The Amazing Power of Thinking

The amazing power of thinkingIt’s quite amazing how manifesting works. It’s not until you really understand how it all works that the belief becomes undoubtable.

As you may know, my life turned around 5 years ago when I’d almost lost the will to continue the miserable life I was living. I had given up, lost focus and was just accepting that things will never improve…in fact; they were more likely to get worse.

It wasn’t until I’d reached that level of depression and desperation that I started making changes to how I thought about things. I could go on, but there are enough posts on my blog that back-up my belief…go ahead and browse away.

It’s not always the big, important changes that have changed my life, but so often it’s the little things that confirm that manifesting works.

About a week ago, I started thinking about our first house we bought together as a married couple. We had great memories about that house, and the area, and I really wanted to see an old photograph, we once owned, of our street again.

It was taken in the late 1890’s and is such an evocative image. Our house was at the end in the photo below where there is a small gathering of people. What were they there for? How old were those kids in front? What do the flags represent?

the old road


We had that photo framed and it hung on our wall for many years but it either got lost in transit when we moved or we may have even left it at the house. It was the first time I’d thought of that photograph in a long, long time and I hankered to see it again.

So, I drove past the house and then eventually took a walk, stopping opposite to get the old feeling back. It’s only around 10 miles away from where I live now but I rarely have a need to go to that area but that day I wanted to make a point of actually seeing it again, breathe in the atmosphere and think back to the good times we shared there.

I came away with such a happy yearning to feel that youth and carefree life again. We were young and it was long before our debts started mounting, so we have nothing but positive vibes about the old house. We had our first dog there, a beautiful collie-cross who was just about the most perfect companion ever. The memories came flooding back.

Christmases were special there; it was only a small 2-up, 2-down terraced cottage so decorations and Christmas music filled the house at every turn. The garden was small, but a sun-trap in summer. Our neighbours were the same age as us and we became good friends.

They left and moved to another County after 6 years of us living side by side and I often wondered what ever came of them…and if they would remember us with the same fondness. We kept in touch for a couple of years, but, alas, heard nothing from them again. Life gets in the way sometimes.

I told my husband where I’d been and he started with the “do you remember when we…” and “That old Kitchen door…do you remember?” queries that had us smiling and reminiscing for ages.

The house was on my mind and I thought about that photograph over the next few days and then something happened which didn’t surprise me, yet had me marveling at the power of manifestation.

The Amazing Power of Thinking

My husband logged into his Facebook account and lo and behold…there was the photograph of our old house! It had been uploaded by our old neighbours onto a Facebook page we were both members of. Not only was the photograph there, but also our old neighbours who we hadn’t spoken to for nearly 25 years.

After contacting them, Jan told me she had been also thinking about us and had uploaded the image that we gave to her when she left all those years ago. She remarked how ‘funny’ it was that we’d made contact just at that moment and only a couple of days after she’d been thinking about us.

The majority of people would see this as coincidence, but I know better. It’s these little things that continue to happen when your mind is tuned into the universal energy that surrounds us all. If you think about something that you really want and really believe in, then it will come to you.

Little manifestations like this happen to me all of the time. I wanted to see that photo again and I wanted to find out what happened to our dear neighbours…and it happened. This underlines the notion that whatever you want is already there. You just have to believe that you will be in receipt of that ‘thing‘…because it’s always been there.

That photograph and my neighbours didn’t appear like magic in a poof of smoke, they were manifested through the energy of thought.

So, this is just a tiny example of how manifesting works. All those naysayers who don’t want to belief in the universal law of attraction are missing out on such beautiful events. I do appreciate that it’s hard to believe for some, but it must be committed to without any doubt whatsoever. To feel and benefit from the amazing power of thinking can be life changing.

There are times when life isn’t all puppy dogs and roses but it’s how you react to those tricky situations that make the difference between leading a negative or positive life.

Yes, it can be hard when tragedy happens, after all, one thing is certain in this life and that is we are not going to get out of it alive! Celebrate now before it’s too late.

You only have one chance at living in this brief window of time and how you live that life, and how happy, successful and contended you are, is all down to how you think.

So think big and believe. What’s the point of being depressed? What’s the point of being negative when all around you can be made positive?

Remember; It really is all about YOU.


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    • Thanks Sue, I’m happy you found my little example of LOA inspiring. As I said in my post, it wasn’t a surprise that this happened…but it shows what the power of thought can produce.


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