The Ninja Mindset Review (Luke Payten)

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Well now, I’ve just finished reading The Ninja Mindset by Luke Payten and I have to say it’s one of the most powerful and eye-opening books on Mindset that I’ve ever read. I’ve read many books on this subject but none have made the kind of impression on me than this has. Read my full review below to get a glimpse of how The Ninja Mindset can set you on the path to success, enlightenment and above all, happiness.


When I first set out on the long journey of changing my life, I didn’t really know what I was doing…I just know that I had to change my circumstances before it was too late. My life was in a continual downwards spiral with the future looking bleaker every day.

Unbeknown to me at the time, I forcibly changed my mindset with the theory that whatever I thought and said from now on couldn’t put me in any a worser situation.. what did I have to lose, right?

After a year or so of this rather selfish attitude, my life had gone full circle. My mindset had been reprogrammed and things were happening for the benefit of myself and family. Why did things change so dramatically? Why did opportunities seem to fall in to my lap…and best of all, why did the decisions go my way…and still do?

Believe You Are Right

It was all down to thought control and a mindset so strong that is was impossible to slip down that spiral again. A huge part of this momentous change was believing that the thoughts and the imagery I placed in my mind were very real…all I had to do was keep believing, thinking and acting in a positive way to produce the results of my bullet-proof mindset.

It wasn’t easy to do this all on my own, but I stuck to it, through thick and thin, and here I am today, 7 years since I made the decision to change, loving life and passing on the message that anyone can change their life if they allow themselves to reprogram their own mindset.

It really is all about you.

So when I picked up The Ninja Mindset I wanted it to scream out a way to change people’s lives forever. There are hundreds of books that are good at giving you a basic idea of what’s needed to change a mindset, but most of them tip-toe around what’s really involved.

The Ninja Mindset won’t wrap you up in cotton wool and tell you to be nice, rather, it will set about you with boxing gloves to hammer home what you need to do to change your life.

Are you Ready For Change?

The Ninja Mindset is not for everyone. Luke Payten writes in a forceful manner and will get to the core of why life is not being kind to you right now. Some people will not have the drive to carry out some of the advice that’s been holding them back or keeping them barricaded in a world of self doubt and negativity, but plenty will.

Some people will have reached a point in their life when all they can see is a bleak future and every day is met with dread. These are the people The Ninja Mindset is perfect for.

Why carry on in a state of misery? Are you content that your future has no brightness? Prepared to struggle on every day sliding ever deeper into the mire of foreboding?

This review is for people just like that, the people who hate their life. You really don’t have to, there is a way to get out of the misery…IF you’re prepared to change your life and have the will and guts to do so.

I really do wish the Ninja Mindset was around when I first started my journey to create the life I so desperately wanted. Back then, I did everything by my own intuition, but it worked. And now I’m seeing more and more people who have gone through the same process and all have come to the same conclusion;  if you desire the life you’ve always wanted, be prepared to change the way you think and act.

Be prepared to rewire your mindset. The mindset you have at the moment is blocking your path. Change it.

The Ninja Mindset eBook

Enough ‘shaking of the shoulders’ from me, I’ll now go on to show you what’s inside the Ninja Mindset and tell you why I think you should invest in yourself to read mindset book cover

The Ninja Mindset is a 172-page eBook (yes, 172 pages!) that takes you on a journey that will change your life. If you absorb what’s written here and act on the content, you WILL change your life for the better.

The introduction tells how Luke Payten, the author, goes from being an 18-year old naive young man who found himself in Japan without a clue where his life was headed to an accomplished author with a real zest for life. To listen, or rather watch, his story, go here to understand his journey.

He reveals his fascination with Japan’s Ninja Warriors and how they always did the right thing, in every situation. The mindset of these warriors is famous throughout history and Luke uses their practices to create a mindset that changed his life.

The Ninja Mindset is then broken down into 6 sections:

Section 1 – You and Your Mindset

This section has 3 chapters which will determine what kind of mindset you have at this time in your life. It asks questions and reveals, if you’re not happy, what mindset you should take on. It’s not a case of always having just one mindset to achieve what you want, it’s finding a balance of several kinds to fit your personality and present lifestyle.

Section 2 – The Ninja Mindset

There are two in-depth chapters in this section which will begin the first steps of achieving The Ninja Mindset. These will show you how to embrace your fears so that overcoming them is as easy as just changing perceptions. You will also discover that saying ‘yes’ more often to situations where you would rather turn and run, will give you great mental strength that will see your world become more exciting and rewarding.

Section 3 – Secret Ninja Techniques

This section is broken down into 7 chapters with each one teaching you Ninja mindset techniques. Each one goes into great detail of how Ninja warriors used these techniques and how you can easily use them for your own benefit. Every technique is a lesson that you practice until it becomes natural. Once you have these ingrained into your mind, you will wonder why you haven’t come across them before. This section should be read and re-read as it’s so valuable and is paramount to understanding The Ninja Mindset.


Section 4 – The Way Of The Mindset Ninja

Here we find 6 chapters. This section tells us how we should find a mentor to believe in. All Ninja warriors had a Grand Master who they were devoted to and who they could turn to. So basically, find a role model or group who thinks the same way as yourself, but who you can also look up to. Luke advises that you should keep learning the ways of the Ninja mindset because it’s forever growing. This is why you should set goals and go on a mission to complete them.

Section 5 – The Shuriken Method

This is the most important phase of The Ninja Mindset. The book really hits home here and lays out what plans you see for your future and how to complete them. If you’re on the fence about changing your life, this will tip you over. You will either find out if you want it THAT bad, or are just here to think about it. Needless to say, you should desperately WANT it! There are exercises to show how much you want to change your life and some very important ‘self asserting’ questions you should answer.  Really…how much DO you want it?

Section 6 – Putting It All Together

By this time, you should now realise just how much there is to the Ninja Mindset. It covers a lot of ground and now it’s time to put it all together. You may feel a little overwhelmed by what you’ve read so far, but that’s a good thing. Read through the book again, you will have undoubtedly felt empowered by the first reading, so reading again will empower you even more. There is a run-through of the system here in condensed form that acts as a reminder of the power you’ve just read.

Now It’s Down to You

the-ninja-mindset-luke-payten-review-completeAll that is left for you to do is to implement the advice into your own life. As I said before, this won’t be for everyone, it’s more for the people who really do want to change their lives for the better. Those who aren’t prepared to put in some hard work and sacrifice won’t see the benefit.

I guess it all comes down to your present situation. Your mindset is the result of how you’re living right now. If it’s nowhere near what you thought it would be, then change your mindset.

I’ve banged on over and over again on my blog that without total commitment, belief in yourself and sacrifices, a person’s life will always be caught in a downwards spiral. The more life goes on, the deeper and more difficult it will become.

Do you deserve that scenario? Are you content with just taking it on the chin all of the time? Are you happy that you seem to be missing out on the good stuff? Do you believe in yourself?

Don’t be that person. Rise above all the misery that life can throw at you and all the negativity that breeds failure. You’re better than this.

The Ninja Mindset Conclusion

The Ninja Mindset will take you away from your present situation, but you will be the driver, not the passenger. If your life is precious to you and your family, and it’s wasting away, becoming still and stagnant, then invest in a knowledge that will set you free.

Start living the life you desire by getting The Ninja Mindset. Read it again and again, absorb it so it becomes a part of you and then naturally use the techniques to finally get the life you want.

Highly Recommended. As you can tell, I’m genuinely excited for this publication. The Ninja Mindset is the work of a real person (I’ve spoken to Luke) and is written from heart and mind and motivated by his own experience. I’m happy that Luke has been able to put it all down in his book so that others can benefit from implementing The Ninja Mindset.


You will find 4 bonuses from Luke including The Ninja Mindset in audio form. The production is excellent and is broken down into 25 sections. This means you can listen to it anywhere you like and is perfect for the car, out walking or just relaxing at home.

The other 3 bonuses are all eBooks, namely, 10 Super humans To Inspire You, 15 Instant Motivation Boosters and 10 Procrastination Killers and finally, 16 No Fail Techniques To Have Cast Iron Willpower. All well worth reading.

Final Thoughts

If the Ninja Mindset fails to enlighten you and push you towards the life you deserve, then I don’t know what will. Yes, you will have to make big changes in your life, but in doing that, you will erase so many negative and harmful thoughts…the thoughts and actions that have got you to where you are today.

You only live once so it’s surely worth putting in a level of effort that will see your actions result in a situation of prosperity, good health and happiness. If you do nothing, that is exactly what you will receive.

Get It Right Now!
(No Longer Available To Purchase)

More From Luke Payten

I am so impressed with The Ninja Mindset, that I was delighted to see Luke Payten has more products that will enable you to focus more and accelerate your new found confidence and mindset.

The first product is The Ninja Mindset Accelerator and it’s something I truly believe in. It’s a series of Meditation tracks with binaural beats (you know how much I love binaural beats!)

I meditate daily, finding a gap of around 20 and 30 minutes allowing me to get into the zone. It took me quite a while to perfect the process, but now I’m able to almost switch into a calmness and perceptiveness almost immediately with help from my wonderful binaural beats.

If you’re new to meditation and have been trying to meditate successfully, you will know it’s not as simple as people make out. You will go through some sessions without feeling a thing, it will just be a half hour of sitting down and relaxing, but still being very conscious of the things happening around you.

The Ninja Mindset Tracks

While it’s nice to just sit and relax, you don’t experience the deep inner calm and clarity of thought that a successful meditation session can bring you.

Let me tell you now…stick with it. Learn how to drift into your mind and listen to your real thoughts. I mean it. Your problems become clear and solutions materialize.

When you can allow yourself to feel the strength of mind with such inner power, you will see life is there to be grasped and enjoyed. Worries fade, problems get solved and peace is achieved.

I will write another post, sometime soon, about how, and what, I feel during my meditation sessions and perhaps will be able to let you know just how important meditation is to your everyday living.

In the meantime, take a look a Luke Payten’s The Ninja Mindset Accelerator. I have been using it for the past month and let me tell you…it’s now become one of my favourites.

the ninja mindset accelerator system

There are 12 binaural beat tracks as well as an introduction. Six tracks are guided tracks, whilst the same six are subliminal. This is perfect for any beginner wishing to learn meditation.

I use the subliminal tracks, simply because I’ve been meditating for years now and don’t need the guided tracks. But if you’re new to all this, then the guided tracks will take you into your own world where things get sorted out!

What Do I Mean By ‘Sorted Out’?

Well, everyday we fill our minds with a thousand things that ping backwards and forwards in our minds. They crash into each other, and get in each other’s way. This messes with our clear thought process and if things aren’t sorted, things get pretty cluttered up there!

Negative thoughts take hold and worries fester. With the aid of meditation, those things can be eased immeasurably, and even distinguished like a raging fire. I’m not kidding…20 to 30 minutes meditation can ‘sort things out’.

When you’ve become proficient at meditating, you will be able to understand why life was a bit of a mess for you before you had the ability to declutter your mind, Matters that bother you take on a different priority and negativity can slowly be erased from your thoughts.

I really do recommend learning how to meditate and the Ninja Mindset Accelerator can help you out. Not only are the tracks ideal for meditation, but the subliminal messages (or guided tracks) fit so well with the Ninja Mindset main program.

By subliminal messages, I mean the messages are still on the audio tracks, you just can’t hear them. You may hear a slight whisper in the background, but I can assure you, the messages are there.

the-ninja-mindset-accelerator-compressor-reviewsAll tracks can be either downloaded to your device either individually, so you can access them immediately or you can download to your PC in a zipped folder.

You can then transfer them to your audio device whenever you like.

The Ninja Mindset Accelerator was created to be linked to the main Ninja Mindset program so you can use it to speed up the process of mindset change.

Whilst I don’t think you need to speed up the process, I do feel the binaural beats in this program are a perfect fit when going through a mindset change for life.

Powerful Program

The Ninja Mindset book is powerful and I’ve made it quite clear that if you want to change your circumstances in life, then implementing the actions in the book will definitely change your future.

You need to understand it’s not for everyone, but for those who’ve had enough of always missing out on the important things in life, then it’s a must buy.

That’s why The Ninja Mindset Accelerator Zen series of mediations is the perfect companion for changing your life, finally, for the better.

There is another product from Luke that’s worth taking note of too. It’s called ‘Inspirational Wisdom’ and is a full set of inspirational quotes in both written and spoken form.

Altogether there are 1000 inspirational quotes divided into 10 categories. These are Money, Character, Health, Life, Love, Relationships, Spirituality, Sport, Success and Vision.the-ninja-mindset-inspirational-wisdom-review

Again you can download either each track separately onto your device, or choose the zip file format with all track in one folder.

Inspiration Booster

This is great for when you need a boost in inspiration and the quotes are there at your fingertips.

Play them on you mp3 player when out jogging or walking. Or maybe, listen to them in your car when driving, or simply listen when you’re at home relaxing.

All 1000 quotes are also in PDF format which means they can be read anytime.

So whatever subject you need inspiration on, you are sure to find the perfect quote that will hit the nail on the head. Keep listening to them, they will stick in your mind and will further promote a healthy mindset.

The tools Luke has put together here are perfect. Not only has he produced one of the best books on mindset change I’ve ever read, but also produced and excellent Meditation series that fits like a glove with his main book.

On top of that, he’s put together 1000 inspirational quotes all in one place that will drive your mindset even further into the huge change you desperately want.

There are also two bonus ebooks included in the above package namely, The 12 Principles of Personal Achievement and Mindfulness and Inner Peace, Both helpful in cementing your new mindset.

The Perfect System For Real Change

You may think after reading my reviews of Luke’s products that I may have gone overboard in my opinions of them. Not at all.

It’s rare to find such fine quality material on the subject of life change. This is not for someone looking to just perk up their day, it’s for the person who is dedicated enough to put some real effort into changing their life and the circumstances that surrounds them.

It takes guts and determination to enter a program such as this, and sheer commitment for it to succeed. But to change something as big as your life, would you expect anything less?

Don’t simply wish you could change your life, Do it. Here is the perfect chance to commit to making it happen. In 6 months, a year, or however long it takes, the Ninja Mindset system will guide you to the life you’ve always wanted.

I’m not kidding.


(No Longer Available)

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