The Law of Attraction – Stop Searching and Take Heed!

law of attraction with me and sisI’ve been pretty quiet on the blog for some time now, and there’s no excuse for me not keeping it up to date…but really, do you honestly want to hear about my every move? LOL…thought not!

I’ve been busy in my own way with a summer of 4 weddings, 2 holidays, 2 births (not mine!) 7 birthdays, 2 engagements, a retirement, 5 weekends away and a partridge in a pear tree.

Those were the good things going on, but unfortunately, there have been one or two things that have tainted an otherwise wonderful summer.

Firstly, my auntie Catherine passed away from the ultimate in horror diseases, then just 5 weeks later, her husband, my uncle Rodney, followed. They were devoted to each other and it was plain to see one couldn’t carry on without the other.

They had 62 wonderful years together, and although their departure was sad, it was pleasing they had such a complete life with much happiness.

But that’s enough of the gloominess, I want to rant a little over the Law of Attraction and Manifestation courses doing the rounds.

Now, let me make one thing absolutely clear (and please understand that I read an awful lot of these courses and have access to a number of them) at the end of the day…they are ALL THE SAME!

You may see a course on the Internet that promises your money worries can be manifested away, or the bad luck you’re receiving can be gone by just reading (and purchasing!) the latest, all-singing and all-dancing special super-duper ebook and video series!


Do not be taken in by courses that tell you they are different from all the others out there…they’re not. They all say the same thing and preach from the same prayer book…so to speak.

I cannot blame a person who is living the life of the Law of Attraction for shouting about it from every roof top…because, yes it works…but you don’t need to buy course upon course to get want you want from life. It may help some people, but if you have one complete course, you probably don’t need another.

I’ve seen a plethora of them turn up on the Internet recently and they are all the same. I should name them but it would be unfair to the authors who, after all, are cashing in on their experiences.

But How Can You Tell if They’re the REAL DEAL?

Well, you can’t really. Without diving in, purchasing and implementing a course on the Law of Attraction and then seeing it through to the end, it becomes a tough call to form an opinion. Further down the page, there are some pointers of what to consider when thinking about purchasing an online course.

To even make an online course about the subject of the Law of Attraction is a massive undertaking.

I could never compile a set of instructions or write an ebook publication, or write a paperback book simply because I don’t feel I could give the Law of Attraction its proper justice. I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, want to put all that effort into such a huge subject. I am far too happy in my day to day life to be burdened with such a workload!

One day, if I run out of things to do (highly unlikely!) I may well sit down and write about how it all happened to me and how someone, who was in my position, could get out of it…but it’s very hard to nail down and the persistence needed for it to work would put many people off even trying!

There are plenty of courses online that already give you all the steps you need to manifest your desires. To explain the Law of Attraction to someone is a very personal thing and I don’t think I could be that personal (or brutal) to a stranger.

You will need to ask yourself some very searching questions and you may not like, or believe, the answers…try telling someone whose just forked out good money to be told ‘Grow a Set!” Do you think they would buy my book? Not a chance!

And that’s why I leave it to people who have a more gentle approach to the Law of Attraction. My own situation was and had to be, life-changing. Not everyone is prepared to make that level of change. Not everyone needs to change that much.

There are two or three courses mentioned in this blog that may help you get to where you want to be. I’ve read them through and they are excellent options to learn how it’s all done. It’s then up to you how much you WANT what you desire in life. You may have to take a leap of faith.

So, How do I Know the Courses on Manifestation are all the Same?

Well, I must just clear one thing up…they’re not all the same in quality, but the message is the same. Just like washing up liquid! You get the very best, the good, and the not-so-good. It’s all in the quality.

One particular brand will go above and beyond its expectation and you will be really pleased with the results. The next brand will be fine and do the job, but it’s not quite as good as the first, and the last brand is just mixed together to look like the first brand but it’s weak and washy leaving you having to work harder and use more energy.

Looking around this blog you will see which I think are the main brands worth looking into.

You may ask the question as to why I don’t write a book if I’m so confident the Law of Attraction works, after all, I have a blog about it! Well, there is a huge difference between teaching the Law of Attraction and giving people encouragement and truth.

As said before, I wouldn’t be able to commit to something that takes me away from my comfort zone…writing a blog about the subject is fine. I can come and go as I please and if just one person finds anything of value, then I’m happy.

I’ve had good and bad emails on the subject of Manifestation. Some think I’m brash in my approach to the ways of the Law of Attraction and need to be more compassionate…so be it! I can only speak as I find. I can’t see how feathering around the subject when it needs a hammer to drive it home.

Some people don’t like this approach, they feel all they have to do is think for 5 minutes a day and *it* will happen…whatever that *it* might be.

It’s not like that.

The Law of Attraction Guides – Which One?

They’re all the same, the only difference is quality. But the caveat to that is that you have to buy the course to find out!

If you really feel you need guidance with the Law of Attraction or Manifestation techniques and have read Wallace D Wattles, Napoleon Hill, and all of those other life-changing books, and still need a course to help you, perhaps with audio and video, then take a good look around this blog, there are clues!

If you’re in doubt about any of the following, stay away…trust your gut instinct before committing.

  • Don’t go with a website that looks like it took 10 minutes to build.
  • Those video Testimonials? Do they look real or acting?
  • Don’t believe Limited Time Offers…that’s a Scare Tactic.
  • Over long video presentation that promises to be short!

It’s all common sense really; the trouble is, the sales video may well draw you in. They are geared to tap into your emotions with the usual sob stories that sound a lot like yours and how they ‘stumbled‘ on the Law of Attraction and how it saved their life!

There’s usually an example of how the author helped a friend out of debt or something…and then there are the added bonuses…usually, some PLR stuff that is pretty useless.

Some of the bonuses are OK, but on the whole…yuck!

Am I Mean? Or Am I Just Truthful?

If you want to change your life completely, then that’s what you have to do – CHANGE COMPLETELY! Life is short my friend, live it to the best of your capabilities and beyond. Don’t be afraid of change.

If you just want a few things to improve your life, then taking a manifestation course could help you. Although this approach makes me want to reach for the sick bucket! Aren’t you lucky enough to only want to change a *few* things?

Yes, perhaps I am a little mean in some people’s eyes, I would never have said such things 5 years ago, but it got me nowhere…only on the road to misery. This is real life and you only get one go…Enjoy it while you can, don’t suffer fools and get real!

The Law of Attraction promises so much if you listen to the sales pitch, but at the end of the day, it’s all about YOU. Believe that you can change and you will. Believe that your desires are just a thought away…but it takes dedication, unfailing belief, and a 100% commitment.

Now go for it!

2 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction – Stop Searching and Take Heed!”

    • Hi Aldo,
      I have many courses concerning the Law of Attraction built up over the years most of them teach the same thing. There are one or two that are better produced than most out there and they do get the message across, but some courses you see on the market, right now, are just rehashed ebooks strung together.

      But if I had to pick just one, I would say the Manifestation Miracle Course does a pretty good job of covering The Secret/Law of Attraction and is good for motivation.

      It all started for me by reading ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D Wattles. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it struck a chord with me.


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