The Secret Mirror 3.0 Review and Case Study

The Secret Mirror by Joe Vitale is one of the most important programs to make Manifesting really happen for you…and I will tell you why. I recently acquired The Secret Mirror in order to not only write a review, but to put it through its paces. Even though I live my life by working with the law of attraction and have manifested many things, I still have too many negative thoughts and a certain amount of limiting beliefs that I really need to work on.

This will be a long post/review in which I detail what The Secret Mirror is and what it did for me and, importantly, what it can do for you.

Firstly, if you’re reading this then you will probably know all about the Law of Attraction and how manifesting can, and will, change your life. You may have watched the movie ‘The Secret’ (in which Joe Vitale appears) and thought it was incredible. So much so that you decided to find out more and got Googling. You then tried out all what was being taught and….nothing.

You may have read books by Michael Samuels, Michael Losier and Esther Hicks and understood the theory behind the law of attraction and gave it a go for a few months but still nothing notable happened. Yes, you may have had a small amount of success, but not the ‘biggy’.

the secret mirror review

You may have even stumbled across my blog and thought ‘if she can do it, then so can I’ but lost interest when those super-duper abundances never showed up.

Or maybe you’re new to all this and have just heard of ‘The Secret Mirror’ and wanted to find out more because it sounds like a good fit for you.

You may have even had an email about it and wanted to see if anyone has any experience with the secret mirror technique before delving into it further.

Whatever your reason, you want find out if the secret mirror will help you to discover the missing link that seems to be the stumbling block when trying to manifest your desires.

Does The Following Sound Like You?

You know you have to do something, anything, to change your present circumstances but don’t know how? There are people all around you who seem to be enjoying life. They are happy, in control, contented even, and seem to get all the breaks that always seem to elude you.

Your life is in a continual downward spiral and there seems to be no escape. The relationship you’ve always wanted is never going to materialize. Money is always just out of your reach and you can’t see a way to even get on level terms. Maybe you work hard at your job but are spinning your wheels not knowing how to get to the next stage that will see your life turn around.

Maybe you just want to be happy.

Something is stopping all this from becoming a reality…and the answer is staring you in the face: It’s YOU.

There are thoughts that are poisoning your chance of success that are deeply rooted inside of your subconscious mind. You know they’re there, but don’t know how to find them, confront them and finally eradicate them. It’s scary and uncomfortable to know that it is YOU that is sabotaging yourself.

Of course, we all know this but many of us brush it off as if it’s a part of life. But it needn’t be. In fact, I urge you to look deep inside yourself, however uncomfortable it may be, to disarm those limiting beliefs and turn them into reality beliefs. And it can be done with a little work, a healthy dose of honesty, and preparation to go outside of your comfort zone.

This maybe something you may not want to hear, but look at it this way. If you don’t know yourself, what chance have you in believing in yourself to make this work?

I have managed to turn my life around by doing just that. It was painful, exhausting and alien to me, but I did it over the time span of a year or so.

You don’t have to go through my long, painful experience to arrive at the destination you so much deserve. Take the guess work out by following a proven routine, and stick to it.

joe vitale the secret mirror 3

The Secret Mirror Fast Track

The reason you don’t have to suffer the year long metamorphosis I endured is because you will have the help of Joe Vitale and the Secret Mirror.

You see, I had to do it by myself with not much help from anyone else. Yes, I’d read Napoleon Hill and Wallace D Wattles and they were, and still are, very helpful, but that was all. They struck a chord, but ultimately, it was all down to me and a reprogramming of my thoughts and actions that got me to where I am now.

If only The Secret Mirror 3.0 was around back then. Not only would I have found out what I had to do in a much quicker time, but wouldn’t have questioned my every move.

the secret mirror reviews

With a program, and mentor, like Joe Vitale you can find those limiting beliefs that are holding you back and erase them by just looking deep into yourself and acting on your discoveries.

I will get onto what’s involved in the Secret Mirror 3.0 technique shortly, and please be aware that you will have to go through some things that might scare you. The reason they scare you is because of that limiting belief in yourself…no one else, just yourself.

Nothing or nobody can change you more than you can change yourself. Understand and realize it.

We need to get involved with our subconscious thoughts, analyzing them, understanding them and finally acting upon them to clear the way for us to get the things we want. It’s all there folks, just start digging. All the answers are inside of us.

How Do We Get The Answers?

That’s the tricky bit. But with the help of the Secret Mirror it becomes a lot easier. You will have a ‘road-map’ to follow and with the trust that comes along with the exercises shown to you in the program, you will get to your destination.

You will unearth so many blocks and negative thoughts that you will amaze yourself by becoming your own life detective in solving every one of them.  All you have to do is face those problems by simply listening to yourself. The answers will literally be staring you in the face.

I’ve been using the Secret Mirror for around a while now (as I write this) because I still have some limiting beliefs. Admittedly, they may not seem problems to you but the process of ridding myself of them is the same as someone who wants to be rich or successful in life or for anyone wanting to begin a more enlightened, happier and contended existence.

If you’ve visited my blog before, you will know that most of my ‘wants’ from life have been manifested and I’m pretty happy about it too, but there is one or two things that still need work to become reality. And those are being held back by my limiting belief in them ever happening.

You see, my ultimate goal manifestation has happened. I’m finally happy and contented, but one of my life goals was to own and live in a property on a sun-kissed Greek island.

I have visited those islands many times over the last 3 years and even spent six months on Crete last year where we rented or lived with friends. We loved it and visited many properties with the view of buying and living our days out on one of the beautiful Greek islands.

We’ve loved our visits over the last few years and will be back, this time to Corfu, to spend a month or two looking at possible homes. But…how long before we make the final decision? After listening to our British and Greek friends, we are now having doubts.


We have been told it’s not all roses. The taxes are too high, it’s not as safe as it used to be, the mozzies and wasps can be a nightmare, the weather can be horrendous, you will miss your friends and family…the list goes on.

Even though we’ve spent a total of 16 months out there over the last 48 months, there are doubts creeping in about our move. We’ve even worked in a friend of a friend’s village taverna to help them out for a month and loved it…but recently the doubts are becoming stronger than ever. Why?

I need to find out. After all, this was one of our main goals to manifest and it’s almost upon us. It’s within our reach, and when all is said and done, the manifestation is going to happen…but we must find out why all of a sudden negativity has crept in.

I should be able to handle this myself with all I’ve been through since 2008, but I admit I’m struggling and that is what piqued my interest in The Secret Mirror 3.0 by Joe Vitale.

There are other niggling negative thoughts I have, but this is the big one.

Remember, this is MY manifestation problem but it’s all relative to whatever you may want to manifest. Be it money, success, relationships, or just the yearning to be happy and contented…it’s the same thing.

The following is a brief review of what’s inside The Secret Mirror 3.0, and after that, my experience with it.

The Secret Mirror Review

Module 1

After investing in The Secret Mirror  you will receive an email with your log in details which will take you to the members area. Save these details, and bookmark the log-in page.

Just click on the program to get started. Here you will find an introduction video with Joe Vitale detailing how he developed The Secret Mirror and tells you about its original participants, their results and how you can replicate them.

I would advise you to watch these first video modules in order, then start again, but this time getting involved. There are 5 videos in this first module:

1 – Getting Started With The Secret Mirror

2 – Preparing For Using The Secret Mirror

3 – Discovering Your Counter Intentions

4 – Your Personal Guided Secret Mirror Session

5 – Taking Inspired Action

the secret mirror joe vitale module one
This is a screenshot inside of my members area. The first module.

Video 1 is the introduction that I’ve already mentioned. It gives you some idea of how Joe has put the course together and the best way to implement it into your life.

The second video shows you how to prepare for your Secret Mirror sessions. You can do these anytime, day or night, and in a place that is both comfortable and quiet. Obviously, it’s best to be alone so you can really concentrate on the inner you.

Onto to the third video where you will discover how to unearth those blocks that were almost invisible before. They might be so deep-rooted, you may have forgotten about them…but they are there. This may be intimidating for some, but on the other hand, you’re finding things out about yourself that are probably holding you back and blocking your manifestation efforts.

The fourth video now takes you into your Secret Mirror sessions, so after understanding what your going to expect, you’re now about to experience them.

As said before, this may be a little uncomfortable for some people, but understand that you are totally alone with no one to hear what you’re saying. This is where you talk to yourself and it’s important to listen to Joe for what to say.

The final video in this first module should have you understanding what you have to do to rid yourself of those negative blocks that keep holding you back from the good life. Here, you’ll discover, as plain as day, your major hold-ups and blocks. You will find the answers and be able to act on them and believe me, you WILL want to act on them because, simply, they’re your problems. No one else’s.

You will find you have an action plan that suddenly becomes crystal clear. Now all you have to do is set about working that plan.

This is powerful stuff. In my case study, which is still ongoing and will be for the foreseeable future, I sorted my negative blocks into priority order. It was almost like having a personal psychiatrist within me, when in fact it was me all along. The answers are already there if only you just listen to yourself.

Joe vitale the secret mirror pdf
(not clickable, downloads can be found in members area of The Secret Mirror 3.0)

Also, here you will find 2 downloadable pdfs. The first is a quick reference sheet that lists in order the steps to take when your secret mirror sessions start. This is so handy to place beside the mirror when you need a quick reminder of what to say.

The second secret mirror PDF is 5 steps to overcome self-sabotage. Whenever you feel down or lack encouragement, simply refer to this strategy and you’ll soon be up and running again. Very handy and inciteful.

Module 2: Example Mirror Sessions

This module has Joe’s own personal Secret Mirror session that he did for himself. There are 5 other examples from people just like you and me. Watching these for the first time will open your eyes and most likely make you feel like you are intruding on their very personal secret mirror sessions. But they are so useful in showing you how to go about your own session.

I notice how none of them seemed phased by what they were saying. This is because they’ve done this many times and now it’s a part of their action plan to keep focused on their dreams and manifestations.

I also note the affirmation of thanks and gratefulness along with self-promotion. This is so important.

Module 3: TSM Community

There are at least 12 videos here (and growing) from people working with their own Secret Mirror sessions. This is the TSM community in which you are now a member.

Here, you can see how people from all walks of life use the Secret Mirror to improve their own lives.

Module 4: Bonus Gifts

This module includes some wonderful bonuses as listed below. These alone are worth the entry fee alone, but you get them for being a Secret Mirror member.

  • Dr. Joe Vitale’s ‘Powerful Zero Limits III Video Series’
  • Over 8 hours of video recorded at Dr. Joe Vitale & Dr. Hew Len’s ‘Zero Limits III’ 2 day Seminar Event.
  • Attract Money Now LIVE Video
  • Watch Dr. Joe Vitale share his touching story about how he learned to attract abundance into his own life.
  • Attract Money Now
  • Dr. Joe Vitale’s best-selling book. ‘Your Superpowers Dream It, Achieve It’ 
  • Steve Gardner’s book especially for your teenager.

There are 3 more downloadable bonuses from Joe you can read at your leisure.

There is also a private Community Group that you can join by being a member of The Secret Mirror 3.0

So, that’s the Secret Mirror brief walkthrough and I hope you can see there is a ton a value to be collected. I will now go even further and even deeper into the Secret Mirror as I think you need to hear my own thoughts about this program.

My Secret Mirror Case Study

I started the Secret Mirror sessions just before Christmas and at first did it everyday until I was happy I knew the routine. I’m now using it once a week and so many questions have been answered.

Why was negativity starting to flood into my manifesting?

Well, I found out. As I said earlier, it was as if I had become my very own psychiatrist, but when in all truth, it was just me unearthing the blocks that had grown since deciding my goal of living in Greece. I found out why I had become negative and why my dream home appeared to be fading away.

This is how I found out. Now, my problem may be nowhere near as concerning as your problem, but to me it was a mountain to overcome. You will probably want very different things to me, but it’s all relative in the grand scheme of things.

Replace my ‘wants’ with yours. It may be that you need more money, more success or a new relationship…whatever. You will find out what it is that’s stopping you receiving them. In my case, self belief, fear of abandonment and health were my blocks.

In the cold light of day I am within touching distance of my manifestation that I’ve worked so hard to receive. I wanted to find out why I hadn’t taken it yet…it hadn’t come into my possession after all I’ve done to be ready to accept it.

Now I know.

The Secret Mirror Session - Here we go

I’ve been through the introduction a couple of times (I always go through each video two or three times) where Joe Vitale outlines what you can expect to find in the Secret Mirror 3.0 series.

We’re expected to identify the blocks that stop manifestation from working and gives the main reason why the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work for some people.

I’ve known this for some time and I do tend to bang on about it in my blog posts. When we start out on this life-changing journey, so many of us are disappointed that what we want, simply don’t come.

joe vitale secret mirror sessions
Kim Larson's Personal Secret Mirror 3.0 Session

Why is this?

Our conscious intentions are clear to us and our minds begin to change to allow abundance into our lives, but so often it ends in failure because of deeply hidden counter intentions. We might be sure that what we want most from life is pretty obvious, and usually, it is, but the reason we don’t always receive it is because of deeply rooted negative thoughts that, unbeknownst to our conscious mind, exist.

These negative thoughts, or serious doubts, act as a barrier to a crystal clear path to the life we really want. The Secret Mirror 3.0 will get YOU to identify these for yourself.

Joe took 4 people he had never met or even spoken to before and set about changing their lives by using them as ‘guinea pigs’ to prove the Secret Mirror 3.0 works. He was successful.

What we have here is a program that can change your life too. The important takeaway here is that you must be open and very honest with yourself and not be afraid to face yourself and ask awkward questions. I know from previous experience that this can be intimidating. I remember doing the same sort of thing some years ago, only it was the opposite of what Joe is teaching here.

A little more on that later, and I would bet that you have done the same thing at least once in your lifetime. I used to do it every day, and it wasn’t pretty!

When the sessions start in earnest, you will feel uncomfortable at first but please realize you will also be benefiting from building the new you. There is a lot to take in over the coming sessions and Joe insists that you take your time, but be prepared and willing to take responsibility.

Video 2 Preparing for using the secret mirror 3.0

Joe tells us that it’s perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable going through these sessions at first. I, having gone through at least a month’s worth of sessions can relate. At first, I was a little intimidated by myself. How weird is that? But now, I’m extremely comfortable when facing my reflection.

Be in no doubt that you will have to work at this, it’s not some magic hypnotic spell that does the work for you, but you will get to a meditative stage where you’re aware that all the focus is on you and you only.

In the Secret Mirror technique, you will be repeating a mantra often: This will be ‘I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you’. These are self-affirmations relating to you only. This is powerful, it may feel strange to say this to yourself, but when looking eye to eye at your reflection, and mean it, it is strong stuff.

The Wrong Way To See Yourself

I said earlier that I used to do almost the same thing some years ago. Today, I’m ashamed of what I was saying to myself and now, when I think back, it creeps me out!

We have a large full-length mirror on the landing of our house and whenever I go upstairs I can’t help but see myself. Back then, I was in such a desperate state of mind that sometimes I would walk up to the mirror and berate myself pretty badly. I would stand there looking myself in the eye and say things like ‘look at you…you’re hopeless, I hate you, you’re not worthy of anything’ I would let loose a tirade of abuse using profanities that would shame a sailor.

This would happen often because everything I did or tried to do would end in failure. Nothing good would ever happen to me, only bad stuff that sapped my energy day in and day out. The worse it got, the more I would stand in front of that mirror and curse myself.

How twisted is that? But it proves a very important point. The more I shoved negativity in my face, the more the subconscious mind listened, resulting in bad things being attracted to me. My conscious mind would then reverse-listen to the subconscious mind and allow it to happen.

It’s no wonder that I often thought I was going insane! It took a huge amount of effort and belief in the law of attraction to get out of that ‘frame of mind’. I can already see that the Secret Mirror can be of huge benefit to people who have no belief in themselves. If only it had been around 10 years ago.


In your sessions, you will hear lots of chatter from the negative part of your mind. It may be small, but in many cases it will be loud and distracting. This is normal.

After a while these will become less and less, the job for you now is to realise they are there and understand these are the blocks you will be clearing.

It doesn’t really matter what sort of mirror you use. It can be handheld or wall mounted, or maybe use your mobile phone or webcam. The important thing is to be able to see your whole face with clarity…especially your eyes.

I use a portable bathroom mirror on its stand, about the size of a laptop. Sit at my desk, get comfortable, relax and find a time when I won’t be disturbed. For the first two weeks, I did a session daily to memorize the stages. There are 10 steps (more on this in Video 4) and comes with a downloadable page to help remind you of them.

The (un)comfort zone

After two weeks, I knew the process well and I’m now able to use the Secret Mirror technique on a weekly basis without prompts.

As I said before, you will find this a little intimidating at first, and perhaps uncomfortable. But to get the life you want, and to be able to manifest the good things in life, you have to move out of your comfort zone. It’s only a comfort zone…it’s not as if you have to walk a tightrope over the Grand Canyon or do anything physically demanding or dangerous…it’s only a frame of mind you have to alter.

Be willing to commit to this, be willing to be honest with yourself, and believe in the process.

Video 3 Discover your counter intentions

Joe now goes into detail about what counter intentions are and gives plenty of examples. I know exactly what he means.

This video explains it a lot better than I can (Joe is very good at explanations and his soothing confident voice helps). In essence, though, the subconscious mind ultimately believes what the conscious mind is telling it. If you have thoughts that you believe to be true in your conscious mind that is also true in your subconscious mind, then manifesting becomes a breeze.

But if your subconscious mind doesn’t believe your conscious mind, then you will have heaps of trouble in getting what you want from life. It’s a case of aligning both so that each mind, your conscious and subconscious mind, believes your statement of intention to be true, without a doubt, and to be crystal clear…that’s when the magic happens.

You can’t have one misfiring against the other. They must be in tandem.

The subconscious mind is so much bigger than the conscious mind, in fact, its HUGE. Stored away in that locker are countless negative thoughts and experiences that block your ability to deliver whatever you want.

You may say, I’m going to be rich, I’m going to get the perfect partner, I’m going to be successful and then do a ton of things to back that up…but if your subconscious mind doesn’t believe it, then it probably won’t happen.

The job of the Secret Mirror is to find out why your subconscious mind is barring your manifestations from ever happening.

I have a manifestation that is within touching distance, but something is not allowing it to be accepted by myself. I intend to find out what it is and why its affecting my intention.

conscious mind

Over the last few years, I’ve manifested many things. Once the ball starts rolling and you begin to get results, you realize the law of attraction is very, very real. I’ve been able to get out of debt, find love all over again, be as healthy as I’ve ever been, and many other little things that I’ve been able to accept and most importantly, become a very happy person.


I still haven’t received one of my biggest goals in life even though I’ve done everything to make it so. My Greek home.

I’ve been driven to accept it, but it hasn’t happened yet. Over the last 3 years, I’ve visited various Greek islands, stayed in some for months, viewed properties even worked there and it feels like home. All I have to do is make the move.

It seems odd to me that I haven’t yet achieved that. This may sound like a very strange manifestation exercise to you, but it’s all relative. You may want a huge blast of cash to come into your life, or something else…success, love, or health. To me, now it’s my Greek home on a sun-kissed island away from the madness of the modern way of life and into tranquility.

I am using the Secret Mirror to find out what’s going on. There must be a reason why it’s not manifested yet.


The Secret Mirror 3.0

If you've ever struggled to make the Law of Attraction truly "manifest" your deepest desires the way it seems to do for owe it to yourself to watch this now (this is big -- your next 20 minutes could change everything)


I have blamed the reason for many things or found plenty of excuses. What are they and can I remove the blocks when I find them? Do I even want to remove the blocks? My conscious mind says yes, but apparently, my subconscious mind says a big fat no.

In Video 4 I start to find out the reasons why my big old manifestation hasn’t materialized…yet.

By the way, these are my words, not Joe’s. He will guide you to your own blocks, or rather, you will guide yourself.

Video 4 Your Personal Guided Secret Mirror 3.0 Session

subconscious mind

I started in early December. I went through what Joe advised me to do in preparation for my sessions. I found a window of peace each day where I wouldn’t be distracted and settled down to go through the sessions.

In the personally guided session of the Secret Mirror, there are places in the video where you should pause it and commit to the exercises. You can pause for as long as you want…10 minutes, an hour, even the whole day at first, the important thing is to be honest with yourself and I would advise entering your questions and answers into a journal.

I go through the 10 steps day after day by listening, not watching, Joe and then after a few days I use the list from the downloadable pdf. After two weeks, I know the process by heart and go it alone.

I will say that you have to look yourself in the eye and you will experience plenty of times where you will find yourself wandering, but do try to stay focused. The first few times the mind may well start to think about everyday things such as ‘what can I do for dinner?’ ‘I must clean the bathroom’ ‘I wonder how mum is?’ – that sort of thing. It’s only natural to think of these things every now and again during your sessions, but after a while, you will notice the only thing you are listening to is your intentions.

It’s almost like meditation. You’ll find yourself wanting to write down the stuff you’re getting back from yourself. You will be asking and answering your own questions.

What did I find out about my Limited Beliefs?

Your Personal Guided Secret Mirror 3.0 Session

To start with, I already had a bunch of questions written down. These were the doubts, or stumbling blocks, that seem to be preventing me from accepting my Greek manifestation. It took me over an hour to dig deep and find my worries and doubts and wrote them down in readiness to find out why they were, indeed, blocks.

I would encourage you to do the same. You should have listed your possible blocks or doubts on whatever it is you want to manifest in video two. (Don’t worry, Joe will explain how to do this.) This time, get ready to ask them in this session…to yourself.

I won’t reveal what my questions were here because I believe these exercises are very personal and everyone is different. But saying that, the questions are obvious (to me) in my situation. Yours will be very much different. And can I say, my ‘problem’ may well be tiny, even meaningless, to yours?

So, the session starts with Joe taking you into a very relaxed state of mind. For the first 10 or 12 sessions (at least) it is essential for Joe to be there with you. After that, it will become second nature.

You are told to close your eyes, clear your thoughts (this may take a few sessions, but it does come), and relax, only listening to Joe’s voice. Here we begin the 10 steps that will ultimately clear your blocks.

After going through the first part of the session, I have no doubt that whatever you’re trying to manifest will be seen right here very clearly!

The second part of the session is where you open your eyes and begin with the Secret Mirror right in front of you. This is where some people will feel uncomfortable, but it will get a lot easier and is most fulfilling. This is where you get the answers, perhaps not right away, but they will come.

I wrote down another list of questions, and whilst pausing the video several times, wrote down possible answers to those questions. Please take your time here. I highly suggest keeping a journal of all the things you write down.

I had 5 main questions when I started, 3 have been answered and are already not seen by my subconscious mind as negatives, in fact, they have become very much positives. The answers to these 3 questions were quite remarkable, turning negatives into positives. I would never have thought of them if I hadn’t been able to listen to myself. How weird is that!

I still have two questions that I’m working on. This is why I still use The Secret Mirror technique every week. I keep coming up with answers that lessen the two negatives but I’ve no doubt that the Eureka moment will come. I just need to keep questioning and answering. I have yet to draw a blank. I always receive an answer.

This may sound a little complicated at first, but the way Joe explains it, the process becomes clear. Without Joe’s instructions, I may have been apprehensive about the process. There is a reason why he’s such a successful life coach.

Interestingly, away from my Greek manifestation I also revealed two separate negatives that I’ve had hidden for years and although they’re nothing serious, they have bugged me for the last 10 years. Those are for another session, and I can see the Secret Mirror Method will give me the answers.

I digress


As said earlier, take your time with your sessions, don’t be afraid to face yourself, (you’ll find it’s really rather pleasant!), and be prepared to listen to your deeper self and future brilliance. Yes, your future brilliance

When you start finding the blocks, you will start to clear the way for your manifesting to be accepted by yourself. My own Greek manifesting journey may not be of any interest to you, but it’s of huge interest and importance to me. If you have a more pressing ‘thing’ you want from life, the Secret Mirror technique will, in my opinion, be just as easy to use.

My manifestation is small fish to people who want success, money, health or a wonderful relationship. Those wishing to dig themselves out of a hole will find the secret mirror technique going a long way to freeing them.

Video 5 Taking Inspired Action

After you’ve been through the sessions, this video underlines how important it is to take action with the answers you’ve received. This in itself is very much a stumbling block to many who try to make the law of attraction and manifesting work for them

They know exactly what they need to do, but rarely put it into practice. I’ve said many times (almost in every post I write!) that action is the ultimate answer to your manifesting desires. It really is as simple as that.

Find the negative block – then act upon it.


You’ve done all the legwork to get into the correct frame of mind and begin to see small, but good things happening in your life, but many are content to just stay there.

It’s frustrating to see. It’s as if they don’t want to push the envelope in case it never materializes, or are happy that at least an improvement has been made.

Why stop there?

This is your opportunity to get what you really want…the big one.

When you have the energy and fire inside of you burning away but you decide to wait a little while to act, the flames will go out.

Joe underlines this in this video. He details how you should make changes as soon as possible, whilst it’s still fresh in your system. Leaving it too long to take action and the will starts to fade.

With Secret Mirror, once you find the answers, they are to be acted on immediately. Strike while the iron is hot. The path is clear, take it.

That’s it for Module one, we now move on to Module two.

Module 2: Example Mirror Sessions

This module has 6 videos and includes Joe’s very own personal Mirror Session. If you have any doubts about what to say or do in your early sessions, then jump here and watch these.

Joe’s personal session video helped me get over my uneasy feeling when I first looked at myself in my own mirror. You can see how easy he makes it look. This uneasiness went away after the first three sessions. Now, I admit I meditate often so am used to getting into a relaxed state of mind.

Someone who hasn’t meditated before may find it takes a week or two to stop all the chatter going on up there, but don’t worry, you will soon find it’s pretty easy once you commit yourself.

The other videos are of the 4 people who were used as guinea pigs in Joe’s Secret Mirror original sessions. It’s fascinating to see how they carry out their sessions and how they are doing now.

When you first watch these video sessions it looks as if they are interviewing themselves…and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Asking questions to themselves and answering themselves, almost like a two-way conversation.

(If you invest in the Secret Mirror my session started a lot like Kim Larson’s)

You can watch these more often and understand them fully as you get used to your own sessions. They make very interesting viewing.

My own weekly sessions are now around 10-15 minutes each where, at first, they were a lot longer. Once you know the process, it becomes easy and something to very much look forward to. I enjoy ‘interviewing’ myself and find the results immensely inspiring.

It’s a rather profound experience.

I always write down my results and start to take action with them. I always take something positive away from these sessions too, however small. I did one session recently where I didn’t ask any questions, I just wanted to confirm something from a previous session.

Module 3: TSM Community

This module has lots of videos from people already using the Secret Mirror. It’s also part of the TSM Community in which you become a member when you join the program.

These videos are all ‘homemade’ and some of the stories are heartbreaking. A lot of them mirror my own life and situation from 10 years ago. They are at the very beginning of their journeys to a better and much happier life. Most have hit rock bottom but now realize they have to do something to dig themselves out of their own personal hell hole.

Investing in the Secret Mirror 3.0 is also a huge investment in yourself. The members here who have been brave enough to show their faces and be upfront and honest about their present and past experiences are taking a very big step to finally sorting their life out.

I have to admit that there are a couple of videos here that are ‘out there’, but as Joe Vitale says, it doesn’t matter how you perform your sessions, just know that it works if you take action on the answers you receive.

Module 4: Exclusive Bonuses

The final Module is loaded with bonuses (listed earlier) in which Joe Vitale’s video series ‘Zero Limits’ is 8 hours of enlightenment from Joe and Hew Len. This 2-day seminar can be watched at your leisure and I would say over many days…it’s long but very worthwhile.

Other bonuses, of which there are six,  all relate to helping find success, money, and happiness. I haven’t been through them all as yet, but over the year I will be delving in. They’re always handy to have to help feed the law of attraction into your life. I’m a hungry reader!

My ‘The Secret Mirror’ Opinion

I say get it. No beating around the bush here trying to persuade you further, it’s a ‘must buy’ for anyone wanting to make a better life for themselves.

If you can follow the instructions Joe sets out, commit to putting them into practice and act on the results, you cannot fail to manifest your desire, no matter what it is.

I know for sure that this is the missing link for my Greek manifestation. It has already unearthed things about me I didn’t realize I could do. It has lifted 3 very important barriers already.

I know this has been a (very) long post and a kind of review, but I like to take LOA products apart and then let people know what they’re getting if they invest in such programs.

I have to say it was a pleasure going through The Secret Mirror 3.0 – I will continue to use it for the foreseeable future because I know how valuable the sessions are.

The Secret Mirror 3.0 is very well laid out, and easily explained and is one of my top recommended programs to invest in if you want to manifest your desires.

I only put forward programs or products that I can see will help people trying to live life by using the law of attraction. It’s hard enough doing it on your own, so when top-quality programs from the likes of Joe Vitale come out, then it makes sense to listen to them.

Of course, only listening won’t get you what you want from life. It’s the action taken when that information has been ingested that makes the huge difference. And when that information comes to you from within yourself, then there is absolutely no excuse to ignore it.

A Great Chance To Manifest Your Future Life

Here you have the chance to get the answers you’re looking for to make manifesting work and if you take action fast, it will get to you sooner than you ever thought possible.

I’ve worked hard to change my life around. The initial awakening took years, then another year to realize I had to do something about it, then another 2 or 3 years to finally be free of my old life.

Don’t be like me. I didn’t have a program like the Secret Mirror back then, but if I did, I would have saved myself years of angst, second-guessing, and an almost insatiable habit of hating myself.

Want to change your life?

Well, why not ask yourself?

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