it is you really want from life. Be it money, health or a special relationship, it’s time to hone in on it. Week six you will find out what exactly that ‘something’ is. Again, using your journal, you will write down a number of things asked of you in the text. Don’t be surprised what you learn about yourself here. Remember, you’ve been through five other weeks to get to this point of clarity, so whatever it is you want, it will hit you like a thunderbolt here, right in front of you.

Week Seven – Final Transformation

By now, your vibrational frequency should be on fire! You may find people have noticed already how much more fun, happy and together you are. These past few weeks have transformed you into a manifestation magnet. Notice how doing things has become a lot easier and enjoyable of late? How some things in the past would have been tricky, are now easy? This journey has just began and with the undoubted belief you have learned to accept as real, things start to happen positively in your life. It’s not magic, it’s just that you have tuned your energy frequencies to be felt by the universal vibrations that bring you whatever you want.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. This is a life changing experience and you will continue to practice the things you’ve learned over the last 7 weeks. By this time you will be readily going over your journal to reinforce what is happening to you. You look forward to reading about the person you were. You will find yourself saying affirmations on a daily basis, because, simply, and you’ll know this by now, that this stuff works!

You’ve heard of the saying “it takes two” Well it’s true. The universe is already doing its part, and now it’s only you who is holding out. After these 7 weeks of training your thoughts and actions, you will be on a par with the universe. It’s already there, so go get it.


There you have it. The Quantum Manifestation Code is a real action plan to turn your life around. I’m extremely pleased I went through this program because I nearly dismissed it. It was only after a request from India (thanks India) when she asked me, very politely, to review it.

I can say the Quantum Manifestation Code is a very credible program to get your life on track and to begin manifesting your desires. If you’re really serious about changing your life, then I have no hesitation in recommending it.

As with all manifestation and Law of Attraction programs, I always say you must want to change your life. It’s no good just reading about it and not taking action. But with the material inside of the Quantum Manifestation Code you will find that if thought you were not an action taker, you will discover that you really ARE.

You will discover an energy that you may never have felt before. It may be alien to you, but simple common sense will prevail and steer your mind into auto-action without you even realising it. You may be thinking, “yeah, it all sounds good, but I don’t think I could give it the commitment that’s needed” Well, let me tell you…that commitment creeps up on you unawares and you find you’re doing stuff without even realising it!

After all, you wouldn’t be reading this review if you didn’t want to do something about your life. Open your mind and let it in.


There is a lot to be positive about the Quantum Manifestation Code. You will be taken through the program with lots of good explanations and encouragement. Everything you wanted to learn about the Law of Attraction is here in this program. You don’t have to go through countless books to understand what it is that makes the Law of attraction tick.

Manifesting comes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction. That law is a vibrational energy that surrounds us always. The frequency has to be aligned with your own vibrational energy and that’s where the ‘magic’ happens. It may already be lined up, but you may also be aligned with the opposite of what you want to attract. The Quantum Manifestation Code will sort that out with the exercises inside of the 7-week guides.

It’s not expensive, it’s easily downloaded and it comes with bonuses. You don’t really need them, but they’re bonuses all the same. The Power Nap+ program is one I’ve yet to go through, so will report on that one later in another post.


I don’t like doing negatives, but I feel I have to point out that I follow no religion. The Quantum Manifestation Code uses a lot of phrases from the bible that are broken down into easily understood terms which, I admit, I found to be extremely useful and thought provoking. So not really a negative. In fact, I easily got past the religious aspect of the book, but just thought I’d point it out to those less tolerable of the bible influence.

The Quantum Superposition inclusion was understandably included for the benefit of explaining the way Jesus is supposedly understood the mind-boggling law. But, with all Quantum science, although interesting, it had me scratching my head trying to fathom it all out. But it was only there as a back up to the theory of the Quantum Manifestation Code, and probably needed. (I probably did a bit of over thinking too, anyway!)


Very surprised! I wish I’d gone through the Quantum Manifestation Code a while back after first getting it instead of letting it gather dust on my hard drive. It’s certainly one of the better Law Of Attraction programs out there and very well presented and explained.

It would be useful for anyone wanting to get on the Law Of Attraction ladder and learn what has to be done to benefit from successful manifesting. Follow the instructions from start to finish and you will find yourself a better person with a great outlook to manifest your desires.

There is no need to wade through hundreds of books to find out how manifesting works. Just follow a set of instructions to the very best of your ability and all will become clear.

I would suggest getting a decent plain journal to work with. It will be an imperative tool for you to utilise for writing down your experiences and for looking back on all your previous thoughts. It’s truly beneficial to see where you were and where you are now. It’s also why I encourage starting a blog for your journey into manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

Where to Get The Quantum Manifestation Code?

You can watch the video where Ben explains the whole program and goes into some detail of what Quantum superposition is. He explains it well, but be warned the video is about 30 minutes long.

You can alternatively read the text version if you prefer to by clicking here.

So, after all that, I was certainly glad I was able to review the Quantum Manifestation Code, it is a lot better than I first expected it to be. Never judge the book by its cover – lesson learned!

Full Text Page Version

Full Video Page Version

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